Makeup Looks to Rock This Valentine’s Day

by jiatongma

Mar 14 2023

The romantic holiday of February is about experimenting with makeup in sensually charming new ways. Applying graphic eyeshadow in the form of kiss marks and heart shapes to wearing a neutral gloss and a simple eyeliner, Valentine’s is unquestionably the best time to try it all.

Always remember that Valentine’s Day doesn’t exclude those who are single. It’s a wonderful day to remind everyone that there is so much love out there, whether it comes from your girl gang, family, pet, or even within yourself.

Here are 4 romantic Valentine’s Day makeup ideas you can experiment with during this love month. Whether you spend time with a partner, your family, or alone for some self-care, you will impress everyone by following our tips.

Double winged eyeliner

We adore how versatile eyeliners are and how they can dramatically transform a plain cosmetic look. You can create the best eyeliner looks for Valentine’s Day with simple flicks of your eyeliner pencil. One such look is the double-winged eyeliner; there are a million ways you can apply this graphic makeup look. You can wear it plain or with eyeshadow; just make sure to top it off with mascara.

Simple double-winged

Start by moisturizing your lids, apply your eyeshadow, then use a smudge-proof eyeliner pencil to create a wing shape over your top lid. If you prefer gel eyeliners, use an angled brush to achieve precise lines. Now, On the lower lash line, similarly, apply eyeliner. Create a little wing parallel to the preceding wing by extending this eyeliner from the outside corner. Use a little blending brush to blot out the lower eyeliner and reduce its sharpness delicately.

Remember to leave a thin clear space between the two wings. For a more consistent outcome, ensure that both wings’ lengths and thickness are identical. But if you think it’s not even, you can always use a q-tip to quickly and gently remove any imperfections.

Outer Negative

This look is best if applied without eyeshadow, as it creates drama on its own. Prep your eyes by applying moisturizer followed by concealer. Then draw two smooth lines, one following the cut crease and the other rising from the lashline of the upper lid and softly meeting the former line. Use a lengthening mascara to make your eye wider.

Peach makeup

Peach hues have recently received attention for a good reason: they look great on everyone. Peach looks gorgeous on all skin tones and lends a gentle warmth to the cheeks, lips, and eyes. It is especially popular in Korean makeup trends yet appeals to people from all backgrounds. Full peach makeup can never go wrong and compliments any dress, so try applying it on your date.

Classic peach

Pick a multi-purpose stick to apply this look, apply the product straight to the cheeks and eyes, and blend with your fingertip or a gentle brush. Apply the same substance on your lips by delicately wiping with your finger. Use black eyeliner and a couple of coats of your preferred mascara for more definition.

Intense peach

If you want to stand out and be more daring with your color selections, then intensify peach tones on the eyes and match them with a dramatic winged eyeliner. Apply brighter peach eyeshadow on the eyes and more subdued tones on the cheeks and lips. Complete your look with curly mascara.

Monochromatic pink

We understand that you might like to wear light pink lips but have serious concerns about donning this color all over your face. Don’t worry because we’re here to demonstrate how approachable an exclusively pink makeup look can be. Before you start, pick the right pink shade for your skin tone. To avoid having an ashy appearance, your pink shade should be bright if you have a dark skin tone. Use rosy and berry-toned pinks for lighter to medium skin tones to help warm up the complexion.

Here is a pro tip: Cream products are ideal because they apply to the skin smoothly and don’t streak. So, replace the powder with cream-based cosmetics while wearing pink makeup, especially if you are short on time when getting ready.

Baby pink

It’s easier than it may appear to pull off an all-pink makeup look. Begin by prepping your face, then apply a single pink eyeshadow and blend it across your eyelid. Please keep it simple and skip the eyeliner, but do swipe on your favorite mascara. Next, apply the softest pink blush on your cheeks, and finish off your look with sheer pink lipgloss.

Juicy rosy

With the upcoming spring season, pink is a terrific hue to help brighten your face and give you a natural-looking blush. Apply your best skin care products to achieve dewy and plump skin for this perfect rosy look. Next, apply a light pink shimmery shade to the inner corners of your eyelids and blend in a slightly darker one in the outer corners. Now apply some warm peach and pink blush shades for a healthy look. Lastly, Put on a rosy lip tint rich with natural oils for a smooth finish.

Fluffy brows

Fluffy brows are the most recent craze of brow art. The days of having thin brows are over; the in-thing right now is full, fluffy, and textured brows. Since brows define the entire face, we are here to show you how to obtain fluffy ones in just 4 simple steps. Whether your brows are naturally thick or sparse, our tips will work for you.

Define your brow shape

Eyebrow mapping is a useful method to create the perfect shape. To begin, mark your brows’ beginning and ending points and the arch’s location and height. Position your brow to precisely frame your eyes by focusing on these important spots. Then, trim any extra bulk after combing the brows in their natural direction with a spoolie.

Prime to lift

Raise your brow hairs upward before filling your brows to get the “fluffy” illusion. You may do this with a brow gel or an eye primer since it will condition the brows and make it easier to apply makeup. Coat all the hairs entirely with the product with your fingers or a clean spoolie brush, then comb the hairs upward to reveal the skin underneath.

Fill in with light strokes

Use powders or brow pencils to fill in blank areas. Your product will initially have too much for the front of the brow, which is often the area with the fewest hairs. So, begin by creating your outline and tail at the bottom, and then use the remaining ink to add the middle’s sparse hairs.

Fix and highlight

Use a tiny bit of hairspray or eyebrow wax to protect your brows. Brush your brow hairs up once more with a clean spoolie after dipping it in the product to get the perfect feathery look. This way, the natural hairs will stay in the proper location all day. Finish off by applying a highlight directly under the brow tail for an enhanced look.

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