Say No to Air-pollutants with Novita Air Purifier

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Feb 07 2023

Novita promises you a clean and healthy environment with its head-fast technology of air purifiers and other appliances! Novita Singapore is there to serve you!

What is the quality of the air we breathe?

78% of the air we breathe is nitrogen, 21% is oxygen, and other gases like carbon dioxide and hydrogen are also present. The number of foreign compounds in the air produced by factories, domestic cooking and heating, agriculture, and vehicles, determine the air quality. As a result, the air quality is better the less pollution there is in the air that we breathe. Important pollutants include particulate matter, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen, carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, ground-level ozone, and volatile organic compounds. Avoid inhaling these compounds by purchasing a Novita air purifier!

What harm does breathing polluted air cause?

Urban air pollution, which kills 7 million people worldwide each year, is a significant natural risk to health, as stated by the World Health Organization. It costs the global economy more than $5 trillion annually and is the second-leading cause of strokes, lung cancer, heart disease, and acute and chronic respiratory disorders. Reduce the risk of health issues with Novita by purchasing a Novita air purifier!

Climate change is also brought on by air pollution. 64% of artificial global climate change is caused by carbon dioxide produced by the exploitation and combustion of fossil fuels. Compounds include methane (CH4), ground-level ozone, and black carbon (BC), which is a constituent of particulate matter, and are further contributors (O3).

Finally, poor air quality also has negative effects on the economy. The World Bank estimates that in 2013, the cost of welfare losses from early deaths caused by air pollution exceeded US$5 trillion. $225 trillion in lost wages and salaries is included in this. Additionally, the Economic forum Development and Cooperation (OECD) estimates that the cost of healthcare related to air pollution was 21 billion dollars and will increase to US$176 billion annually by 2060. Avoid expenditure on health and invest in Novita air purifiers today!

What is the harm of long-term breathing polluted air?

The respiratory center activates our respiratory muscles, a region of the brain that governs breathing automatically, roughly 20,000 times daily, bartering 500 milliliters of oxygen with every breath. As a result, the typical adult filters about 10,000 liters of airflow daily. Novita can be your savior in the process of safe healthcare!

The air that we breathe in is not pure, which may cause health issues for some. Among other things, ambient (or outdoors) air contains invisible and visible particles, chemicals, and microorganisms. Our bodies have evolved to deal with a few of these pollutants. The respiratory tract serves as a biological air filter from the mouth and noses down to the different tubes that convey air to our lungs, which are the organs in charge of eliminating carbon dioxide and supplying oxygen to our bodies. However, even with this filter system, several ‘air pollution-causing particles and gases get into our lungs. About time you get a Novita air purifier for you and your loved ones!

Polluted air can negatively affect healthy persons, including respiratory discomfort or breathing issues while exercising or engaging in outdoor activities. The actual risk of negative consequences is based on your current state of health, the kind and concentration of pollutants, and the amount of time you were exposed to the contaminated air.

High levels of air pollution can result in several urgent health issues, such as:

  • Worsened respiratory and cardiovascular conditions
  • Increased stress on the heart and organs, which must work hard to provide the body with enough oxygen
  • Bronchitis, asthma, pneumonia, and perhaps cancer can all develop due to prolonged exposure to filthy air, which can also hasten the aging of the lungs and shorten life expectancy.

Purchase Novita products for your family now! Hands down the best air purifier!

Are air purifiers effective for cleaning the air?

An air purifier makes some alluring promises: a device made to purify the air in your house by eliminating all impurities like smells, smoking, dust, and pet dander. We understand this because the levels of some contaminants in indoor air can be approximately five times more than those in outside air. Air purifiers can eliminate the danger that air pollution poses.

A filter, sometimes several filters, plus a fan that draws in and circulates air, makes up most air purifiers. Pollutants and other particles are removed from the air as it passes through the filter, and the clean air is sent back into the living area. Filters are often made of paper, fiber (commonly fiberglass), or mesh and must be replaced regularly to remain effective. Novita air purifier has the best quality you expect!

Most filters on the marketplace are made to trap dust, smoke, and pollen but not gases like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or radon that may gather from adhesives, paints, or cleaning supplies. An absorbent, such as activated carbon, would be needed for that. The Environment Protection Agency (EPA) cautions that air purifiers’ ability to filter out gases is constrained and that frequent filter replacement is required for best performance, often every three to six months. Also, purifiers do not capture pollutants trapped in carpeting or furniture. Novita catches every air pollutant, buy a Novita air purifier and breathe cleaner, healthier air!

