Chocolate Tart | ZEE & ELLE solves the mystery of chocolate cravings

by Starry

Feb 21 2022

Why do people find chocolate to be so irresistible? The smell, the taste, the way it gently melts in your mouth always brings a smile to your lips. Most people have an incredibly sweet tooth, and they tend to lean towards all things coated, dipped, or drizzled with chocolate. Have you ever thought to yourself why you crave chocolate? It’s time to find out!

The reason why people love eating chocolates is that it makes them happy! When you eat chocolate, it releases dopamine, a feel-good neurotransmitter, into different parts of your brain. You’d know that dopamine is a chemical that can be triggered by anything that brings you joy, which in this case is chocolate!

Interestingly, a study showed that simply ingesting the chemicals in chocolate didn’t produce this feel-good chemical, but it’s the whole experience of eating chocolate that pushed all the right buttons. Now you know why you crave chocolates in stressful situations– because the dopamine in chocolates helps reduce stress and acts as a mood booster.

Chocolate cravings can also be associated with emotional responses, like how you crave soup when you feel sick or want to eat something sour when you feel nauseous. Luckily, there are hundreds of options for satiating chocolate cravings. From milk chocolate bars to chocolate cakes and tarts, you can enjoy this delectable sweet in many ways.

A popular dessert that can be made from chocolate is tarts. Also known as cream pie, a chocolate tart is a dessert comprising dark chocolate, eggs, and cream beaten together, gently poured into a crisp pastry shell, and finally baked until firm. It can be considered a custard tart since it includes an egg-based filling. Moreover, chocolate tarts are similar to chocolate mousse, but the baking process adds firmness to the tart’s texture.

Chocolate tarts at ZEE & ELLE’s bakeshop

The interesting thing about chocolate cravings is that they can be contagious. After reading how the sweet and rich texture of chocolate melts ever-so-slowly in the mouth, surely you are in need of some chocolate therapy too!

ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop has one of the best chocolate tarts that you can find in Singapore. You can choose from lots of great flavor options and can also order an assorted box in case you can’t just pick one.

Check out all the amazing tart flavors here:

Let’s explore the different flavors ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop has in store for you.

Lemon meringue tarts

If you like the zesty flavor of lemon in desserts, then this crispy, buttery tart is just right for you. Made with freshly made lemon curd filling, the tart is topped with delicious torched meringue. You can order the lemon meringue tarts in two sizes: regular and mini. The store offers a box of 16 regular tarts and another of 20 mini-tarts.

Chocolate hazelnut crunch tarts (Bestseller)

With the goodness of chocolate paired with the crunch of hazelnuts, these chocolate tarts are one of ZEE & ELLE’s bestsellers! You can enjoy the taste of bittersweet ganache topped with a layer of hazelnut praline crunch. The store offers three order quantities: a box of 8 regular tarts, 16 regular tarts, and 20 mini-tarts.

Chocolate salted caramel tarts

For all salted caramel fans, this chocolate tart is filled with a rich chocolate filling and a layer of special hand-made sea-salt caramel sauce. So if you like the combination of salty and bittersweet, you will definitely enjoy this one. The order quantities of salted caramel tarts are the same as hazelnut crunch tarts.

White chocolate passionfruit tarts

These tarts are a fusion of tangy passion fruit filling and the sweet smooth taste of white chocolate. Made with freshly made white chocolate passion fruit filling, these crispy tarts are perfect for fruity lovers.

More about ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop

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In addition to decadent cakes, you can find sweets, dessert boxes, and all the accessories you might need for a party. You can choose from cute and colorful buntings and cake toppers, greeting cards, candles, and much more.

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Indulge in ZEE & ELLE’s chocolaty goodness now!

The best way to satiate chocolate cravings is to give in to the temptation and treat yourself to something chocolaty and divine. What could be a better choice than ZEE & ELLE’s chocolate tarts? So stop searching for a chocolate tart recipe online and order an awfully delicious chocolate Nutella tart from ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop now.

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