Bespoke Your Home with Samsung Refrigerators

by jiatongma

Jul 20 2022

Refrigerators are among the top ten essential home appliances, and Samsung Singapore knows the formula for the perfect ones! I remember how frequently our refrigerator used to break down until my mother decided to invest in a Samsung model. 

I am pretty sure you can picture the stressful circumstances that follow a malfunctioning refrigerator. The quest to save all the leftovers from going bad, the melting ice, condiments and jars taking up the kitchen counter, and hasty calls to the electrician, it is a disaster. Fortunately, our 2-door Samsung refrigerator has really helped us avoid the chaos. 

Not just refrigerators but every electronic device or appliance from Samsung are durable and of high-quality. In present times, people look for so much more in a fridge; keeping food fresh doesn’t cut it anymore. Refrigerators need to be sleek, fitted with smart technology, and have specific compartments for different foods. They should be big enough, and water and ice dispensers are a must too. Samsung refrigerators have kept up with the new requirements and trends. Read along to find out more!

Refrigerator models by Samsung

  • Family Hub™
  • Multi Door
  • Side by Side 
  • Top Mount Freezer
  • Bottom Mount Freezer
  • One Door

Family Hub™, 549L, Energy Rating 2 Ticks

This particular model is a 4-door refrigerator from Samsung’s Family Hub™ series, and it comes with mind-blowing innovations. This model has been developed around three main aspects: Family, Entertainment, and Food AI. The Family Board ensures that you stay connected to your loved ones via handwritten notes, video clips, pictures, and drawings. You get to experience the same nostalgia of using magnets to stick notes to your fridge. The built-in Calendar helps you with scheduling and planning family events. The SmartView technology lets you mirror your smartphone or Smart TV onto the Family Hub screen so that you can cook and be entertained simultaneously. You can also access the internet and so much more. Food AI offers several features that prevent wastage and provide other benefits. View Inside lets you view your fridge’s contents on its home screen or a smartphone, the Meal Planner application suggests recipes based on ingredients present in your refrigerator, and the Shopping List app syncs your grocery list to your smartphone. 

SpaceMax™ Side by Side, 647L, Energy Rating 3 Ticks

This sleek and energy-efficient 2-door refrigerator by Samsung is everything your home needs. The one-of-a-kind SpaceMax™ technology ensures that you never run out of space to store your edibles. The walls are designed to be thinner so that the insides are more spacious without making the body too chunky. Don’t worry; the walls maintain optimum insulation to keep the contents fresh at all times. It is fitted with Samsung’s novel Digital Inverter Compressor that alters its speed depending on the required cooling; this, in turn, saves electricity and creates less noise. This particular model comes with a warranty of 10 years.

All-Around Cooling 1-Door Freezer, 315L

If you have been looking for a single-door Samsung refrigerator that has a capacity of over 220 liters and is affordable, then this is the one. This inventive model boasts a Cabinet Fit design to ensure that it doesn’t look too bulky in your kitchen. However, the interior is spacious enough to store all the essentials and help keep them organized. This fridge will save you from rummaging around aimlessly. The All-Around Cooling feature keeps every corner of the refrigerator equally cooled, while the No Frost technology prevents ice from building up. The Power Cool and Power Freeze chill and freeze your foods and drinks at the press of a button, keeping you from waiting for long hours. 

BESPOKE Bottom Mount Freezer with Customisable Design, 328L, Energy Rating 2 Ticks

You can now design a fridge to your liking! The BESPOKE refrigerators by Samsung will bring your kitchen to life with their colorful appearance and custom exteriors. You can choose a 1-Door Fridge, Bottom Mount Freezer or even a 4-Door Flex and combine it with individual BESPOKE units for a fridge that fits your criteria. You also have the freedom to select the color of the panels and the finish. Isn’t that wonderful? The BESPOKE refrigerators will be perfect if you are done with the old black and gray conventional designs.

Make sure to visit Samsung Singapore’s website to discover their immense collection of revolutionary refrigerators.

Customer care services offered by Samsung

After the purchase is made, Samsung will cater to all your queries pertaining to its products. 

24/7 In-Home assistance

You no longer have to lug around overweight appliances to repair stores. You can book an appointment with Samsung Singapore’s technical team to have them come over and repair your refrigerator or other home appliances. This can be done throughout the week during the hours specified on their website. 

Samsung Service Tracker

You can use this facility to track the location of the Customer Service Engineer you have an appointment with. The tracker lets you know their ETA and enables you to contact them directly. 


Your Samsung refrigerator comes with a warranty period of 24 months, and it covers labor, parts, and transport. The extensive duration ensures that you are completely satisfied with the performance of your fridge. 

Samsung x Atome

Purchasing a Samsung fridge doesn’t solely get you a great appliance; it also gives you access to a pocket-friendly payment method, all thanks to the brand’s partnership with Atome.

Atome is a modern-day application that makes most consumer goods and services accessible to everyone, no matter the price. When you choose to pay with Atome, the total bill is split into three parts that are supposed to be paid at intervals. The application doesn’t charge any interest or additional fee. 

This novel application is affiliated with multiple local and international brands, which means that you can use it to shop for most products and services. The best part is most partner brands have exclusive deals and discounts for Atome shoppers. You can avail yourself of a discount worth $10 or more on the first Samsung purchase made with Atome. 

To get started, download the Atome app (get it here) and sign up by creating an account. You will have the user-friendly app running in no time. It can also be downloaded from Google Play Store and App Store.

First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!
First Order Up To $10 Off! Download Atome!

How to pay with Atome

You can use the program to pay at physical and online stores, depending on your preferred mode of shopping.

  • Add your favorite refrigerator to the cart.
  • At the checkout, choose Atome to pay for the appliance.
  • Log in to your Atome account or create a new one.
  • Enter the total amount and apply the available discount code.
  • Review the payment schedule.
  • Make the first payment on the spot to have the fridge shipped.
  • The app will automatically charge the other two payments to the credit or debit card linked to your Atome account.

Every home needs a refrigerator to enjoy fresh food and drinks for a longer time. Unfortunately, the one-size-fits-all formula doesn’t apply to refrigerators as everyone has varying needs. Apart from that, you need an appliance that will stand the test of time which is precisely why Samsung refrigerators have been most people’s go-to choice for over fifty years. Furnish your kitchen with the best and invest in a Samsung refrigerator of your choice. Make sure to use Atome for an efficient payment plan!

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