Stay inspired while working from home

by Starry

May 08 2020

It’s day 32 of Circuit Breaker (right?), and if you’ve forgotten what public transportation is like during peak hours or even the simple joy of having a colleague talk about the latest celeb gossip while we try to rush out a report, we’re not here to remind you. Staying home means we’re picking up or strengthening different skills that we usually won’t have time to do so and we’re making the best of the situation the way we know how. We’ve picked up new skills, worked out more (can everyone do a handstand now??), sharpened our skills in the kitchen (lowkey expecting a pantry stuffed with banana bread when we head back to the office), and (maybe) caught up on all the shows on Netflix.

While working from home definitely has it’s benefits, it does have its drawbacks. If you’re suffering from a creative block while at home and are looking for ways to stay inspired, we’ve rounded up some creative and innovative products that can motivate you to think outside the box to create solutions.

This innovative gadget from SwitchBot is an all-in-1 smart automated device (controlled by your smartphone) that allows you to control electronics in your house. If you’ve always wanted a smart home but didn’t know where to start – this is perfect for you. It fits all switches, so you don’t have to make any big steps to accommodate this new machine! Filling your house with great products that help makes life easier reminds you to constantly push yourself to achieve creative solutions for everyday problems.

We The People: Sleep Magic – Smart Anti-Snoring Eye Mask

Sleep is essential for so many reasons – it allows us to recover and recharge. If you’re feeling extra unmotivated and uninspired, it might be time to get some quality sleep. But if you’re a light sleeper, and are in bed next to someone who has an unfortunate snoring problem, or if you’re the one that’s snoring, we’ve got the solution for you. This sleep mask from Sleep Magic is unlike most traditional anti-soring devices. The innovative mask is able to detect snoring by using its advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technology. It has 36 different levels of carefully calculate vibrations, which it identifies according to the intensity and severity of your snoring. After picking the most suitable level, it’ll send a signal to your brain to relax your throat muscles and open up your airways. The best part is that it happens while you’re asleep, so it does not interfere with your sleep at all. We The People: MOFT X - Invisible and Foldwaway Stand for Phone/Tablet

We The People: MOFT X – Invisible and Foldwaway Stand for Phone/Tablet

The MOFT X is basically an invisible foldaway stand for your phone, tablet and laptop. We know, there’s so many options out there but we honestly love this creative solution for everyday problems. The MOFT X can stand almost vertically, so you can prop your phone up while working and be in tune with any updates or calls. It can also laid down on it’s side, which is perfect for movies, or following YouTube cooking tutorials while in the kitchen. The thing that stood out was that it’s paper-thin (it’s only 5mm!!) so it’s definitely not bulky, and it can hold up to three cards (it comes with RFID protection so you can be assured that your cards are safe). If you’re clumsy, you can also use it as a phone grip.

Natural Living Products: Bye Bye Headache

Sometimes when we lose inspiration, we tend to beat ourselves up mentally, draining even more of our creativity and even causing a headache. Curio Elixier’s No24 Bye Bye Headache helps you to sooth you mind and soul. Made with essential oils, practitioners believe that inhaling these aromas can relieve your headache, stress and improve your focus. Take a step back and slow down, it’s vital to have some time alone to detox and re-energise.

The Techanic: Razer Cynosa Chroma Multi-colour Gaming Keyboard

From time to time, we just need a change of environment to help with our unimaginative episodes. Some roadblocks in our creative process can stem from being in a dull environment. Our surroundings play a crucial role in helping us remain inspired and motivated. Small changes like lighting a candle, or brightening up your room with a colourful mug can help jumpstart your mind. If you’re looking for something functional too, you can check out this multi-colour keyboard that will sure keep you inspired! It has a spill-resistant design and you can play around with the colours – imagine all the different ways you can customise your computer!

The Techanic: MSI Optix Mag241C 24″ Monitor

If you’re missing your big screen at the office, you’re not alone. The benefits of having a large monitor are endless. It’s easier on the eyes as you no longer have to strain to see what’s on the screen, and it can also increase productivity, as some tasks are just completed faster when done on a larger screen. It never hurts to have two screens to help you during your work, where you can look up creative ideas on the large to inspire you.

Looking at innovative products can help you get those creative juices flowing. If you’re feeling stuck in a rut, pause and step away from work for a minute. It’s always helpful to spend some time reading and researching ideas outside of your own, which might trigger a brillant idea of your own.

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