Shop and Pay Later for Incredible Products at Sephora Spring Discount 2021

by Starry

Apr 14 2021

There are numerous incredible products valuable to buy during Sephora Spring discount 2021—-If you love those products then Own them by paying through Atome Payment Gateway with an easy- peasy installment facility

Atome is a fintech company with the motto, “buy now and pay later”. Its vision is to facilitate tech-savvy consumers buying mechanism. Its services are easily accessible for consumers who have a residence in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and mainland China. It has partnered with more than 2000 credible, offline, online, local and international merchandises. Sephora is one of its prominent partners and it primarily works as a conglomerate retailer of personal and beauty products. It gives a versatile range of products including skincare, cosmetics, body and bath, fragrances, beauty tools and brushes, body lotions, hair care and gifts selection option. Atome has collaborated with Sephora to give Singaporeans an amazing and super safe opportunity to buy their favourite products related to beauty or lifestyle instantly without bothering about how much money they have in their pockets. Because Atome believes in empowering buyers to make purchases of products and services within a go.

Sephora dicount 2021

Sephora discount 2021 is a spring saving event. This discount event brings in a chance for every customer to buy their favourite products at a discount rate with a free shipping incentive. This exclusive event is designed to celebrate and create equality among the diverse customers of Sephora. Some of the main exciting discount schemes are stated below:

  • 4/9 – 19 Rouge Access: 20% off 
  • 4/13 – 19 VIB Access: 15% off 
  • 4/15 – 19 Insider Access: 10% off 

For VIB purchase, get a free shipping opportunity over an order which costs $35+ and for Insider Access get a sensational free shipping opportunity over an order which costs $50+. You can use this Singapore discount code OMGSPRING unlimited times in order to get a discount. Atome also promises to give you 12% exceptional off*, if you pay for products worth more than $80 at Sephora through Atome.

Nine Amazing Pickups of Sephora Discount sale

Some of the discount products have enough worth to be purchased. As they can add value to your daily life. So, the magnificent pickups of Sephora discount sale are joked down below:

1) Wishful-Clean Genie Cleansing butter

If you have normal or dry skin, then this product is going to do magic on your skin. It contains a smooth texture of butter which gives your skin a glow and rinses off smoothly. Its super effective formula does not irritate your eyes or cause any rash. It readily emulsifies with water. And most importantly, it barely costs $35.

2) Paula’s Choice-Perfectly Balanced Foaming Cleanser

It is a cleanser with creamy and milky leather. Its Ph is 6 which makes this product safe for you. Its cost is a mere $19.

3) Farmacy-Filling Good

It is a plumping serum. It hydrates your skin and it has hyaluronic acid. It has a mixture of honey, propolis and royal jelly. It reduces ageing signs. It barely costs $44.

4) dr. Brandt- Liquid Sunshield:

It contains broad-spectrum SPF 50. It is easily blendable. It will give your extra protection from sun burn. It costs $65. 

5) Murad-Hydrodynamic Ultimate Moisturizer

It is another amazing product. This moisturizer’s texture is rich with immense silkiness and texture. It has very soothing ingredients like urea, allantoin and oat kernel extract. It costs $75.

6) Westman Atelier-Vital Skin Foundation Skin

It is extremely elegant with its extraordinary blending ability. It conceals your problematic areas finely and reduces your fine lines. It costs $68.

7) Laniege – Lip Treatment Balm

It comes in a very attractive and useful packaging. This lip balm is as lush as any sleeping mask. There is coconut oil in it. It has a shiny texture and a glossy appearance with a slight sparkle. Its cost is $35.

8) Westman Atelier-Vital Skin Foundation Stick

It works as virtuous as butter on your skin. It also works as a concealer and gives your skin a nature and blended coverage. It costs $68.

9) Ilia-Colour Haze

It has a very natural pigment and blends hell well. It works as a tint on your cheeks and lips. It costs $32.

How to pay at Sephora discount 2021 using Atome payment option?

The following are the requirements for setting in your account at Atome:

  • Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and mainland China’s residence  
  • Minimum age should be 18 years

If you fulfil these requirements then you can set up your account and are good to go with Atome payment gateway. 

When you will buy your favourite products at Sephora then proceed to the payment option for in stores, online and for in-app orders. There you will see ample options for example Sephora visa payment, debit card payment, atome payment gateway and many others. You have to Atome payment method which will redirect you to Atome website. You have to log in to your account and confirm your order. You will pay and get ownership of that product. If you don’t have enough money in your account, Atome gives you a payment solution. It gives you an installment option. When Atome pays on your behalf then you will have to pay that money in three easy installments.  


For buyers, buying experience matters a lot. If want to have a quick, easy and wonderful buying experience at Sephora or at any other merchandize. Then choose Atome financial gateway to make the purchase instantly without bothering about your money issues. Atome charges guaranteed zero percent interest rate. We will divide the cash payment into three reliable installments. And you can buy whatever you want.

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