Trapo Offers Durable Car Mat for Your Honda Vezel

by Starry

Nov 19 2021

One of the few accessories that the majority of people would love to have in their new car are the car mats, and the majority of the car mats that you see in the accessory stores are made of rubber and coil. Although they are better than the carpet-type mats, when we talk about the long-term safety, hygiene, and protection, then even the rubber and coil mats are not the best options. Trapo is the favorite premium car mat that is great for elevating your vehicle’s interior and comes with a sleek-looking design that is custom-made for your type of car. Therefore, if you have a Honda Vezel, there will be a Trapo car mat to suit your aesthetic. Trapo is the best car mat and accessories provider that offers some innovative products to give you the best driving experience. Their mats are made of solid material and will not crack easily, and this enables them to protect your car floor from any damage; and they are also capable of trapping more dirt than the standard car mats.

What should you look for in a car mat?

  • It should look pretty

Whether you own a Honda Vezel, Honda Shuttle, or Honda Freed, your car mat can be beneficial to improve the look of your car’s interior. Therefore, it should both be functional and beautiful, and this is the reason why the majority of car mats keep the style as well as quality in mind.

  • Help to keep your car clean

If you do not have a car mat, the chances are that you have to clean the twigs, dirt, and dried mud from the interior carpet of the car. With the help of the car mats, you can avoid any of these hassles, but it is worth noting that even the car mats need shaking and a pat.

  • Enhance the value of your vehicle

Car mats are great at protecting your vehicle from any wear and stains because it is effortless to replace a mat rather than carpeting. When you are to add comfort, luxury, and protection to your car, then you will notice that your made-to-fit mat, like the Trapo mat, will actually be increasing the value of your Honda Vezel 2021.

Trapo car mat features

  • You can clean it easily

As compared to other mats, the Trapo car mats come with waterproof reservoirs that can easily trap liquid and loose dirt in an effective manner. Therefore, if you are buying a specialized Trapo car mat for your Honda Vezel 2021, you will see that any fallen dirt or liquid will be compartmentalized and will not be scattered around the shoe of the driver.

  • There are no chemical odors

There is a guarantee from Trapo that all of their mats are safe and do not release any of the harmful odors that are caused by the chemicals. The conventional car mats release harmful chemicals and odors that can be dangerous for health and can get recirculated through the air conditioning system of the vehicle.

  • It will fit your vehicle

You will not have to cut or trim the mat for the correct size when you have the Trapo car mat because this car mat is custom-tailored to fit your vehicle. Therefore, whether it is Honda Vezel, Honda Shuttle, Honda Stream, or Honda Freed, you can be sure that there is a Trapo mat for just about any car, as these mats happen to fit more than 400 vehicles.

  • It comes with an anti-slip design

There is an anti-slip base featured by the Trapo car mats in order to firmly lock the mats in place and make sure that they don’t slide down or interfere with the brake or accelerator paddles of the vehicle. These mats are equipped with Velcro fasteners to make sure that they can adhere to the floor carpets of the car.

  • Great quality

Despite having so many benefits, the Trapo car mats are available at very affordable prices for the current generation of Honda models, including Honda Vezel or any other ones. It is worth noting for you that their prices are pretty similar to the PVC coil mats, but it depends on the vehicle model.

Shop for the best car mat on Trapo with Atome

Trapo is undoubtedly the best-selling car mat in Singapore as it is made of Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate that is usually found in the outer sole of the shoes. The best feature of the Trapo mat is that you don’t need to readjust or recenter it like any conventional rubber mats, and there is a car mat by Trapo for each of the car brands that are out there in the market. So, if you own a Honda Vezel or Honda Stream, there will be a Trapo mat for this particular car model available for you. With Atome, you can shop at Trapo to buy the right mat for your vehicle and experience the freedom of paying later. Atome is a BNPL platform that will be available for you when you shop at your favorite store, including Trapo.

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