The Perfect Craving Awaits You—Try Twelve Cupcakes Halal

by Starry

Sep 23 2021

What is Twelve Cupcakes Halal?

Twelve Cupcakes halal has come up with several exciting flavors. Passionate about introducing some delish desserts under one roof. yourself like a royal, with the treat of Twelve Cupcakes halal. A perfect companion for your memorable moments. Love of crunch, hazelnut slices, irresistible combination, the cold brew, and the rainbow sprinkles. Fall in love again & again with the carnival mini cupcakes.

Twelve Cupcakes halal was first introduced in 2011, and with the immense struggle, the cupcakery business has become a brand. There are a total of 35 outlets available in Singapore. Twelve Cupcakes halal are known as “twelve” because of some significance. Like there are twelve months in a year, there is twelve hours’ time formation. Similarly, there are “twelve” baking holes in traditional baking trays.

Twelve Cupcakes halal was originated by a former radio DJ Daniel Ong Ming Ru with the help of his ex-wife. They laid the foundation of a handcrafted home business chain around the island. With their hard work and work consistency, the homegrown business is now a brand. Each cupcake is beautifully decorated and made with pure love.  

Why Choose Twelve Cupcakes Halal?

There are various reasons to choose Twelve Cupcakes halal. Every day they bake freshly. A huge range of delicious flavors like halal cupcakes, mini cupcakes, paw patrol cupcakes, and Christmas cupcakes are available in Singapore. The brand is not only an expert in cupcakes, but they have several items: fondant cakes, honey cakes, whole cakes, and the awesomeness of tempting cookies.

Every product is purely handmade. The halal cupcakes are not only rich in taste but also divine in look. The captivating presentation attracts shoppers to buy for sure. No matter the occasion, Twelve Cupcakes halal is ready to create your happiness.

Some of the main highlights of Twelve Cupcakes halal are:

Freshly Baked

Each bite is freshly baked on an everyday basis. They are busy introducing something new daily and trying different techniques and designs to satisfy their customer’s desires.


The Twelve Cupcakes halal are not only sweet in flavor but also look amazingly delicious. So, one can control his/her craving after having a look. The edible flowers and items make the item more expressive in reasonable manners.

No Preservatives

Twelve Cupcakes halal Singapore distinguishes itself with no artificial or harmful material. They provide no pork or lard material in their cupcakes.

Perfect for All

The Twelve Cupcakes halal are not only for youngsters but also suitable for all ages. Whether it is a birthday party, anniversary, Christmas, teachers’ day, or any occasion, you can make them more special with the customized Twelve Cupcakes halal.

Cupcake Boxes

The delicious overdressed cupcakes are not served in the hands of tissue papers. But they are specially packed in presentable cupcake boxes with a unique logo or brand printed on them. A perfect thing to give as a gift.

How to Enjoy Your Twelve Cupcakes Halal?

Now you can keep your cupcakes stored for up to 2 days. To enjoy the true taste of cupcakes, put them out from the fridge and microwave for 8 to 10 seconds before eating. It will help you to enjoy an amazing heavenly taste of freshness again.  Here comes a wide range of cakes you can choose from.

Halal Cupcake

The product contains a soft sponge cupcake that will be going to melt in your mouth. With a wide range of chocolate, vanilla, caramel, and heart-winning flavors. Ready to boost your flavorsome and lashes of crème and caramel sauces, while on the other hand, the red velvet delivers a smooth, bursting, and rich, attractive taste. Every single item is worth seeing and ready to blast.

Mini Cupcakes Singapore

Maybe they are mini in size, but they are maximum in flavor. A delightful therapy to satisfy your taste buds. With cute mini artwork with perfection. Someone cannot even imagine that the artwork is real or fake—the bite-size cupcakes featured in the most popular flavors and playful themes.

Paw Patrol Cupcakes

With the emerging customization trend, Twelve Cupcakes halal is never being late to introduce themed base cupcakes. Our kids’ party loves to enjoy their favorite character and wants to be included in their playful occasion, especially in theme-based birthday events. The soft salivating sponge and the iconic characters of paw patrol make it appealing.

Christmas Twelve Cupcakes Singapore

The occasion of Christmas does not need an introduction. The jingle bell-styled cupcakes are ready to double the desserts—the perfect moments to keep your hands on your favorite cupcake straight from the Christmas tree. Make your celebrations the sweetest ones with Twelve Cupcakes halal’s wonderful festive themed and decadently delicious cupcakes.

How to Order Your Twelve Cupcakes?

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