Longchamp Singapore Outlet- A Brand For Ages

by Starry

Mar 02 2021

In the line of luxury bags, Longchamp is a brand that highlights the value of fashion in its products. The brand has redefined the concept of luxury in its bags, boosting the trend in luxury accessories. Longchamp creates purely fashionable items and gives weight to their creations’ functionality. Their concept shift to produce luxurious items has drawn the market’s attention. You can seize the one you desire from their designer bags online through the Longchamp Singapore outlet.

Longchamp – A well-known Brand for Luxurious Bags

A France-based brand for luxury bags, Longchamp defies the luxury goods tradition. It makes the bags luxurious because of the amount attached to each product bearing its brand, well-known to introduce a limited number of high-end handbags. Today, we provide you with the Longchamp Singapore outlet’s details to help you get a luxurious bag from the store.

Longchamp Singapore Outlets

Here are the Longchamp outlets in Singapore at various locations. Find the one that is closest to you to get the bag of your dreams. You can also visit the Longchamp factory outlet in Singapore to find these luxury bags at a lesser price.

1. Longchamp Orchard

290, Orchard Road,

#02-02/03 Paragon,

Singapore 238859

Contact Number: +65 6235 0085

Longchamp Orchard is located in Paragon Shopping Centre. You can shop your favourite bags through this store from Monday to Sunday between 11:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m. people who visited this store to buy handbags are satisfied. The showroom is tidy and clean. Besides, the staff is courteous and helpful. Many customers are glad for the excellent services from this reputable luxury brand.

2. Longchamp T3

Changi Airport Terminal 3,

South Departure Transit Lounge,

Unite #02-14,

Singapore 819663

Contact Number: +65 6593 4606

The Longchamp Changi Airport outlet in Singapore has a unique collection of luxurious handbags for ladies. You can visit this outlet and get yourself trendy bags. The brand is loved for ages and makes a fast trend when it comes to sales. The brand chooses to be different and relevant for the present and in the future. Visit the store today to find out Longchamp’s price in the Changi Airport outlet.

3. Longchamp Ion Orchard

2 Orchard Turn

#03-15A/B Ion Orchard,

Singapore 238801

Contact Number: +65 6509 1605

The Longchamp Singapore outlet at Orchard (Longchamp ION) turn provides its customers with affordable and high-quality nylon bags. Many customers recommend others who bought handbags from this outlet. Besides, they are delighted with the easy-to-care-for and light-weighted comfortable bags. Women who bought Longchamp’s handbags adore their quality and affordable price.

4. Longchamp

 2 Bayfront Ave,


Singapore 018972 

Contact Number: +65 6688 7022

This Longchamp Singapore outlet is located in Convention Centre and Sands Expo. You can visit this store on any day from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. the customer service of this outlet are very impressive. They acknowledge if any customer is standing at the door. Besides, the staff keeps patient by showing many types of bags to its customer. It is a must-visit showroom for the luxurious bag with excellent customer service if you are near this store.

5. Rabeanco- INM Outlet

SHOP 49, 2/F, #02-49,

IMM Outlet Mall,

2 Jurong East Street 21,

Singapore 609601

Contact Number: +65 6896 2856

Visit this Longchamp Singapore outlet if you want to enjoy the shopping experience. The price of bags is lower than in other shopping and online stores. Staff in this outlet have a passion for customer service. They offer the bags and the price with extreme delight, making customers pick the one for themselves. Besides, they keep on showing a variety of bags and their different colours by keeping their cool. It is located in IMM, and if you are nearby, you must visit this outlet.

6.  Metro Paragon

290 Orchard Road,

02-28 Paragon,

238859 Singapore

Contact Details: +65 6835 3322

This Longchamp Singapore outlet is located in the Paragon Shopping Centre. You can go shopping in this Longchamp Singapore store any day between 10:00 a.m. to 09:30 p.m. you can shop around in Longchamp boutique. It is a must-go shopping centre, especially during the festive season. Besides, it is a worthy walk-in outlet for Longchamp’s handbags if you are in or around Orchard. The staff of this outlet is kind and patient. You will have an excellent shopping experience when you visit this outlet for Longchamp bags in Singapore.

