Get Trapo Car Mats for all Mercedes Models Including Mercedes C180

by Starry

Nov 19 2021

Most car owners take pride in ensuring that their vehicles are in perfect working order, which includes engine maintenance and spotless body because an excellent running vehicle offers you a superb driving experience. However, it is worth noting that maintaining the cleanliness of the car interior can never be easy, especially when sand and dirt can enter the car and make the floor dirty. This is the reason why durable and high-quality car mats are essential, as they can keep the car’s interior free of dirt, grime and moisture. Trapo is among the best automotive accessories brands in Singapore that offer its customers comfortable, safe, and hygienic car mats, unlike any regular ones that can be found in the market. The Trapo car mats are environmentally friendly and are specially designed to trap any dirt and mud. All of these mats are custom-fitted according to the car model, so whether you own a Mercedes C180, a Mercedes CLA 180, or a Mercedes A180, you can be sure that Trapo has the car mat that matches your type of vehicle.

Keep your vehicle clean with Trapo’s sustainable car mats

All the Trapo car mats are sustainable and come from the 300 tons of waste foam that comes from their parent company. According to the car model, their custom-fit design is the most significant advantage to the customers, which means that your Mercedes C180 or Mercedes GLA 180 will get the car mats of exact size and shape. This mat is also not that costly, and the Trapo Mercedes Singapore price matches any other high-quality mats available in the market.

The lining of the car mat is used through 12 RPET bottles for each Trapo mat of standard size and is also available in different colors that can match your requirement. This mat is environmentally friendly, while its surface is designed in such a way that it is capable of trapping mud and dirt.

The Trapo car mats are easy to clean, and their waterproof feature means that the interior of your vehicle will be free from any excess moisture. In case these mats get wet, they will dry in just around 15 minutes. It is worth noting that, unlike any other PVC coil mat, you will see Trapo not emitting any cloying, as well as the headache-inducing plastic odor in your Mercedes C180 or Mercedes A180.

Customizable car mats for Mercedes by Trapo

Many people are not aware of the fact that Trapo is a customizable homegrown car mat company and is an excellent solution for the ones who get frustrated after cleaning their car mats and are not able to fix the problem. It is among the most hygienic of the car mats that are infused with the Japanese Bactekiller technology.

Usually, the drivers go for the car perfumes that are capable of covering up the scent, but they obviously can’t kill the bacteria. With the help of Trapo, you can solve this problem by finding the root cause. Although you may see a number of cases where eliminating the bacteria can resolve the odor issue in the vehicles, and Trapo has kept the entire process to be very simple, and it doesn’t take more than five minutes for the car owner to remove this dirt, as the issue can be resolved by simply washing the mat.

The launch of Trapo’s next generation of Hex car mats

Trapo has undoubtedly become a leading brand in the vehicle accessories market as it has been delivering custom-made car mats for more than 700 models, including the Mercedes C180 and many more for many years. They recently added significant improvements after getting feedback from the customers that led to the creation of their new products.

The Trapo Mark III, Trapo Eco II, and the Trapo Hex II are specially developed to meet the different requirements of the customers. With all three types of mats, you will have the core Trapo qualities, including hygiene and style, a sustainable production method, and a few tweaks in the design. It would help if you kept in mind that Trapo’s Mercedes Singapore price resembles that of the market.

If you have any plans for upgrading the car mats to something better, then Trapo has got you covered, as they have introduced their next-generation range of car mats that can be customized according to your likings.

Use Atome to shop for the right car mat at Trapo

Trapo knows that car owners value quality, and this is the reason why they have car mats that are specially designed to offer you an ultimate driving experience. These mats come with the hexagonal-shaped reservoirs trap and the silver ion technology to trap dirt and eliminate bacteria. These mats are custom-fitted according to the car model, which includes Mercedes C180, Mercedes GLA 180, and Mercedes CLA 180. Atome is one of the best services through which you can buy a customized Trapo car mat at the spot and then pay for it later in three easy, interest-free payments.

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