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Sep 23 2021

An Award-winning product, a munch of crunch, the life of flavors, an exciting food choice of a well-known brand “Meadows chips.” Imported quality premium brand, available in different tempting tastes. A crave-worthy nom of real potatoes. Never miss a chance to enjoy a movie night without “Meadows Chips.”

Meadows Chips originated from Hong Kong; they aim to produce the highest quality products on a reasonable budget worldwide. They use premium quality ingredients from other countries to make their products more special and distinguished. Meadows chips are usually available in 60g size economical packaging.

Meadows Products

Meadows chips consisted of various chips and specialized in importing fresh fruits, meats, vegetables, nuts, oats, and potato chips. Meadows Chips range is available in some unique flavors like

  • Original Potato Chips
  • Hot and Spicy Potato chips
  • BBQ Potato Chips
  • Truffle Potato chips                 
  • Sour Cream and Onion Potato Chips
  • Mala hot pot Potato chips

The reason behind choosing Meadows chips

  • SAVORY TEMPTATION: Crispy and crusty Meadows chips’ tempting flavors never fail to satisfy your savory craving. Distinctive flavors, all love to taste and enjoy.
  • AFFORDABLE: Meadows Chips is one of the wallet-friendly products with premium quality ingredients. It’s really surprising yet unbelievable.
  • 100% NATURAL POTATO INGREDIENT: Meadows chips, an award holder brand, knows how to let their customers enjoy the real taste of their own grown potato chips.

How are potato chips produced?

There are not one but many reasons why Meadows is one of Singapore’s leading potato chips brands. It uses nothing but the finest quality ingredients from all around the world, offering a tasteful experience to the consumers. Learn how these scrumptious packets of goodness are made.

Sourcing the raw material

Manufacturing an unforgettable packet of chips requires a never-ending supply of the right kind of potatoes. Meadows chips uses potatoes that are grown in extremely fertile soil. Another essential is a massive amount of good quality vegetable oil that is kept from going rancid with the help of different effective techniques. Salt and other flavorings, such as barbeque and sour cream, are also required. Let’s not forget the materials required to produce eye-catching bags that keep those delicious chips fresh and crisp. And these are just the prominent components; there is a lot that goes into making your favorite snack.

The process of manufacturing

Quality check

When the potatoes arrive at the manufacturing plant, a random sample is examined to ensure that the batch meets the set standard.


After making sure that the potatoes are A-okay, they are placed on a conveyor belt to undergo different stages of production, peeling being the first one, obviously. The peeled potatoes are washed with cold water.


The cut and peeled potatoes are sliced by a machine into extremely thin slices. These can be wavy or plain, depending on the blade used. Some manufacturers might wash the slices with cold water to remove excess starch, while others might not in order to preserve that natural taste.


This is where some manufacturers will chemically enhance the color of the potato slices by submerging them in the appropriate solutions.

Frying and flavoring

The cut slices are relieved of all moisture before being dropped into the scorching hot oil. The oil is kept within an optimal temperature range for the best results. After these are done frying, the golden crisps are slated to perfection. The ones that need to be flavored are mixed with the desired seasoning powder.


At this stage, the almost-ready potato chips are drained of excess oil. Simultaneously, an optical sorter works to remove the over-fried and burnt pieces. After all, nobody is a fan of the flavor of burned sour cream and onion.

This is followed by Packaging, Quality Control, and a bunch of other steps before the fresh batch of yummy snacks is shipped to stores around you.

Potato Chips Singapore

A must-have snack in the form of potato chips Singapore while watching a Netflix Series, whether having a gossip night or a get-together. Make your moments more memorable with exclusive brands of potato chips available in Singapore under one roof.

Never-ending love for potato chips. No one can deny a crispy, crunchy munch experience from toddler to adult, from elder to older. It’s never too late to get your huge hands-on range of premium brands like Meadows chips, Lay’s, Cassava Chips, Calbee potato chips, and many more. Potato chips Singapore is now offering a range of exclusive options with Atome.


None of us is a stranger to the wide range of mouthwatering flavors of potato chips sold under the brand name Lay’s. These amazing chips are manufactured by PepsiCo and have been the life of every movie night, picnic, sleepover, and party for over 75 years. The potato chips are available in 200 different flavors worldwide that you can try. Interestingly, the brand keeps coming up with exclusive limited-edition flavors to commemorate special occasions. A single serving of Lay’s weighs 28 grams and contains 160 calories.


  • Classic
  • Salt and Vinegar
  • Sour Cream and Onion
  • Chile Limon
  • Barbecue
  • Cheddar and Sour Cream
  • Hot and Spicy
  • Hot Chilly Squid
  • Avocado Mustard

What makes Lay’s better?

ZERO CHOLESTEROL: You read that right, a packet of Lay’s potato chips is free of Cholesterol which means that you can enjoy them guilt-free. Eating them in moderation will not affect your cardiac health.

