The Best Smart Door Lock Out There: A Samsung dp609 Review

by Starry

Apr 20 2021

When it comes to house security solutions, there is no such thing as “too much safety”. After all, everybody wants to keep their house, and their loved ones, safe and sound. With new technological innovations arriving in the market, there are some truly ingenious home security solutions for you to choose from. Particularly, in Singapore, customers have the option to pick the best of the bunch- the Samsung dp609 Smart Door lock. Keep reading this Samsung dp609 review to find out all about this new Smart Wi-Fi Door Lock.

The Samsung Smart Door Lock is built to give you control over the safety of your house. Whether you are at home or office, with the incredible technology of Smart Door locks, you can easily keep track of your home security on your mobile. Incorporating the latest technological capabilities, Smart Wi-Fi Door Lock comes embedded with top-of-the-line biometric technology. Below is a brief outline of all the various features and functions of this one-of-a-kind home security solution.

 Samsung dp609 review: different ways of accessibility

There are five different ways in which Samsung Smart Door Lock provides accessibility, after installation. These are:

  • Accessibility via Smartphone App

You can open the door lock by accessing it through a Smartphone App. This way of accessibility allows you to easily and securely unlock the door with your mobile, irrespective of where you are. (note: this accessibility feature has been currently made available, only in Singapore).

  • Access through Fingerprint

You can access the Samsung Smart Door Lock by placing your finger against the quick yet highly accurate fingerprint sensor. With just one touch, you will be able to open the door.

  • Access by punching-in Password

The lock display would be automatically activated whenever you approach the door, hence, enabling a swift and easy punch-in. You can quickly enter your passcode and open the door.

  • Access with Key Tag

You will get a key tag along with the door lock, that you can use for accessibility purposes.

  • Access using Emergency Key

Same as the key tag, the emergency key will help you get access.

Samsung dp609 review: design features

Some of the prominent design features of the Samsung Smart Door Lock(Wi-Fi) are as under:

  • You can easily open and close the lock with one, swift and easy action.
  • The door can also be opened easily by pushing or pulling the handle. The handle functions smoothly with minimal noise.
  • As soon as you would approach the door, the smart sensors in the lock will be automatically activated. The sensors would trigger an alarm, even if someone is just continuously pacing around the entrance area.
  • Samsung Smart Door Lock comes with a voice guide that provides guidance and instructions to users about how they can set up and use Samsung dp609.
  • The LED screen of the lock display showcases all the essential details that the users might want to know. This includes authentication details, the situation of the lock, a warning for a low battery, and so on.

Samsung dp609 review: what makes this a smart door lock?

There are numerous features that make this Wi-Fi-enabled Door Lock, technologically Smart:

  • With Samsung dp609, you can unlock your door with a smartphone, from anywhere, and at any given point. This means that even when you are not at home, you can open your house for any relative or friend who is visiting you unannounced.
  • You can check the real-time access logs to keep track of who has visited your house. You can even set alerts that will let you know every time anyone enters the house. Given how the lock is Wi-Fi compatible, you can easily browse the log history on your phone.
  • With Samsung Smart locks, you no longer have to worry about giving a spare key to any employee that regularly visits your house, including a maid, chef, housekeeper, and other paid visitors such as babysitters or tuition teachers. You can simply set a duration password. With a set duration password, a regular worker can only enter and leave your house during the predetermined duration, and you can also keep track of when a particular employee entered and left the house.
  • You can pre-approve a visitor and enable him/her to access your house, even in your absence. This can be done by issuing a one-time password, that would function temporarily as the access password that the visitor can use to enter your home. This is a hassle-free way for a visitor to access the door.
  • Smart Bell is another smart feature of Samsung Smart Door Locks. Smart Bells are essential alerts that you would get if someone is touching the doorbell icon on the touchpad of the lock. The conventional doorbell only informs you of someone’s arrival when you are at home. Whereas, a smart bell would send you an alert on your phone, hence, you would be made aware of someone arriving at your house, regardless of where you are.

 Samsung dp609 review: highlights

There are some other noticeable highlights that make Samsung Smart Door Locks truly outstanding among other locks in the market:

  • The “Away” Mode

If you and your family are going away on a long trip, or would not be returning home for quite some time, then you can tap the Home button to set up the “Away” mode. Once you have activated this mode, you will be alerted as soon as the lock is operated from the inside.

  • The Intrusion Alarm

For any intruder who is trying to break into your home by pulling the door with excessive force, or by entering inaccurate passwords consecutively five times, the Door Lock is designed to initiate a warning siren, after which the door lock would automatically disable key authentication for at least three minutes. This is done to ensure that anyone who is not supposed to enter the house, is unable to trespass.

  • Improved safety of user data

There are three diverse data protection technologies being used here:

  • White-Box Cryptography
    • Secure Encapsulation for the Application Layer, and
    • App Hardening

These systems ensure that if you lose your smartphone, you can neatly eliminate all data including, access logs, access codes, etc.

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Hopefully, you would find this Samsung dp609 review helpful in making a well-informed decision about choosing Samsung Smart Door Lock (Wi-Fi). It is definitely one of the most technologically advanced and well-equipped locks you can find, that not only provides robust security but also aesthetic appeal.

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