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by jiatongma

Dec 13 2022

Sometimes when you’ve just had enough of your humdrum routines, your mind might ponder the idea of giving your mind, body, and soul a much-needed break.

The thought of escaping from the staleness of a stodgy and monotonous routine is welcomed by everyone, no matter what age you are. If you’re a full-grown adult, you might crave an indulgent getaway from your work life. In contrast, if you’re a student, you might just be dying for some time alone when you don’t need to have your head buried in a heap of lifeless books.

If you’ve decided to give yourself a treat, we’d suggest you go to Syoujin Singapore. This heavenly abode is nothing short of extraordinary and will definitely send your soul to quintessential realms far away – so far away that the grasp of mundanity won’t even reach anywhere near it.

Has this piqued your interest? Well, join the club! Whether it’s a hydrating facial you need or a full body massage, Syoujin is the place of your dreams.

The benefits of herbal medicine

Herbal medicines have a long history that precedes them. Back in ancient times, herbal medicines were used by aboriginal cultures and tribes like the Chinese, Indians, and Africans. Before the pioneering of synthetic medicine, all of the concoctions made by apothecaries were loaded with medicinal herbs.

Today, herbal medicines still have traction (not as much as synthetic medicines, but it’s there), and this is mainly because of their therapeutic effects.

This is why herbal medicines are still popular:

  1. Lesser side effects

Around 66% of adults in the USA are reliant on some form of prescription meds. While prescription drugs can parade swift and ‘real’ effects, side effects come part and parcel of the entire package. What’s more, even over-the-counter meds like those taken to combat diarrhea and cramps can lead to agonizing side effects like gastrointestinal problems, heart palpitations, or even seizures.

In comparison, herbal medicines are usually much easier on the body. Furthermore, choosing professionally-prescribed herbal medicines over synthetic ones may lessen your dependence on drugs and lead to fewer long-term side effects.

  1. Herbal medicines are much more affordable

Today, healthcare bills drill a giant-sized hole in pockets. In times of skyrocketing prices, herbal medicines serve as a much more ‘modest’ and pocket-friendly substitute. Since herbal medicines are contrived from wholly-natural ingredients that can be easily located, these medicines are much cheaper because they don’t have to be engineered in labs – nature has already engineered them for us!

  1. Bring balance

Herbal medicines usually take a holistic approach when treating illnesses. Very unlike contemporary medicines, herbal medicines bring balance to your body. All herbal treatment plans are in perfect harmony with your specific physical condition and needs.

  1. Bring positivity and autonomy

Whether you are dissatisfied with the modern medical system or simply want to be more in control of your health & body, herbal medicine provides you with freedom. Traditional healers teach their patients how to fight ailments, manage chronic health conditions, and accelerate the healing process. You will be able to see and feel the effects of herbal supplements once you are closely connected to your body.

Common herbs and their effects

Mentioned below are some common medicinal herbs, along with the goodness they pack for your body.

  • Chamomile – Used for anxiety and relaxation. Chamomile is also used to heal wounds and reduce inflammation. Moreover, it can be used on the skin to cure skin irritation instigated by radiation treatments.
  • Echinacea – Most commonly used to prevent flu, colds, and infections and to heal wounds.
  • Feverfew – Usually used to treat fevers, migraines, and arthritis.
  • Garlic – Packs cardioprotective, anticancer, antimicrobial, and anti-inflammatory properties. Garlic is also conducive to lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • Ginseng – Usually used as an aphrodisiac and tonic.
  • Saint John’s Wort – Used to combat the effects of depression.

Syoujin–the herbal spa of your dreams!

Syoujin spa

Syoujin prides itself on its ‘Craftsman Culture.’ Syoujin believes that true craftsmen are individuals that are on the constant lookout for innovative approaches to delivering top-notch services to their customers.

True craftsman doesn’t settle for mediocrity but always tries to look for ways in which they can improve. Other attributes that go along with a craftsman’s spirit are levels of zeal and enthusiasm that touch the zeniths of perfection.

The ‘Craftsman Culture’ is a quintessential amalgamation of traditional Chinese thoughts and the Japanese’s intricate workmanship.

At Syoujin Singapore, you get the best personnel to treat you only. Syoujin Singapore is the top choice when it comes to people’s health & wellness.

In its essence, Syoujin Singapore is a TCM Clinic and a facial & massage spa in Singapore that boasts a wide variety of herbal goods.

Are you going to get the recommended treatment from Syoujin? Here’s where you can indulge yourself and let your soul roam free in the ‘pleasure’ dimensions.

  • Foot Reflexology (60 minutes – $58)
  • Relaxing Body Massage (60 minutes – $90)
  • Japanese Hydrating Facial (75 minutes – $128)

Syoujin integrates the Japanese A-grade levels of craftsmanship and the know-how of traditional Chinese medicine to serve its guests in the best manner possible.

Let the professionals at Syoujin treat you like the royalty you are and rejuvenate your body, soul, and mind simultaneously in the process!

Here’s what you can get your hands on at Syoujin:

  • Facial
  • TCM treatment
  • Foot reflex
  • Herbal spa

Where can I find Syoujin in Singapore?

Syoujin has tons of branches in Singapore.

  • Chinatown Point – 133 New Bridge Rd, #B2-06, Singapore 059413
  • Funan Mall – 107 North Bridge Road, #B1-13 (S) 179105
  • Jurong Point – #B1-103 Jurong Point Shopping Centre, Singapore 648331
  • Northpoint City – 1 Northpoint Drive, #B1 – 167 (S) 768019
  • Parkway Parade – 80 Marine Parade Road, #03-02/03 (S) 449269
  • Plaza Singapura – 68 Orchard Road #03-27 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 238839
  • Raffles City – 252 North Bridge Road, #B2-16/17 Raffles City Shopping Centre Singapore 179103
  • SingPost Centre – 10 Eunos Road 8 #B1-142/143, (S) 408600
  • Suntec City – 3 Temasek Boulevard, East Wing, #02-498/499, Suntec City Mall, Singapore 038983
  • The Clementi Mall – 3155 Commonwealth Avenue West #05-10 (S) 129588
  • Tampines One – #04-02 Tampines One Mall, Singapore 529536
  • White Sands – 1 Pasir Ris Central Street 3 #04-15, Singapore 518457
  • Westgate – 3 Gateway Drive, #B1-13 (S) 608532

Syoujin x Atome – the duo of the decade!

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Here’s how you can pay for your treatment at Syoujin using Atome:

  • When checking out from Syoujin’s outlet, scan the QR code at the counter.
  • Sign in to your Atome account or create a new one – it’s free!
  • Pay 1/3 of the total bill mentioned on your invoice from Syoujin and pay the rest later.
  • That’s it – you’ve successfully split your bill!

Ending thoughts

Every person deserves a break from their hectic routines every once in a while. Moreover, it’s even advised to take a break every now and then to steer clear of possible burnout.

Have you decided to give yourself some royal treatment? Head over to Syoujin now and let the experts pamper you. Also, don’t forget to scan Atome’s QR code when leaving; your wallet deserves it!

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