Making Laundry Easy- Automated Laundry Rack

by Starry

Jul 02 2021

The menial chores of the house can be a real energy drain. Some days the piles won’t just dry due to weather changes. Some days the sun may fade the color. There is great help provided by HOMELEDJ introducing the automated laundry rack for making your worries run away.

Home chores are a full-time job, and you need everything to go according to plan, but sometimes the weather or the sun doesn’t agree with you. Laundry is the most important of all chores; it has to be done weekly and needs to be dried, ironed, and put into the cupboard. With the help of an automated laundry rack, you can speed up your drying and have your chores wrapped up in no time.

Sharing The Load

Thanks to whoever thought of just an amazing device, the automated laundry rack. It is not just a rack that you can hang your clothes on to dry if you are thinking. In reality, it is an automatic sun mimicking device that has a motion-sensing rack.

Now imagine the weather has suddenly gone very cloudy, the sun has almost vanished. You did your laundry, and you are afraid it will start raining, so there will be no use for the hours you invested in scrubbing these clothes. Now you might know that clothes that are dried inside your homes under the fan have a certain humid smell to them. If you are smart enough, you will have bought the automated laundry rack.

 The HOMELEDJ is an amazing shop that has the solution to all your home issues. Having the best features, you can press on from its remote or even control it from your phone. The light in the center of the automated laundry rack on your ceiling is exactly like the sun. The metal rack lowers to your height; you can even elongate the size of the rack depending on the clothes you have.

You can hang your clothes on the rack, and then the rack on the automated laundry rack will start to move up; the fan and the heating of the light will dry your clothes in about 2 hours. Apart from the basics, this device has a UV light that disinfects your clothes and has a dust repellent feature that helps keep your clothes clean and soft.

The Amazing Feature

The amazing difference between the sun-dried clothes and the automated laundry rack dried clothes is quite visible. In the sun, you can easily let your clothes dry, which affects the clothes’ colors and texture.

Mostly if you have ever left a T-shirt out in the sun, it gets very tough, and the color sort of fades. But when you dry your clothes on the automated laundry rack, you can see that the colors are not faded. There is no difference in the texture, the smoothness and softness of the shirt are retained, and no humid smell may experience with indoor dried clothes.

It is probably correct to say that the automated laundry rack is like the sun in your room. You can control its features. It is easy to use and is very handy for those who have little to no time for their home chores.

Now you don’t have to step out in the scorching heat or run after your laundry when it starts raining. Thanks to HOMELEDJ for introducing all to the automated laundry rack that has made life so much simpler.

A Thoughtful Gesture

Atome being a Singaporean app, has created a platform for all the top brands of everything you may need or even think of. This includes home care, fashion, medicine, beauty care, beauty products, travel, etc. Atome has collaborated with the best brands, and due to this collaboration and the amazing motto of “buy now and pay later,” you can enjoy all the services of atome and pay later.

Now that Atome has collaborated with HOMELEDJ, the automated laundry rack is available to all for only $479- $628. But with the amazing policy of paying back later in three easy installments.

Why Buy the Automated Laundry Rack

Let’s acknowledge that life is already hard, and there are menial chores that make it more stressful. The time that is required for us to relax and destress ourselves. We work to get these home chores done. It is nice to have gadgets that can make daily chores easy and less time-consuming. As the automated laundry rack, it is a great help to have around the house.

Not just the automated laundry rack quickly drying the clothes, it is inside your homes; you can control the gadget however you want. You do not have to wait for the right heat or the right time so the sun can dry your clothes. You can control all these things accordingly, which will give you enough time to relax.

It is a one-time investment, this automated laundry rack can be bought for $479, but if you want a little more fancy one with extra features, you can get the one for $628, which is even lower tha $800. It is guaranteed to make your life better and easy.

The automated laundry rack is not just something hanging from your ceiling. It is extended when needed. But it is a very compact and stylish design. Once the clothes are dried and taken off, the rack goes back up to the ceiling; it is compacted into a sleek gadget that does not look unaesthetic in a room. Also, the size of it is not too massive to overthrow you; it is designed to be home friendly and goes exactly with your home’s decor.

Features of automated laundry rack

The amazing features of this automated laundry rack are that this gadget is;

  • Compact and stylish to sit in any room of your home.
  • It is easy to use and can be controlled with a button
  • The rack is movable and expandable
  • Has light and heat mimicking the sun
  • Has fan that helps dry the clothes quickly
  • The UV light disinfects the clothes.
  • It dries off all the clothes within 2-3 hours.
  • Maintains the quality of every fabric.


With different time-consuming chores, technology has made it easy to invest less time in menial chores. The best starter for that is an automated laundry rack, which helps in saving time and keeping yourself on schedule. You can control your schedule rather than it controlling you.

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