Enjoy Distinct Classics with A Fusion Twist at Tipsy Bunny

by jiatongma

Sep 27 2022

Tipsy Bunny, a bunny hideout in JEM, is the ideal place for visitors to encounter Mr. Baxton, their resident Bunny. Every palette may enjoy what The Burrow reinvents, especially the well-known classic dishes with a unique fusion touch.

You may savor Tipsy Bunny’s famous handmade pizzas, prepared without roller pins or bulky equipment and hand-stretched on request by our wonderful chefs.

About Tipsy Collective

Employees at Tipsy Collective are motivated to create memorable experiences; to that end, they have carefully chosen aspects such as Live Entertainment, Gourmet Food, and Premium Drinks. More significantly, each idea has a social foundation and an active component. To ensure every visitor has a fulfilling, enriching, and consistent experience, Tipsy Bunny employees strive for excellence and consistency at all levels. Every consumer should leave our establishment feeling refreshed and prepared to face any problems that may lie ahead.

Since launching its first store in 2018, the Tipsy Collective group has received several awards for its hard work and commitment to providing customers with a high-caliber experience. They want to thank all their wonderful friends and clients who have stood with them through good times and bad. Tipsy Bunny promises to have always worked hard to provide consumers with an exceptional experience and will do so.

Have a smashing good time at Tipsy Bunny!

People quickly see Tipsy Bunny, the current venture of the Tipsy Team inside JEM Shopping Mall, as the type of establishment that aims to delight. Thanks to the neon signage, gorgeous foliage, humorous slogans, and trendy foods on the menu, it would be best if you wanted to tell your friends about this business first.

With so many mouthwatering selections on their 20+ page menu, it might be a little intimidating, especially if you’re as ravenous as most diners are when they enter the restaurant. People’s stomachs immediately start to grumble as they turn over Tipsy Bunny’s menu card and notice Avocado Toast.

At Tipsy Bunny, brunch is served until 5 p.m., and 6 p.m. is the ideal time for a fantastic date night with friends, family, and loved ones.

The inventions of Tipsy Bunny span from ostensibly palatable classics to head-turning fusions of seemingly unrelated cuisines. When you hear Qi Si (cheese), Hokkien Mee, you might question if the chef was as drunk when he came up with the recipes.

The subject of fusion may be somewhat tricky. It balances creativity and identity issues on a fine edge. Most interpretations can be deemed decent, but few merit a second chance.

Food options available at Tipsy Bunny

Quinoa bowls, sandwiches, salads, soups, treasures of the rice, a variety of pasta dishes, charcoal-grilled food, hand-stretched pizzas, addictive tapas that can be shared generously with friends, desserts, drinks, beer, and an endless cocktail and whiskey menu are among the food options at Tipsy Bunny.

There are many pizzas on the menu, but your eyes are drawn to the one vegetarian option. Old habits are hard to break. The Hazelnut Pumpkin Pizza (S$24), which at first glance seems like a sweet pizza, cleverly uses cheese and lemon vinaigrette to elevate it to the status of a formidable contender for the title of “Best Pizza of the Lot.” Even though the pizza toppings may not be typical Italian choices, you should come here for the hand-stretched dough. At Tipsy Bunny, all the pizzas are handmade in-house, each with a crispy, chewy, and airy crust. Customers describe him as versatile.

When you try the Qi Si cheese Hokkien Mee (S$23), the dish takes center stage and becomes Tipsy Bunny’s highlight. Chinese for “cheese” is “qi si,” and this version of Hokkien Mee has more personality for its ironic name than the addition of cheddar ever could. At only Tipsy Bunny, you can get the charred and velvety gravy mixture that coats every strand of spaghetti so perfectly.

Midway through the meal, Tipsy Bunny alters the patrons’ perception by demonstrating that they are not only interested in pleasing the eye. Although the decor is lovely, you felt it also teetered on being too conventional. Innovative taste combinations that extend into the dessert menu are what give Tipsy Bunny the required personality.

With its unique brand of richness, Tipsy Bunny’s Lemon Tart over Homemade Marshmallow (S$10) deftly cuts through the saltiness. The gooey marshmallow is a kiss on the tongue, and the lemony tart filling adds a lively tang that revives customers’ taste senses.

Drink for a cause with Tipsy Bunny

Tipsy Collective has teamed up with Singapore Zoo to make an important contribution to the animal conversation, efforts, and care in Singapore and the surrounding region by trying to adopt a few penguins at the African Penguin Exhibit. Every time you sip on a pint of Frosty’s Lager, you’ll also be helping the Singapore Zoo adopt the African Penguin exhibit! With Tipsy Bunny, now you’ll be able to tell everyone that you’re having a drink for a worthwhile purpose! At Tipsy Group, they desire to do their best for their penguin friends!

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Ending Thoughts

Tipsy Bunny, a bunny hideout in JEM, is the ideal place for visitors for Westerners to encounter Mr. Baxton, the resident Bunny. Every palette may enjoy the well-known classic dishes with a unique fusion touch only at Tipsy Bunny. Use Atome to have the most worthwhile experience at Tipsy Bunny without spending too much!

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