Is it worth buying a Longchamp bag?

Longchamp is the brand whose story began in 1948 with the crafting of luxury pipes by Jean Cassegrain, the father of present-day Longchamp’s president. Eventually, the company expanded its collection by including men’s leather collections, ready-to-wear shoes, luggage, and handbags. It is a well-known brand for its excellent craftsmanship and expertise. It expanded to one of the famous luxury brands.

Its products have luxurious looks and excellent quality. What matters to the people is to buy an item worth the price and comfort; that is what is offered by Longchamp.

Why do people prefer going to Longchamp SG outlets rather than stores?

There are a number of reasons that more and more people are choosing Longchamp SG outlets over stores. For starters, consumers usually score amazing Longchamp Singapore sales, discounts, and offers at the outlets, all of which are highly unlikely to be found in retail stores. You can see the actual retail price and enjoy the immense gratification that comes with the prices getting slashed, and these sales and discounts aren’t minuscule; at special events and occasions, they can be massive and make a landslide difference.

Moreover, when you’re at a verified outlet, you know for sure that the franchise can’t be selling you counterfeits. You can rest assured that you will not be scammed, conned, or manipulated in any way or form, so you need not put your most defensive side of yours on display. The quality of the products is the same as promised, and you don’t have to fret about charlatans promoting fakes.

When you aren’t wasting your time verifying fakes and counterfeits, you can spend more time cognitively analysing and contrasting the different Longchamp SG bags so that you make the best purchase.

How to spot a fake Longchamp SG bag?

There are many ways of identifying a fake Longchamp SG bag from an original one. But you must keep a keen eye for it and be wary of anything suspicious apart from the pointers that we’ll mention here since the frauds are constantly evolving and finding ways around these nitty-gritty details, and it is getting progressively harder to appreciate the difference.

The Leather

The leather used in the original Longchamp SG bags will have congruous parallel lines intersecting to form a diamond pattern. Whereas fakes, on the contrary, will have a round, uneven, pebble-like, lightly indented fish-like texture, or maybe even smooth. The leather also feels rich and royal in the originals, whereas the leather used in the fakes will be promulgating its synthetic and rubbery feel.

The Colours

The authentic Longchamp SGs will have a really rich tan-to-cognac colour, with an orangish-red undertone to it. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that the originals will have uneven colour, finishing with intermittent zones of lighter and darker shades. The front snap button must read “LONGCHAMP SG,” “1948,” with a jockey logo just in the middle. In the fakes, there can be monochrome hues. And even if it isn’t the same colour, you will not find the scattered patches of light and dark regions.

The Backside of the leather flap

In the originals, the Longchamp SG logo will cause an indentation on the backside of the leather flap. The colour of the backside is beige, which turns tan after prolonged use, and this side has short hairs which endow it with a smooth texture. However, please note that the indentation in the larger and medium-sized tote bags is less obvious, but you can still feel the indented part on the backside. The snap should read “ORIGINAL PRYM 6/4B”. Back in 2013, the snap of the backside of these bags had “LONGCHAMP SG” written twice, but the newer ones are still being produced with the imprint that says the former.

In the fakes, though, the back side is completely flat, and there is no trace of the jockey logo. The fakes can be dusty rose to light-pinkish to brown in colour, with either no hair or too much hair. The snap also doesn’t read the same as the one mentioned above.

Hot-stamped graphics

In the genuine ones, the Longchamp SG Jockey logo is perfectly in the centre. Both the jockey’s and the horse’s heads are pointing towards the left. In the previous models, there used to be a hot-stamped line under the logo, which is now discontinued in the newer models. In the fakes, however, either the Longchamp SG logo isn’t perfectly present in the centre, or the logo can be inversed with the jockey/ horse’s head pointing in the opposite directions. On the back, the words can be misspelt or may lack accent marks on the E’s.

