The Lash Chapter – Eyeliner Embroidery That Makes Your Eyes Sparkle

by jiatongma

Aug 15 2022

How to draw the perfect eyeliner

Eyeliner is a necessity when it comes to makeup. Whether you’re heading out for a party with your friends or getting ready for work– eyeliner can help you highlight your eyes and tie your makeup look together. However, applying it perfectly can be a real challenge. You might end up with a line that’s too thin or thick, or even worse – one line is thicker than the other. 

Most women would agree that applying liquid eyeliner is a daunting task which is why many gravitate towards pencil eyeliners. The pencil allows more room for error compared to its counterpart, but it fails to deliver that snatched look. And that makes us come back a full circle to liquid eyeliners. 

If you are among the lucky ones who get it right every time, we salute you! But, if you are part of the remaining 99% who are still figuring out how to apply eyeliner, here are a few tips that might help.

Prep your eyes

The first step is important, but it is usually overlooked by most women. After you have cleansed your face, apply moisturizer or an eye cream around your eyes to hydrate the area. It helps diminish the appearance of wrinkles and lines. It is ideal to wait for 5-10 mins, so the moisturizer absorbs into your skin. 

The next step is to apply an eye primer and concealer to your eyelids and cover any discoloration. Finish it off with setting powder to seal the makeup in place. This trick works well for oily eyelids and gives the eyeliner a matte base to cling to.

Choose your eyeliner

There are three types of eyeliners:

  • Pencil eyeliner
  • Gel eyeliner
  • Liquid eyeliner

The basic trick to nail this art is to choose the right type of eyeliner.

Pencil eyeliners are the most forgiving, so if you’re a newbie, they can be your best friend. Not only do they offer better grip and control, but they are also perfect for creating smoky eyes. The only drawback of pencil eyeliners is that they don’t give a precise or smooth finish.

Gel eyeliners glide on effortlessly, and are more long-lasting compared to pencil eyeliners. Finally, liquid eyeliners are the hardest to use out of the three. Despite its challenging application, liquid eyeliners deliver precision and sharp lines that you can’t achieve with the other two.

Eyeliner application

Whichever eyeliner you choose, you should start with a line right above your lashes. Make sure to use small strokes and always start with a thin line. You can gradually build the intensity and thickness of the eyeliner, but starting with a thick line can be a recipe for disaster.

Once you are drawn the first eye, you can replicate the same on the other one. Try to keep it as well-proportioned as possible. 

You can add a wing to the line if you want something more dramatic. The trick here is to follow the natural line of the lower lash line. Extend the line slowly and stop where you want the wing to end. It is better to start with a small wing and lengthen it gradually if you’re not happy with the result. Finish it by joining the upper part of your eyeliner to the wing you created. 

Tips for eyeliner application

Following are some tricks to help you apply your liner like a pro!

  • Don’t stretch your eyelids when drawing a wing
  • Rest your elbow somewhere to avoid shaky lines
  • Use the magnifying side of a cosmetic mirror for application
  • Align a tape or card with your lower lash line to create a wing

The Lash Chapter- A solution to eyeliner woes

The Lash Chapter is a company dedicated to providing beauty services to women in Singapore. Loved by celebrities– the brand combines health, safety, and glamour to bring the best beauty products on the market. All the services offered by The Lash Chapter aim to make permanent makeup more accessible to regular women so they can enjoy hassle-free makeup. 

They have qualified technicians who have worked with famous personalities such as Zoe Tay, Chantelle Ng, Yahui, Michelle Chia, Tina Yong, Hong Ling, and many others. So, when you come to The Lash Chapter, rest assured you are in safe and experienced hands.

Below are services you can avail at The Lash Chapter.

  • Lash lift and tint
  • Brow lamination
  • Lash and brow regrowth
  • Eyelash extensions
  • Signature microblading
  • Brow henna
  • Gentlegold brow wax
  • Lip brushing
  • Eyeliner embroidery
  • Brow pigment removal
  • Hair tinsels
  • LED teeth whitening
  • Coolshaping fat freeze
  • Qsculpting Pro
  • Plasma fibroblast skin tightening
  • GLASH lash and brow serums

The Lash Chapter Eyeliner Embroidery

The Lash Chapter Singapore understands the daily struggle of applying eyeliner only to see it melt and smudge by noon. Everyday eyeliner woes have made way for semi-permanent eyeliner tattoos that are fast becoming a popular beauty treatment. 

The Lash Chapter’s eyeliner embroidery uses permanent makeup to apply the perfect line of eyeliner so you can look impeccable from the moment you wake up. It saves time and offers a hassle-free solution for an inconspicuous, natural enhancement that makes your eyes pop. 

If your skin is overly sensitive or you are allergic to regular makeup products, semi-permanent eyeliner can be an ideal choice. The Lash Chapter has highly trained and certified technicians that discuss your preferences and customize a design that best meets your requirements. The procedure takes around 120 minutes or less, while the results last up to 2 years. That’s 730 days of not having to apply eyeliner every morning!

FAQs about The Lash Chapter’s permanent eyeliner treatment

  • What is permanent eyeliner?

Permanent eyeliner is a form of makeup that is tattooed on the skin. It frames your eyes and makes your lashes appear fuller and thicker. It can enhance the shape of the eyes, create the illusion of larger eyes, and even out the symmetry of your eyes. The eyeliner is applied thinly, very close to the lash line for people who prefer a more natural look. The eyeliner is applied in a thicker line for those who want a more dramatic look.

  • What are the benefits of permanent eyeliner?

There are several benefits of permanent eyeliner, such as:

  • It defines your eyes and makes them more attractive.
  • It doesn’t smudge, smear, or wear off.
  • It saves money and time.
  • Perfect for people with sensitive skin.
  • Great for people with sparse eyelashes.
  • It is ideal for people with vision problems or unsteady hands.
  • Does it hurt?

The treatment is carried out with topical anesthetics that minimize pain to a large degree. However, since pain is a subjective notion, some sensitive clients may feel some discomfort. The same goes for people with a low pain threshold.

  • How long does the permanent eyeliner last?

The treatment offered by The Lash Chapter lasts for up to 2 years on average. However, everyone’s skin is different, so there’s no guarantee of how long it will stay on you. Since the pigments tend to fade over time, Touch-Up is recommended to retain their precision and color.

  • What is The Lash Chapter price for eyeliner embroidery?

You can visit The Lash Chapter’s website to schedule an appointment. The price of the treatments isn’t mentioned there, but you can always call their customer service to find out.

The Lash Chapter is one of Atome’s partnered merchants

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How does Atome work?

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How to pay at The Lash Chapter with Atome

  1. Scan the QR code from your Atome’s app at check out for in-store services.
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  3. Enter your user details and complete the checkout process.
  4. Pay one part of your The Lash Chapter bill and defer the remaining payment to subsequent months.

Get the best eyeliner tattoo from The Lash Chapter

Curious about trying out different eyeliner styles? You can trust The Lash Chapter to give you the look you want. The Lash Chapter’s reviews show that customers are thrilled with their results. So, if you want to try the permanent makeup trend for yourself, The Lash Chapter is an ideal choice. 

You need not worry about the cost of the service as you can always use Atome to pay your bill in three parts instead of one! 

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