Must-Have Essentials In Your Handbags During Chinese New Year

by jiatongma

Feb 20 2023

Chinese New Year is an auspicious fifteen-day event celebrated between January 21 to February 20 based on the appearance of the new moon. This event holds great importance for Chinese families. It is not only the beginning of a new year but also a way to honor ancestors and elders of the family. 

The first day of the Chinese New Year, also known as the Spring festival, is full of festivities and positive vibes. New Year’s Day is a holiday in China and other places with significant Chinese populations, such as Singapore, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Indonesia. People celebrate by following traditional practices such as paying visits to family elders, preparing tasty meals, and exchanging sweets and gifts.

If you are new to this culture and are going to experience a visit during Chinese New Year, then you must keep certain customs and traditions in mind. These traditions hold great significance for Chinese families and have deeper meanings attached to them. 

Things To Remember When Attending Chinese New Year Festivities

As Chinese people believe that the New Year brings them prosperity, good fortune, and wealth, they firmly believe in creating a heartening and optimistic environment throughout the event. To avoid any objectionable or unfavorable situation, follow this list of dos and don’ts during the Chinese New year. 

Dress Nicely and Never be Late

Chinese festivals, especially the Chinese New Year, are celebrated with utmost respect and honor. Everyone needs to dress nicely and appropriately. The Chinese people like red and gold because these colors represent prosperity and luck. 

Always remember to wear comfortable clothes but never wear revealing clothes such as skirts or shorts because it is considered highly disrespectful in their culture. Moreover, avoid wearing clothes that have negative symbols and words on them. Wear tidy attire with a modest and respectful look, and never run late for the festivities.

Essentials To Keep In Your Handbags This CNY

While remembering all the above-mentioned traditional ways of attending the Chinese New Year, there are some essential personal items that you must keep with you. Please read the list of all essentials and thank us later. 

Red Envelopes 

It is a Chinese tradition to give cash to children and unmarried people of the family in red envelopes. So if you are to have visitation during this time of the year, remember to take lots of red envelopes with you. If you are wondering what the red envelope means, it means bringing good luck for the coming year. Therefore, always keep some extra red envelopes in your handbags.

Mandarin Oranges

The Mandarin orange symbolizes good fortune and wealth, and these are often used as gifts to family and friends during festivals. Therefore, keep some mandarin oranges with you during your visitation and give them to whomever you feel like gifting.

Some other gifts have deeper meanings attached to them, such as tea, a symbol of good relationships, or chocolates or sweets with you, which are a sign of good wishes.

The Chinese families consider these gifts propitious and welcome them with great gratitude. You can keep these small gifts in your handbags so that you always have something to express gratitude for and appreciate the people you meet during the festivities. 

Sweat Proof Makeup 

If you attend the long day festivities, have some compact and minimal sweat-proof makeup items with you, such as an all-in-one palette, small makeup brushes, facial mist sprays, sunscreen, face powder, etc. This will help you to attain a fresh look all day.

Wet Wipes and Tissues

Good quality wet tissues and wipes, such as Watson wipes, can help you immensely during lunch or dinner. Although the hosts have all the essentials for the guests, still having wet wipes and tissues in your bags can help you with immediate emergency needs. Moreover, blowing your nose or cleaning it in public is considered bad in the culture; therefore, having tissues and wet wipes can save the day.


Chinese New Year is a huge festival, and there are many people you will have to meet and shake hands with. Therefore, keep a sanitizer with you in your handbags and use it whenever needed. 

Reusable Water Bottle

Having a personal reusable water bottle in your bag is a game changer. Because events and festivals like these are pretty crowded, having a personal bottle will save you extra effort and the region from plastic pollution. 

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