Sweat from Home – Is A Virtual Fitness Studio Worth It?

by Starry

May 27 2021

Whether you are a fitness freak or simply looking to start your fitness journey, you might be wondering whether a virtual fitness studio would be the best option given these recent pandemic conditions. Being forced to stay home with little to do has undoubtedly taken a toll on both your physical and mental wellbeing.

So, why not make your own gym at home? Thanks to the ever-advancing technology, numerous everyday tasks have become a breeze. Several fitness apps, such as the bbounce studio app, have soared in popularity ever since the rise of Covid-19. Here’s why a personal fitness studio could be the remedy for boredom and the next best thing for you.

Accessibility and Ease

Why go through the hassle of buying overpriced gym equipment, looking for the perfect workout clothes, or worrying about travel costs? Not only are these tasks time-consuming, but they can also get tiring – working out shouldn’t be so difficult, now, should it? Just sit back, relax and play any bbounce studio video to get your favorite workout routine on! Workout in your pajamas; who cares, be comfortable.

Indecisive? Not a Problem!

If you usually have trouble picking what you want, you’ve come to the correct place. Anything is possible with an internet connection and the right app. Simply install the bbounce studio app and browse through all the different categories of workouts. Whether you are looking for something light or challenging, the bbounce studio app has got your back.

The smart algorithm helps in keeping track of your favorite workouts and recommends content based on your previously liked videos. This way, the next time you are looking for something to choose from, the bbounce studio app will choose it for you!


Don’t let the price aspect stop you; many virtual fitness apps are usually free of cost or require very little money. You can also try out a free trial on the bbounce studio app or check out their other free content. Or, simply make one bbounce studio account and join any membership. This could then be used by any of your family members, saving you money and extra trouble.

No Sneaky Eyes

If working out in front of other people feels uneasy, virtual fitness apps might be right up your alley! Get yourself a nice yoga mat, switch on any bbounce studio workout video of your choice and enjoy. Speaking of yoga mats, if you are looking to make a pocket-friendly purchase to revamp your humble at-home gym, check out Atome (pronounced A-Toe-Me), a website that brings you a new variety of affordable gyms equipment and much more. Browse through Atome’s user-friendly site to find the finest items and have them delivered safely to your doorstep in no time!

Time Is in Your Hands

Ever heard the phrase ‘time is money? Well, not anymore. When working out from home, you won’t have to worry about being on anybody’s time. Grab yourself a snack, take a little break from your workout or simply take a nap; you can exercise at any given time and place inside your humble abode. Be it early in the morning or late at night, using the bbounce studio app, you can now work with ease at your own pace. Your progress is yours only, and the bbounce studio app ensures to keep it that way.

Safety First

A virtual studio means you are away from any potential risks and hazards. A crowded gym, especially during a pandemic, sounds deadly… literally. There is nothing more relaxing than knowing that you can keep yourself safe and healthy in the comfort of your own home; not having to worry about wearing a mask or any other appropriate pandemic attire surely feels like pure bliss. This is also made possible with the bbounce studio app as it brings you new material every day, allowing you to stay not only fit but also safe.

No Restrictions

Do not think you are doomed to stick to your current workout; any time you feel like you are getting bored, you can always check out the plentiful of other options provided on the bbounce studio app. Simply switch back and forth between your preferred workouts without worry. In fact, do not be afraid to join multiple virtual workout classes; alternate between these whenever you want; however, you want.


Quit worrying whether your gym might get canceled due to the drastic weather conditions. Shed away your worries because no amount of rain or snow can stop you when your home is also your gym. You can replay any of your desired workout sessions on the bbounce studio app any time you want.

Boost Your Productivity

Something major that a virtual fitness studio could help in, especially if you have a home office, would be enhancing your productivity levels. Being burnt out from constantly sitting in front of a screen or failing to find your motivation can be a real bummer. But fear not because, with the bbounce studio app, you can tune into any easy workout of your liking and instantly improve your motivation and get back on track.

Master Your Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Covid-19 has swept the world by storm, and while trying to keep a hold of whatever normalcy there’s left, we’ve lost control over our mental and physical health. An absence of a gym shouldn’t hold you back though, with the bbounce studio app, you can keep your mental and physical health both in check. Look through the selections of quick and easy but also soothing workout routines that are sure to ease your mind, body, and soul. Take fifteen minutes out of your day to do a little cardio and meditation; it will work wonders on the overall state of your mental and physical health.

Fitness is so important in today’s day and age, especially ever since we have been confined to our homes. Keeping your body not only healthy but also fit can be a challenge due to multiple factors, be it your relationship with food, excessive screen time, and so on and so forth but don’t ever let that stop you from achieving your goals.

Create your personal fitness studio at home. Add your own touch by styling and designing it to your own liking. Get the rest of your family members to join in with you as a form of fun family activity. Let’s help one another in these trying times and remember, slow and steady wins the race.

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