A rich and good cake shop in Singapore

by Starry

Feb 11 2022

Where to find a rich and good cake shop in Singapore? From celebrating birthdays to anniversaries and other key events, cakes are the life of a particular event. Without cakes, events look somber, and it’s particularly frustrating and challenging for people with a sweet tooth and knack for cakes and goodness. Times like this call for sweet goodness from some of the best rich and good cake shops, and your best bet would be to choose ZEE & ELLE for your festivities.

If you’ve been on the lookout for cake shops in Singapore that bake the best cakes with the right amount of aesthetics and deliciousness, we suggest you give ZEE & ELLE a try! It has cakes for every kind of person, and a person can simply not adore cakes from ZEE & ELLE.

In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the delicacies and luxuries prepared by ZEE & ELLE and how you can celebrate your event with the right amount of fancy with ZEE & ELLE. Is your mouth watering already? Wait till you actually eyeball ZEE & ELLE cakes – the best cake shop in all of Singapore!

A rich and good cake shop – ZEE & ELLE (your kindred spirits)

If you’ve hit google with a ‘cake shop near me’ search and ZEE & ELLE popped in your results, you’re born with a lucky star, and all your stars have aligned on this particular, beautiful day!

ZEE & ELLE prides itself in its wonderful variety of gorgeous and piquant cakes. ZEE & ELLE is the literal definition of cake perfection and just what you need to add fireworks and sweet confetti to your festive extravaganzas.

Now, let’s look at some of the cakes offered by the best cake shop in Singapore (yes, we are talking about ZEE & ELLE).

Raspberry Honey Yogurt Mini Cake

The raspberry yogurt mini cake from ZEE & ELLE is a quintessential coalescence of tart and sweet flavors. This cake is 4-inch in diameter, and it is one from the mini cakes’ variety of ZEE & ELLE. In this cake from the best cake shop in Singapore, you’ll find a velvety vanilla sponge that is layered with wee bits of raspberries, honey cream, yogurt cream & crumble.

Doesn’t this cake radiate a luscious illumination? Buy it from ZEE & ELLE now!

Melon Lychee

If you’re a fan of fruity flavors, then this cake from the best rich and good cake shop in Singapore is specially made for you! It flaunts a velvety rock-melon sponge that is layered with fresh-from-the-farm lychee and melon bits, and soft melon cream, making it a dream come true for fruity-flavor aficionados.

Secret Garden Mini Cake 

Another one of ZEE & ELLE cake shop’s mini cakes (4-inch) secret garden mini cake is specially made for people who consider themselves the friends of nature and want a garden-y escape on their events. The velvety sponge is embellished with gorgeous dried florals (edible) and fragile chamomile flowers, making this cake a flowery dream for everyone!

Mixed Berries Botanical Cake (SUGAR-FREE)

If you’re a berry-lover, then this freshly made cake from the cake shop is simply yours to devour. This mixed berries botanical cake can be even crammed down by people who have diabetes or are extremely sugar-conscious as this cake is sugar-free. Instead of sugar, this cake shop in Singapore uses monk fruit sweetener as a substitute that has zero carbs and calories.

The cake features a coconut raspberry sponge that is layered with mixed berries cream cheese fillings and is topped with dried strawberries and fresh blueberries.

Get this cake now from ZEE & ELLE now and get a taste of its piquancy!

Intel on ZEE & ELLE

If you’ve never heard of ZEE & ELLE before, then let us break it for you.

ZEE & ELLE is one of the best cake shops in Singapore that prides itself on its exquisite cakes that bring you close to nature through their intense aesthetics. It also prepares desserts, dessert boxes, and bundles of a variety of its makings if you’re a fan of assortments.

ZEE & ELLE takes the inspiration of its cakes from the iridescent glow of the ocean, the sweet hum of the forest, the crackle of dried leaves, and everything that’s connected to nature one way or another.

All of the cake shop’s cakes are meticulously prepared in their studios, and the filling and curds are made from top-quality, fresh ingredients.

Moreover, ZEE & ELLE is a partner of the Atome app and is listed as one of its merchants. This means you can purchase a cake from this cake shop in Singapore right now, and you have three months to make the full payment!

What is Atome?

Atome is a ‘purchase now, pay after some time’ application (get the app) that offers you flexible payment options if you make a transaction from any of its merchants. Other than ZEE & ELLE, Atome has more than 5,000 other merchants and Atome is currently headquartered in Singapore. Moreover, Atome operates in more than nine regions worldwide.

While making payments using the Atome app, there is no interest cost to worry about, and you have three months to pay your total bill. Atome is flexible and helps you manage your finances seamlessly.

Here’s how you can make the payment using Atome:

  1. While checking out from the cake shop, choose Atome as your payment method.
  2. Enter your Atome details when redirected.
  3. Pay some one-third of the total invoice, and pay the rest later.

Learn more about Atome at: https://www.atome.sg/.


If you’re looking for one of the best rich and good cake shops in Singapore, with ZEE & ELLE, you’ve just hit the jackpot. ZEE & ELLE makes the best cakes in Singapore, and that’s a fact!

So, don’t wait! Buy a cake from ZEE & ELLE now and add flair to your festivities. Also, don’t forget to use the Atome app to pay the bill; your wallet deserves that!

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