The Handles/Straps

In the originals, the straps are quite flattened. The diamond pattern that was mentioned earlier should also be visible on the straps. The side edge of the handles is painted black to dark brown. The divisions of the folded leather on the straps can easily be visualized and appreciated. The handles are basically nothing but two thick folds of leather with nothing in between (hence they are flat and empty.) Initially, the straps/handles are quite rigid, but with prolonged usage, they get softer.

The straps can be rounded to cylindrical in the fakes since the synthetic leather is wound around a thick rope for strength and reinforcement. Without the rope in the middle, the synthetic leather would be too malleable to form an arch shape when hanging the bag. Moreover, the handles wouldn’t be strong enough to support the weight of the bag in the first place without the rope in the middle. The side edges of the handles have a poor finishing and a mediocre binding. The colour of the binding is ubiquitous with the straps, but some smarter conmen have found a way around it and, in some cases, mimic the black edges of the original.

The Stitching

In the authentic Longchamp, the front end has beige, whereas the backside has brown stitches. In the corners and edges, where there is maximal load and strain, there is double stitching to give it the structural integrity to bear the weight of the bag. In the fakes, the front and the back usually have the same white stitching.

The dimensions

Though a trivial detail, you must keep an eagle eye on the sizes of the Longchamp SG bags. In the originals, of course, the dimensions, i.e., the length, width, height, and depth, corresponding to the sizes mentioned online. In the counterfeits, the handles may be too short, or the size of the bag may be too big or too small to match the one online.

The Nylon

In the original Longchamp SGs, the nylon is matted to barely reflect any light at all. In contrast, the counterfeits are too shiny and reflect light too well.

Shop Online at Longchamp SG

While we get concerned about shopping online, especially when it’s something as expensive as a handbag. But the particular advantage of having the entire stock available to you opens up many options while shopping. You are safe from the fraud and fake concerns that loom in your mind when shopping physically. Another rare but strong potential benefit of shopping through Longchamp online Singapore is that if you come across a handbag that you are hell-bent on buying, but for some reason, it isn’t available in the physical stores or it just recently went out of stock, you can find it at Longchamp SG’s online store.

As for the shipping and delivery details, please note that personalized orders are taken to the headquarters in France, and it will take approximately 4-5 weeks for completion and delivery. But as far as the standing orders are concerned, the Ground shipping is free of cost and gets delivered in 5-7 business days. The Express delivery is 22$ per order, and it takes 2-3 business days to get delivered. In comparison, the Overnight delivery costs 32$ and will be delivered on the next business day. Important to note that the orders in Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska will only be shipped through the ground service.

Orders that are placed Mondays to Fridays before 1 pm EST will be shipped out on the same day, except if there is a holiday, and as for orders placed after 1 pm EST, they will be shipped out on the next business day.

Owing to security concerns, all orders at 600$ and above will require a signed receiving by the recipient when the package is delivered. Visit the Longchamp online store today to find the bag that you desire.

Longchamp Bag Singapore at Zalora

ZALORA is the leading name in online fashion shopping, carrying an ever-expanding line-up of local and international brands tailored for consumers in the region. Our selection of over 50.000 products covers every aspect of fashion, from skirts to dresses, sneakers to slip-on, sportswear to watches, and so much more. If you want to buy Longchamp bags through Zalora, read this article and get all information you need.

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Longchamp offers its customers a wide range of luxury bags. It also provides products for men, such as wallets, travel bags, small leather goods, and briefcases. Besides, their handbags are produced with excellent quality and material, making them one of the best luxury brands for handbags. You can check the Longchamp Singapore outlet’s details and seize the day to shop for your bag.

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