LESS THAN 1% SUGARS: These delicious potato chips are produced with next to no amount of sugars, and that’s another factor that makes Lay’s better than the rest.

GET YOUR FIBER: You would expect potato chips to have no fiber, but the case here is unique. A packet of Lay’s chips provides your body with 1 gram of fiber which is 5% of the daily requirement.      

Cassava Chips

It is an all-new flavor in the world of chips mania. So crispy and crunchy, when you start, you can’t stop. Like meadows chips, cassava chips also hold a distingue place in the heart of people. Such a great product, the highest quality is just value for money. Each serving of 20g contains 102kcal energy, 0.3g protein, 5.1 fat, 13.6g carbohydrates, and 45.5g sodium. Compared with other quality potato chips, cassava chips have lessened fat of almost 40% and have less sodium, around 40%—Singapore Health Promotion Board-certified brand.

Why order Cassava Chips?

  • CHOLESTEROL FREE: undoubtedly, cassava chips are a less oily product than other potato chips brands. It is made from 100% natural tapioca root, also known as cassava or yuca. To satisfy your crunch, munch with the healthier choice of cassava chips.
  • THE ALTERNATIVE OF POTATO CHIPS: those who do not love to eat potatoes due to some weight gaining or any health problem must try this healthy choice of cassava chips. Very natural and full of taste.

Calbee Chips

Need a treat? Calbee chips are here to accompany you. Each pack is filled with extreme crunchiness, exciting flavor, and amazing taste and made from 100% natural freshly sliced potatoes.

Calbee Moh Seng Pte Ltd has been a well-renowned snack supplier all around the island since 1960. They are promoting traditional food in the form of healthy bites. With over 40 years of experience, Calbee brings out several delicious snacks, like potato sticks, Snow pea crisps, ika-pea, harvest snaps, and much more.


  • Calbee potato chips present an amazing flavor range of:
  • Calbee potato chips (hot & spicy)
  • Calbee potato chips (Barbecue)
  • Calbee potato chips (Sour Cream & Onion)
  • Calbee potato chips (Seaweed)
  • Calbee potato chips (premium quality hot and spicy)
  • Calbee potato chips (ORIGINAL)
  • Calbee potato chips (Spicy Pizza)

Why choose Calbee potato chips?

  • BALANCED DIET: busy in households or office chores? No time for the lunch break. Don’t worry! The solution is Calbee potato chips, a completely healthy diet. Cover up all your nutritional requirements. So, take a pack and go straight.
  • REWARD YOUR LOVED ONES: Never disappoint your beloved to express your love in different shapes and flavors. Enjoy a warm stay-in date night or movie night, and grab your favorite grub to share with your loved one.
  • A Premium local brand: Calbee is originally from Singapore. Their actual purpose is to make their young generation keep in touch and familiar with great traditional food tastes. So, Calbee is a premium local brand around Singapore because they love their people.

How much is too much when it comes to potato chips?

Let’s be honest; most of us have been guilty of binging on family packs of our favorite chips at some point. You don’t have to obsess over it if it’s a rare occurrence. However, if a potato chips binge fest is common for you, it is time for a reality check. Everything is good in moderation; too much or too little, and you could endanger yourself. The same is the case for potato chips; consuming too much of this tempting snack can prove to be harmful.

Bloating and puffiness

Almost all potato chips contain a substantial amount of salt, and excessive consumption of salty foods makes our bodies retain water. This water retention leads to bloating of the abdomen and different parts of our bodies swelling up.

High blood pressure

A long-term consequence of eating too much salty food is raised blood pressure. For most people, high blood pressure does not produce obvious symptoms for a long time, which means it keeps damaging our bodies from the inside, silently and gradually. Unaddressed high blood pressure can result in serious diseases, such as coronary heart disease, stroke, etc.

More heart problems

You must be aware of the fact that fats and cholesterol aren’t good for the health of your cardiac and vascular systems, either. They can lead to a buildup of plaque in your arteries, eventually cutting off the blood supply to essential organs. This can cause stroke, angina, heart attacks, etc.


Have you ever Googled “How many calories does a bag of potato chips have?” Well, the answer is too many to be healthy. Potatoes belong to the family of carbohydrates, and consuming an exorbitant amount can result in weight gain. Couple that with sodium and fats, and one cannot expect their weight to not go up. This is why a balanced diet is vital to stay healthy.

Increased risk of cancer

This might come as a surprise but eating processed foods, such as chips, increases the risk of cancer. This is because processed foods contain the chemical acrylamide, which is a carcinogen. Unfortunately, potato chips have too much of it.


Another unexpected association between potato chips and ailments is infertility. The causative agent is trans fats, and according to Harvard Medical School’s recent findings, trans fats may increase the chances of infertility in women.


It isn’t just your physical health that is at risk but your mental health, too. A research published by the US National Library of Medicine proves that there is a link between increased consumption of trans fats and depression.

Where to find Premium brand potato chips in Singapore?

It is very simple.

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