TRAPO Car Accessories Shop Singapore Will Drive Your Fear Away

by Starry

Sep 24 2021

A car is your day-to-day complex machine. One can’t say my car has never caused me any hindrance in my work. As time passes, you’ll eventually see your car having technical issues. Treat your car issues at the start and save yourself from expensive last-minute repairs. It is a harsh truth that almost every part of your vehicle can cause you trouble. You must be thinking about the number of problems I’m mentioning. I probably want you to drop your automobiles and travel on your feet. No, I’m here with a solution. To prevent your car from issues, facilitate your automobile with all the products required to prevent major damage.

What do humans do when they fear a threat to their health? They visit hospitals to reach the right doctor. Well, similarly, your car needs a hospital too where a doctor can advise him about all the precautions. I know a hospital for your car, i.e., 24 hours car accessories shop in Singapore. A car’s hospital is a car accessories shop. The Trapo car accessories shop Singapore is the perfect place to get your car back into shape. The Trapo car accessories shop Singapore is well known Singapore car accessories online shop.

What is Trapo Car Accessories Shop Singapore? 

Trapo Singapore is a first-class accessories brand for automobiles. It is well-known for selling No.1 Car mats online. It is among the most preferred Singapore car accessories online shops, especially when it comes to car mats. Trapo has been serving with its car mats since 2016. Their present prospectus possesses car mats for seven hundred plus car models. The goal is to bestow the driver with an enjoyable drive.


Is Trapo a Singapore car accessories online shop or a physical shop?

If you ever hear someone claiming they have a Trapo hub near their location, believe them. No, don’t get disappointed thinking you can’t be facilitated. Trapo does possess physical stores but its Singapore car accessories online shop too. You can purchase anytime and from anywhere around the globe as it’s a 24 hours car accessories shop in Singapore.

What are Trapo’s offerings?

Trapo being 24 hours car accessories shop in Singapore, offers:

  • Car mats and Carpet:
  • Car Chargers
  • Car Cables
  • Air Purifiers
  • Handheld vacuums
  • Phone holders 

Trapo Car mats and Carpet:

Trapo has been serving its buyers with car mats for years. It has floated four car mats, i.e., Trapo Hex, Trapo Classic Mark II, Trapo Eco, and Trapo Boot. Among these, Trapo Classic Mark II has been most popular, whereas Trapo eco is the most affordable for buyers. The Trapo Hex proved itself best among all the products with 5 years warranty. All these mats perfectly trap the dirt and mud and are easy to clean. They possess no unbearable smell. They kill 99.99% of bacteria on your car floor. All these mats are anti-slip. Trapo features customized car mats and has been ranked among the top car mats.

Car Chargers:

Because there is much more to what a driver needs while driving except a car mat, Trapo has launched Oxtra ultra-fast charger to facilitate the driver. Yes, you can have a long journey without the fear of a dead battery.

Car Cables: 

Trapo 3 in 1 charger cables allows you to charge and transmit all your data from your devices into a single cord. Having earned professional certificates, these cables are perfectly secure to use with iPhones and other Apple products.  

Air Purifiers:

The Oxtra motion-sensing Air Purifier offered by Trapo was brought to protect you, and your loved ones don’t matter whether you are in a car or not. The pandemic has us all worried about our and the health of our loved ones. The Air purifier is designed to expel all the polluted air by your hand.

Handheld Vacuum:

Hygiene is a necessity. Oxtra Handheld Vacuum being your handy cleaning buddy, leaves no dirt in your car. The packaging consists of the charger for the vacuum along with the non-woven bag to carry it.

Phone Holders:

Trapo is offering an Oxtra premium car holder. It facilitates us with single-hand operation with reduced noise. Before the idea of your falling pops into your mind, the phone holder owns a gravity mechanism along with a supporting chin.


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