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by Starry

Sep 07 2021

Climbing is quite the physical sport, and it can be a terrible experience if you’re not wearing the perfect gear for it. Not wearing comfortable climbing shoes to climbing is the same as wearing sneakers, a perfect sign of a terrible experience.

Climbing shoes Singapore don’t need to be awkward and unbearable to wear, indeed. There are a lot of options to climbing shoes Singapore that will permit you to move without foot torment. Nonetheless, it tends to be difficult to know without giving them a shot which climbing shoes are agreeable and which are not.


STAR360 is a retailer with a singular focus on the best of style and quality; Star 360 Holdings carefully curates and partners only the world’s leading active lifestyle and fashion brands to provide customers with unparalleled shopping experiences.

Attesting to its position as the region’s retail authority, the Group counts a staggering 12,500 points of sale across multiple continents under its retail arm. With its finger perpetually on the pulse of the rapidly changing trends in the retail industry, the Group has fast become the partner of choice for brands looking to make their mark in Asia and beyond.

Brands Working With Star 360

The list of brands working with star360 goes a long way. As STAR360 aims to capture the international climbing shoe market, our partnering brands are one the best in the world for sports and climbing shoes singapore. Some of the brands are as follows:

  • MBT
  • NIKE

Categories of Products Offered At Star360

Being a pioneer in promoting the sports shoe industry, star360 covers every customer’s need, and to fulfill this, products are divided into categories.

1. Casual Walking Shoes

The best casual walking shoes for men will give their feet security, padding, support, and toughness.Star360 offers you shoes that feel like massaging your foot while you walk.

2. Running Shoes

Running shoes are lightweight shoes designed to provide comfort while running and absorbing your body weight as your foot strikes the ground. Running shoes are intended to shield your feet from the street, given footing on various surfaces, pad the arrival shock, and backing your feet.

Running shoes are intended to deal with the shock of 2.5 times your body weight.STAR360 provides you with ultra-comfort shock-absorbing shoes to help you with quiet running. The brands available at star360 make sure to keep the customer’s safety and comfort their utmost priority.

3. Sneakers and sandals

Not every time you go for a climb, is it? Sometimes you need to relax. Whether it’s a party or it’s a relaxing weekend break, we provide a huge range of sneakers and sandals to put you at ease.

STAR360 brings Nike Adidas Asics exquisite sneakers at the most affordable prices and a stylish sandals collection at your display. With all the sportswear, STAR360 keeps the best sandals and sneakers stock at one click from the customer.

4. Climbing shoes

Climbing, in particular, doesn’t require a lot of equipment, but an essential item is a pair of climbing shoes singapore. Thin soles are more sensitive and hot but less durable.

Climbing shoes Singapore are worth getting a pair. You don’t need, or even want, to get really expensive shoes until you’ve been climbing for a while, though. Those higher-end shoes tend to have thinner rubber which wears out faster (especially when you haven’t developed good footwork technique)

The most sought-after category in shoes is the Nike Climbing shoes Singapore. The Nike climbing shoes singapore are hot men’s classic shoes available for quite a long time. These flat-soled lace-up are perhaps the most open to climbing shoes you can discover, particularly for those limited to ordinary width feet.

The Adidas climbing shoes Singapore are most appropriate for slab climbing, moderate game climbing, and multi-pitch climbing. If you’re searching for the entire day climbing shoes, you can wear the Adidas climbing shoes Singapore for quite a long time without expecting to take them off.

Atome and STAR360

Climbing shoes Singapore are the most sought-after product, but sometimes people have to let go of their precious items tight on their budgets. Atome and STAR360 have partnered up to provide a user-friendly budget-friendly payment plan for their products.

Headquartered in Singapore, Atome offers its users the choice and convenience of more flexible payment options for a variety of products and services. The app allows shoppers to split their purchases over three interest-free monthly payments by scanning a partner retailer’s in-store QR code or upon website checkout. By splitting their payments, Atome users will be able to better manage their budget while making higher quality products more affordable. STAR360 aims to provide its consumers with the best available at times. They aim to make the buying process easier and convenient for the users and set an example in the climbing shoe industry.

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