Singapore Chinese Wedding

by Starry

Sep 02 2021

Weddings are important no matter wherever you are from. It’s the most important day in the bride and the bridegroom’s lives. It defines a change in their lives. It closes one chapter of their lives and opens a new chapter that defines maturity, responsibility, and adulthood. Wedding traditions and customs vary from religion to religion and culture to culture. Chinese wedding traditions are also different in various regions of China.

A wedding can be defined as a union of two people who vow to love, trust and help each other through both easy and tough times. This ceremony marks the start of a new journey. This is why weddings are important. No matter what ethnicity you belong to, the basics remain the same. A new household, new roles, new responsibilities. 

Chinese Weddings

Chinese weddings are lavish affairs and are not just centered on the happy couple but engulf the families on both sides. For Chinese people, weddings are a celebration marked with symbolic rituals and traditions focused on prosperity. Families and friends are an important aspect of the entire wedding. There are so many traditions to be followed that a traditional wedding might as well take a whole day to complete.

The Chinese Wedding Shop

Founded in 2009, The Chinese Wedding Shop has been promoting traditional and cultural wedding customs worldwide. It is not easy to plan a Chinese wedding. It involves a lot of coordination amongst both families. The customs on both sides need to be respected and incorporated in the wedding ceremony, which is why it becomes a little difficult to plan, especially if you live abroad.

Even though the world has advanced and many values have changed, people still like to root themselves in their ancestors. They believe that following the old customs would bring the blessings of their ancestors.

The Chinese Wedding Shop provides these services to the Chinese people living away to prepare the wedding celebrations by coordinating and arranging all the ceremony-related props required. They have dedicated themselves to helping people who want to preserve and promote Chinese customs. They currently have five outlets in Singapore and are now a trusted name amongst those who want their Chinese weddings to be celebrated with all the fanfare. The team at the shop is dedicated to serving the various Chinese dialects groups in Singapore by securing the different Chinese wedding related items from different parts of the world to get the best craftsmanship with a modern twist so that the overall look of the wedding is not just customary but resonates with the current modern life as well. Now, you can enjoy your Singapore Chinese wedding.

Guo Da Li

Guo Da Li or the Chinese Betrothal Ceremony is an important occasion. It is the day when both the families meet formally to agree to the marriage of the couple. It is part of the wedding ritual in Chinese tradition known as Three Letters, Six Etiquettes. During the ceremony, an elder female family member from the groom’s family presents the bride’s family with gifts that symbolize prosperity and fertility. This occasion is extremely important since it expresses the groom’s sincerity towards the bride and is taken as a promise from him to look after and value her.

The gifts given are specific items that differ from one dialect group to another. Hence taking care is important, and that’s from where the responsibility of the Chinese Wedding Shop starts. They prepare these baskets for you so that you are blessed with prosperity right from the beginning. This ceremony is important and should be part of your Singapore Chinese wedding.


Hui Li is the returning of these gifts. The bride’s family returns the gesture of the groom’s family. Again, this occasion is important as this occasion symbolizes the sincerity of the bride, so again this calls for extreme care over the gifts given. The items are specific, and the Wedding Shop takes care of all the details.

Dowry Package

A dowry is a gift from the parents to their daughter. It includes some specific items like tea and bowl sets. It represents the love for their daughter and prayers for a blessed life. We won’t want you to leave it out for your Singapore Chinese wedding.

An Chuang

It is the bed-setting Set and is a Chinese wedding customary practice that is practiced one to seven days before the wedding. It celebrates the couple’s happy and prosperous life with good health and healthy children.

Shang Tu

This is the hair-combing custom, being practiced for centuries. It symbolizes the bride’s and groom’s transition into adulthood and a prospering future.

ATOME And Your Singapore Chinese Wedding

Weddings are important. They mark the beginning of a new life and should be celebrated in line with our traditional values and customs. They should be blessed with our elders’ prayers, so no matter where you are, your wedding should be held the way you want it to. The Chinese Wedding Shop is dedicated to letting their Chinese couple celebrate their weddings with the customary traditional fanfare. They arrange for all the traditional grains that make the weddings packages different from other packages.

A wedding is the biggest day of your life. So, if you are worried about your finances, then worry no more. If The Chinese Wedding Shop helps you to arrange the perfect wedding for you, then ATOME will help you arrange this wedding financially. If you buy your wedding packages through ATOME, then your due amount will be broken up into three equal installments that you are liable to pay monthly starting from the day of your purchase. In other words, you shall pay just a third of the amount due at the time of purchase. This should ease your financial burden as this service is interest-free and comes with no hidden charges. A wedding is the most important day of your life, enjoy it.

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