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by Starry

Jun 09 2021

Rings are one of the oldest ornaments and can be dated back to the ancient Egyptian tombs. Men of significance originally wore them. With time, rings became an accessory associated with women. It became a decorative ornament, but still, rings are associated with symbolic importance. They are especially associated with marriage, commitment, or some achievement. 

Embrace Jewellery has a wide collection of rings. As a jewelry boutique, they aim to provide you with rings appropriate for the occasion or match your mood to give you that confidence that comes with knowing your worth. Their rings are curated by some of the world’s best designers along with their house collection, which is special in its way. They ensure a unique cut to their gems that enhances their distinctive pieces. Their understated line of quality ensures that you get your money’s value.

So, to enjoy your confidence, buy rings from Embrace. In case your finances are hindering you from enjoying your rings, worry no more. ATOME is here to help you out. You choose your ring and let us worry about your payment. We will break your payment into three easy installments, ensuring no hidden fees and no interest. If you have a sudden reason to celebrate, buy your ring now and pay later through ATOME.

With payment taken care of, concentrate upon the ring you want to buy as Embrace gives you unique rings for your exquisite self. Here are a few ideas for you to browse through your search.

Engagement Rings

We have associated rings with engagement. It spells love and commitment. Every girl awaits that special moment in her life when she is presented with the ring by her special one. To celebrate that moment, we have a variety of designs you can choose from. Identify the style of your girl, browse through her Instagram to check what she wears. You can buy a simply elegant, one-stone ring to celebrate her uniqueness, or we can offer you a large gemstone ring that would accentuate her style. 

Marriage Rings

Marriage is something not only special but sacred too. All religions and cultures celebrate this special event, and the exchange of rings symbolizes the union of souls. We at ATOME, in collaboration with Embrace Jewellery, offer a unique combination of celebrating your event without worrying about your finances. Embrace Jewellery offers a unique range of wedding rings, and we offer you a payment plan that will not burden your pocket. Marriage is special, so the symbol, your ring, should be equally special. Embrace offers you the exquisite wedding bands that will set you apart from the others. We have platinum rings, zirconia rings, diamond rings, and especially designed promise rings for you to remember your vows. It’s a special double-banded ring with a twist and a knot at the top. A Double Cross ring that would keep reminding you that you aren’t alone. And if you don’t like elaborate rings, then you will love our simple pearl bands.

Statement Rings

Rings are not just a symbol of commitment. Rings are used to make a statement of your style and uniqueness. For that, you need our special rings. We have for you our special Starburst Ring, which states the subtle side of your personality. If you want to emphasize your chic side through your accessories, try our Ripple Ring or the Cosmos rubber ring, crafted in 24k gold detailing. Or else find your style in our Sparkle Rings that will set you apart with their sparkle.

Fashion Rings

Like every accessory, rings also experience a fashion season. A sudden surge in one particular type is often experienced. Our huge collection of designer rings encompasses all kinds of rings. We have a good variety of gold, silver, diamond, platinum, pearl, and zirconium rings. We have the daintiest of designs as well as the bold ones too. Try our RAS squared square ring, which will beat all fashions.

Gold Rings

Every girl loves gold. A gold ring generally signifies stability. At Embrace, you will find rings in 14k, 18k, and 24k. Most of our designs are detailed in gold settings. We have the following, The Gleam Ring, Starburst Ring, Long Oval Ring. You have to try them to believe the satisfaction they bring.

Silver Rings

Silver is supposed to have mystic properties. It is said to be a mirror to the soul. All the above rings are designed in silver as well.

Diamond Rings

A diamond is a woman’s best friend. So, treat yourself with our diamond rings. It will give you confidence in your everyday life as diamonds are “dependable in their virtues.” Our Gleam Ring is the perfect item for you.


Gemstones never go out of fashion. Whether it’s jade or topaz, or rhinestone, we have them assembled by the best curators for you. Try the Rose Quartz Opal, Single Gemstone Ring from the Velatti collection or the Callie Cubic Zirconia Ring, or the simple Pearl Triple Stack Ring. They are all unique to suit your unique self.

Vellati Ring Collection

Handmade by expert craftsmen in Spain, Vellati has an exquisite collection of beautiful rings. They are made for women who like to be unique in their style. At Embrace, we have the best designs. Try the Square-cut Gemstone Ring, the Long Oval Ring, or the Baroque Pearl Adjustable Ring. They are all made to perfection in a unique style.

These rings have been crafted with love and care to give you the best. The collection is distinct and stylish to ensure that the ring depicts the uniqueness of your personality. It is all about making you celebrate your confidence. So don’t shy away, but buy what suits you the best. Embrace Jewellery is there for you to stack onto your unique rings, and Atome will help you cover the payments. Together, we will make sure that you keep coming back for more.

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