Using Free Space for the Safe Practicing Of Skills- Free Runner Lodge

by Starry

Jun 09 2021

Are you a sports enthusiast? Are you looking for a place where you can train your body strength and your cognitive skills? Thanks to the parkour community, you can train for a bigger aim or if you want. Like-minded people are all invited to join and train. It is not a gym but a training area which can be known as a runner lodge. Facilitated with trainers and experts, this is the best area for getting professional training.

The free runner lodge takes pride in creating an amazing parkour community for all exercise enthusiasts who come to train in disciplines of cycling, running, military obstacle course, training in martial arts, climbing, swinging, vaulting, and other aspects of professional training. Parkour is an activity to be practiced with other people or alone, and people who have similar interests come together and form a  parkour community.

Outcomes of Parkour

There isn’t a hidden agenda, but the training aim and techniques are a little different from the regular gym style. The parkour community at the Free Runners lodge has a little difference in a movement when it comes to exercise, such as;

1. Parkour roll: A roll that is taught to absorb stress and heavy impacts by moving diagonally over the shoulder to create a vertical to horizontal momentum

2. Precision jump: The practice to jump safely and stand upright on small and narrow objects placed as obstacles

3. Arm jump: The professional training of jumping feet first very safely and holding the horizontal top with your hands. This requires balance and upper body strength.

4. Wall run: A very self-motivated training of running towards a very high wall or any wall and then jumping with the foot on the top of the wall and running to reach the top end. This is one of the parkour community’s mesmerizing techniques.

5. Climb up: Requiring both upper body and lower body strength to climb from a hanging position from a ledge or a wall and then climb on top of it or to the other side.

The Freerunner Lodge aims to professionally train every individual in parkour movements, and that requires physical fitness and strength building. It is not a traditional gym, and that is why it does not limit to one specific room. It is actually a flat surface with daily use objects that are used as obstacles and equipment to train on.

Free Runner Lodge equipment

This must come as a shock to many, but for a parkour movement, you do not need specific gear or equipment as you do at a gym. The parkour community is a life practice that is a skill that is attained, polished, and used for daily life. It was mainly entertainment. Most people who learn the Parkour activity or join the parkour community are body doubles in an action movie or stunt man.

In the area marked as free runners lodge, you might find a mat, some foams, wooden boxes, ropes, and wall-like structures. You do not need something extraordinary to learn this skill. You need a good teacher and a will to learn. You can also join the parkour community to keep practicing your skills; many who join are preparing for the Olympics or any other competition. It is a free space where you can do whatever you want.


As already said, Parkour activity is not only limited to one specific room. When the basic skill is acquired, the trainee is taken outside for the second level of training until he or she is a professional. The parkour community was founded on an unmarked area where all the like-minded and athletics gathered, showing off their skills and exchanging skills with each other.

It is a brotherhood that has been termed the parkour community. The training starts with body fitness and strength development. Many people have enrolled their kids into the lodge because it is the best place for anyone to join and acquire athletic skills.  But unlike the gym, it is adventurous; it has something new to offer every day; it is an ideology. The parkour community is a separate set of lifestyles, and the parkour movements have made that very clear by now.

Membership at Free Runner Lodge

Thanks to the new app Atome, you can now avail the amazing opportunity of getting into the free runner lodge and joining the parkour community. Atome is a Singaporean-run app that has become very popular in Malaysia, Singapore, and even Indonesia because of its amazing buy now pay later motto. Not only this, but Atome has collaborated with all the top-notch brands of fashion, self-care, home care, health, travel, housing, etc., so now you can avail all these amazing services just a tap away.

The amazing policy of 3 easy installments allows you to get your membership into the parkour community by joining the free runner lodge now and start your training. You can pay back later in three easy installments.

Benefits of Free Runner Lodge

If you are still wondering why you need to join this or what are the benefits? If joining the parkour community was not enough. There are plenty of other benefits as well which you can consider before getting the membership;

1- Enhance upper body strength and muscle development

2- It helps in lowering the phases of procrastination and laziness you might feel throughout the day

3- Physical fitness is healthy for the body in terms of blood flow and replenishing the body with new cells.

4- Redefines and enhances cognitive abilities and skills.

5- Increases endurance of lower and abdominal muscles.

6- It is a healthy activity, and one should take time out for activities that help their health

7- Enhances bone strength and ligament stability

8- People who are a part of the parkour community find it easy to overcome any obstacle, both physically and mentally.

9- In threatening situations, parkour movements can save your life.

Personality outcomes of parkour

The parkour community is invested in both physical and mental ability enhancement. This means mentally it can influence a person as well;

1. Promotes Quickness in movement

2. Boosts self-trust and confidence

3. Develops skills and creativity

4. Induces happy emotions

5. It makes you fearless.


Joining the Free Runner lodge gives you an amazing opportunity of being a part of the parkour community. It is not just good for your physical health but also for your mental health. The Parkour movements can be life-saving and life-changing for many.  It is a service that should be joined.

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