Additionally, it’s unlikely that air purifier performance in actual circumstances will be identical to that in a controlled environment in a laboratory (which is what these claims of “99% effectiveness” allude to!). The factors in the room will affect the location, setup, flow rate, and run time. Additionally, other factors in your home, like ventilation (open or shut windows) and the ongoing emergence of new particles, may affect the effectiveness and prevent the air from being as thoroughly filtered as the manufacturer may have you believe. Additionally, it would be best to use powerful vacuums and disinfectant cleansers to eliminate any bacteria, viruses, or allergens that have accumulated on surfaces. Novita water purifier performs the same job by providing pure water to drink!

Live in a region that has experienced pollution or a natural disaster. Some technologies may be capable of identifying the foul air that seeps into your home or apartment. Temporary pollutants like fumes or exhaust inside the air or outside your home shouldn’t cause concern for most people because they disappear over time. Not just the Novita air purifier but also the Novita water dispenser is a must-need of every home in today’s time!

Air purifiers may assist in eliminating the initial cause of your symptoms, while drugs for asthma and allergies can help reduce symptoms and avoid reactions. There’s a possibility that with sustained use, your allergy symptoms and asthma symptoms may decrease.

The aggravating particles should still be kept out of your house in the first place; this isn’t a replacement for your drugs, nevertheless. Before lowering or quitting any medicine, see your doctor first. Or buy yourself a Novita air purifier and be safe at home!

What is a HEPA filter?

The acronym HEPA refers to High-Efficiency Particulate Air. A multi-layered netting with varied-sized gaps and very fine fiberglass threads—much thinner than a human hair strand—is typically used in HEPA filters to catch particles of various sizes. A dense layer of tiny fibers that has been pleated and sealed inside a plastic or metal frame makes up the filter. Novita filter is the best in the market!

The air purifier’s fan allows air to flow into the filter, where particles are collected. The larger (those larger than the fibers) particles are captured by impaction (the particle crashes into the fiber), the mid-sized (those touching the fiber and being captured), and the ultra-fine (those touching the fiber and being captured) mostly the particle will hit to the fiber and stick there. Novita air purifier comes with the latest HEPA filters! Buy yourself a Novita product now!

What is Novita?

Novita Singapore is a locally developed Singaporean brand with over 16 years of deep knowledge and experience developing innovative home appliances. The company had modest beginnings.

The commitment to small things drives Novita’s success and offers them the chance for their 2018 business merger with Vitabrid beauty and personal care collection. They are recognized by the consumers and the market for their innovation strategies, innovation, and design.

Novita was created to be a proud representation of the tiny red dot, and today they are quickly becoming recognized in several Southeast Asian nations. Novita, who is well-informed and always one step ahead of the curve, introduces the Total Wellness concept in the air.Water.Body to offer contemporary lifestyle new definition and significance. They strive to improve the quality of life by developing innovative solutions while maintaining competitive knowledge and advancing new technology.

Novita Air Purifier Ranges

The following are a few air purifiers you can source from Novita in Singapore:

A8i Air Purifier

A8i has the HIGHEST CAPACITY UNIT and an excellent CADR dust rating of 1,142 m3/hr. It also has a dual suction vent. This air purifier by Novita is ideal for a house, clinic, daycare center, workplace, and more, well enough to cover a large space of up to 2,790 ft2.

As an additional layer of defense for you and your family and friends, the PuriPRO®/HepaPROTM H13 HEPA filtration with nano ions actively destroys >99.99% of the virus and bacteria captured in 60 minutes. With the help of the Novita Smart App, you can monitor the air quality in real-time, create a personalized schedule, or alter a programmable preset to keep it under control whenever and wherever you are.

Air Purifier A4S, 4-in-1

Novita A4S purifies, moistens, ionizes, and sanitizes simultaneously to meet your various air quality needs and is powered by a Brushless dc motor system. The PuriPRO®/HepaProTM filter, which has been improved with nano silver metal cations and humidification evaporation technology, powers this system. It actively removes airborne allergens and bacteria while increasing humidity for more pleasant and healthier living.

In addition to the Novita Purifier Remedy Concentrate, which is made with an American active ingredient that is NSF certificated and EPA registered, this product sanitizes the air by oxidizing 99.99% of the bacteria and viruses through the humidifying function to safeguard you and your family members.

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Purchase a Novita product today to get both comfort and quality!

Be it a Novita water filter, air purifier, or Novita fan, the company never disappoints! Buy yourself the best Novita filter using Atome and ensure healthy and safe air breathing. Visit your nearest Novita Singapore store and use Atome to purchase Novita products with discounts!

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