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by Starry

Sep 03 2021

For the last 140 years, the Eu Yan Sang products are known to empower the living quality of humanity. The concept of Eu Yan Sang is based on traditional Chinese medicine knowledge.

History of Eu Yan Sang:

The Eu Yan Sang was founded by Eu Kong and initially started in Malaysia. It came into being in 1873 when the owner left his hometown and reached Malaysia, intending to help the coolies. The aim was to set them free from physical sufferings with Chinese herbs and medicines. From there, the founder gathered the courage to come up with the Eu Yan Sang products. 

The founder of the Eu Yan Sang opened the first shop in 1879 in Gopeng, Perak. It was named ‘Yan Sang’. In the Chinese language, it means ‘caring for mankind.’ 

Later the Chinese medicine business was extended to Singapore and Malaya, with the endless efforts of Eu Tong Sen- the only son of Eu Kong. Today, it is known globally, and the Eu Yan Sang products are equally famous among people of other origins. It is now listed on the Singapore Exchange as Eu Yan Sang International Limited since July 2000.

Core Values of Eu Yan Sang:

The business value the health of humankind. Throughout the years, the care for humankind and the quality of the Eu Yan Sang products remained unchanged. 

Product categories of Eu Yan Sang:

The business has more than 900 products under the umbrella of Eu Yan Sang products. These products are available for men, women, and children. 

Eu Yan Sang products are not confined to medicines only. The customers can enjoy various dietary supplements, health foods, beverages, packaged tonic soups, and personal care products. 

The Eu Yan Sang products consist of over 1000 multiple kinds of Chinese herbs and provide the best Chinese medicine to its customers worldwide.

Best-selling products:

The bestselling products of the business are Eu Yan Sang’s Bottled Bird’s Nest (works for general health), Lingzhi Cracked Spores Capsules (this supplement boosts the immune system), Hou Ning Powder (gives relief from coughs), and Essence of Chicken (to replenish energy and nourish blood).

How can you buy Eu Yan San Products?

The Eu Yan Sang products are available at the retail outlets of the business. However, a customer can also place an order online from the official business website.

Currently, the business delivers to these countries: India, Switzerland, Germany, France, Indonesia, Japan, UAE, USA, and Australia. 

The delivery period for each country is different and depends on the country’s customs rules and regulations. Also, the business is not responsible for the customs and duties fees upon arrival at the destination country. It is wise to collect all the relevant information from the customs office first before placing an order for Eu Yan Sang Products.

Why shop Eu Yan Sang Products through ATOME?

ATOME is the perfect digital platform for buying the Eu Yan Sang Products through easy installment plans. ATOME does not charge any interest, and there are zero hidden charges. It aims to make online shopping easy for savvy customers who are short with a budget.

With zero interest rates and no hidden charges, this makes Atome one of the most used digital buying platforms in Singapore and other countries. People across the globe trust the platform for getting the highest quality products of their favorite brands with easy monthly installments.

How to shop for Eu Yan Sang with ATOME?

You can easily shop your required Eu Yan Sang products at ATOME. You want to buy Chinese medicine or dietary supplements, and beauty products, visit the website to order today and pay later. 

  • While buying from this platform, you have to select ATOME as the payment method at the time of checkout. 
  • If you have an ATOME account, well and good. Just provide the required information and proceed with the first payment. You have to pay only one 3rd of the first payment. 

If you are new to ATOME and do not have an account, follow these steps to proceed.  

  • Provide your required personal information and other banking credentials. You will get approval for your account within few minutes. 
  • The other two payments are made later over two months. Each payment comes after 30 days.

You can buy your desired Eu Yan Sang products and pay through easy installment plans with the above simple steps. It means a limited budget is no more a hurdle when buying your needed and favorite items. 

Our Verdict

Eu Yan Sang products are liked across the globe. The business aims to provide high-quality Chinese medicines and other products, including dietary supplements or beauty & personal care products, to humankind and let them live healthy and longer lives. Eu Yan Sang products are available at the retail business outlets. However, you can also purchase them online. If you are on a tight budget, Atome provides a buy now pay later model where you can purchase items through easy, interest-free monthly payments.

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