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Feb 01 2023

A watch should highlight and bring forth your greatest qualities. It ought to have a timer. Unfortunately, in the realms of women’s watches, one of these frequently takes precedence over the other. Olivia Burton Singapore creates stylish wristwatches suitable for both informal and formal settings. They are feminine, elegant, and sophisticated. All are gorgeous, real, and all glitter with Olivia Burton’s brilliance.

These items, inspired by nature, give animal and landscape photographs life and have helped the company gain 297k Instagram followers and more than 204k Media followers. They frequently receive accolades from the press as one of the top watch brands in the world, including from publications like Marie Claire, Newsweek, MSN, and the TNY Post. Olivia burton watches in Singapore are all you need in life!

Mini dial watches of Olivia Burton

Following listed are all the mini dial best sellers of Olivia Burton in Singapore:

  1. Classics 23mm Teal & Silver Mesh Watch

The Classic Mini Dial is an effortlessly charming design that exudes peace and tranquility. Luxurious crystal markers on the teal radiance dial are embellished, casting gentle waves of color as you move. It’s the ideal piece for building up your wrist because it is finished with a traditional silver mesh strap. What’s not to love about delicate, peaceful, and chic?

  1. Classics 23mm Green & Gold Mesh Watch

Elegant and effortless, evoking the luxury of vintage Hollywood glitz. Mother of pearl was used to create the emerald-green dial, which has infinite shades of color and makes each watch unique. This item is as classic as they come and is embellished with opulent crystal markings and complementary gold plating. Hands down, the best Olivia burton Singapore piece!

  1. Classics 23mm Blue & Silver Bracelet Watch

This tiny Classic embodies the carefree elegance lost to earlier decades, making it the daily symbol you’ve been dreaming of. It has a delicate mother of pearls dial with opulent crystal markings that are pale blue. Perfect for people who want a soft gloss and a slight flash of color. This item is a real classic that comes with a luxurious bracelet strap in silver. Go timeless and chic with Olivia burton Singapore!

  1. Lucky Bee 23mm Grey & Rose Gold Mesh Watch & Bee Bracelet Gift Set

This adorable gift set is ideal for wishing someone special luck and sending them good energy. The brand-new small Lucky Bee watch features a two-tone bouclé mesh band and a subdued grey face. It matches another new customer favorite, the two-strand bracelet, with the company’s distinctive new bee. The fashionable bobble chain with grey enamel is the ideal stacking accessory. Olivia Burton watches are a must to have!

  1. Lucky Bee Rectangular Burgundy & Rose Gold Mesh Watch

This Lucky Bee watch offers a traditional style with those crucial modern accents. It is sleek and luxurious. The rich, cherry sunray finish on the tiny rectangular dial catches the lighting as you walk. This royal design matches the brand’s jewel-toned jewelry items wonderfully and features a matching mesh strap, and a rose gold bee pattern. Visit Olivia Burton Singapore and buy yourself this piece!

  1. Classics 23mm White & Gold Mesh Watch & Interlink & Pearl Bracelet Gift Set

The solution to all of your stacking woes? The set is the Traditional Mini Stacking Set. The perfect trifecta for stacking those wrists has been made with bright pearl finishes, glistening golds, and textured metals. The little watch features a stylish mesh band, a traditional mother-of-pearl dial, and crystal hour markings. She combines beautifully with Classic Pearl Dot and Classic Interlink bracelets, resting daintily on the wrist. This combination is elegant and stylish for individuals who want a minimum stack with maximum sparkle.

  1. Classics 23mm White & Rose Gold Mesh Watch

This delicate 23mm tiny dial is as elegant as they come, little yet with a big impression. Under precisely cut crystal markers, a traditional mother-of-pearl face shimmers and glows. This little jewel is the ideal accessory to amp up your everyday look because of its chic rosy gold-toned mesh straps and dazzling case. Add the Mismatch T-Bar bracelets to your stack for a perfectly layered effect. Olivia Burton Singapore will never disappoint you!

  1. Olivia Burton Watches Pale Blue Mother Of Pearl Butterflies & Faux Pearl Midi Dial Silver Mesh

You will sparkle in this Blue Mother of Pearl Butterflies article, much like the actual Morpho butterfly. This watch mimics true movement by catching light and attention with its mother-of-pearl butterflies, small pearls, and tiny jewels. The graded sapphire dial and blue butterfly look stunning against the metal case and silver mesh strap. It has a circular face. For $140, you may fly into this lovely watch.

What is Olivia Burton?

Olivia Burton Singapore is an accessory company that was founded on a passion for business and a love of design. The accessory company, which has a retro aesthetic, focuses on making gorgeous, distinctive timepieces. Each watch is meticulously crafted with exquisite hand illustrations, lovely allusions to nature, and must-have color schemes.

Two young women immediately realized they would become great friends when they first met at the London School of Fashion. It goes without saying that they both had a passion for fashion but also discovered that they both liked women’s timepieces.

They both had trouble locating any that were both fashionable and useful. Both women developed a taste for fashion but remained aware of what the market lacked.

Jemma Fennings and Lessa Bennett began creating watches in their kitchen in 2011, and in 2012 they unveiled the Olivia Burton’s Watch collection. It bears the name of a great aunt of one of the ladies. The company quickly outgrew the kitchen counter and relocated to a studio. Since then, Olivia Burton Watches have expanded to be offered in department shops and watch boutiques worldwide.

Let’s look at some of this company’s features before discussing some of the bestselling watches in my Olivia Burton Singapore Watch reviews below.

  • Financing is offered, along with gorgeous, distinctive, and classic timepieces
  • Water-resistant, several designs for every event, and a two-year warranty
  • dazzling and sparkling additions

What is Olivia Burton famous for?

Except for a tiny number of Olivia Burrton Jewelry consumers on Trustpilot, this brand received overwhelmingly positive ratings around the internet. Many people wrote that they had begun collecting these watches. Their feminine creations are striking and inject a little shine into every woman’s life, whether or not the natural world inspires them.

Given that these are accessories for daily wear, their cost is fair and considerably less than comparable designer brands. You’ll quickly obtain your money’s worth if you consider the cost per use. All the timepieces are gorgeous, refined, beautiful, and one-of-a-kind, especially the designs inspired by nature.

Any lady seeking a distinctive and useful watch should choose an Olivia Burton watch. Images on these items include both landscapes and animals. Additionally, they contain items that are solid in color yet stand out for whatever reason, such as accent colors or glittering jewels. Their timepieces are all elegant and useful.

Timeless but yet ageless are Olivia Burton Singapore watches. Whether a young person wants eye-catching graphics or a plain hue, these timepieces exude elegance and style. The brand best suits ladies who like their wristwatch to be an aesthetic piece rather than an exclamation point. These watches are ideal for women who wish to dress up their appearance with a little glitter but not excessive brightness.

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