Lee Na Young Aesthetics at Atome Helps You Be More Beautiful

by Starry

Jun 23 2021

Aesthetics is defined as the science of beauty. It is a philosophy that studies the principles of beauty. In line with this, Aesthetic clinics carry out non-surgical cosmetic treatments to combat skin issues, like pigmentation, signs of aging, unequal skin tones, acne scars, and many other things. Lee Na Young Aesthetics Singapore is one of the leading aesthetic clinics. They have two outlets that are solely dedicated to treating your skin the care it deserves.


At ATOME, we appreciate the value of beauty. It is why we have liaised up with Lee Na Young to give you the best beauty treatments you deserve. Please do not worry about the payment because we have made a special payment plan. According to this plan, you will pay three equal installments in three months so that you don’t let the burden of finances get in the way. It is an interest-free plan with no hidden charges. Treat yourself to some of the awesome beauty treatments at the clinic while we worry about the payment.


Lee Na Young Aesthetics Singapore is originally a K-Beauty essential, which uses Korean beauty techniques and products. It is a term used for skincare since Koreans are well known for their smooth, flawless and glowing skin. They use natural products like aloe vera and ginseng.


The most in-demand are the facial treatments. Lee Na Young Aesthetics Singapore offers around 25 skincare treatments/ facials depending upon your needs and desires. Let us discuss a few here.

  • Skin Lightening Treatments: This is one of the most demanded treatments. A special team administers it. In some cases, they use the dynamic pulse light to lighten the skin tone, remove pigmentation and discoloration.
  • Skin Clarifying Treatments:  Due to pollution and other environmental conditions, our skin often gets plugged with black and whiteheads. This treatment helps in clarifying the skin, and it evens out the skin tone. The enlarged pores are reduced to their normal sizes, which helps return the glow to the skin.
  • Moisturizing Treatment: This treatment provides hydration for the skin, which is extremely important. It is done by providing oxygen to the skin cells, which nourishes the skin’s dermis layer. It helps the cells in rejuvenating and delays signs of aging.
  • Collagen Stimulating Facials: If you want glowing skin, then you need these treatments. It helps improve the sagging skin and reduces the fine lines. It gives your skin a vital and elastic feel because of collagen gel and colloidal gold.
  • Skin Detox: Like your body, your skin needs to be detoxed as well. It is required to rejuvenate our skin. Lee Na Young Aesthetics has introduces the black therapy in Singapore that detoxes the skin, purifies it, removes blackheads, shrinks enlarged pores. It uses a magnetic system to draw impurities and detoxes the skin. It promotes regeneration of the cells, making the skin elastic, making it glow and supple.
  • Biojet Supersonic Booster: Hyaluronic Acid and vitamin C are two extremely important components for healthy skin. Lee Na Young Aesthetics Singapore has used this innovative way of injecting these into the skin without using needles. Their biojet supersonic boosters use a needleless technique where they use gas pressure sprays. These components help maintain the moisture of the skin it helps improve the skin radiance and restore youthfulness.
  • Anti-Aging Treatment: The main concern of women these days is to get rid of the early signs of aging. Lee Na Young provides multiple treatments towards that goal. The products they use helps get rid of fine lines, even removes wrinkles. The moisturizing treatments provide elasticity to the skin, which gives it a supple look.


Makeup is an integral part of getting ready. Sometimes it’s a hassle, and sometimes you just don’t achieve the desired look. Lee Na Young Singapore has introduced this awesome technique of Embroidery, also known as “Semi-Permanent Makeup” or “Art Make-Up.” The technology includes inserting color pigments into the skin. The color pigments are of mineral origins. And are introduced through a proprietary technique. It looks at make-up without actually going through the hassle of applying and removing it. It is also ideal for people who have allergies to make up products.

Lee Na Young is providing four sorts of Embroidery sessions.

  • Hairline Embroidery: If you have a wide forehead or an M-Shaped hairline, this treatment is for you. They make strokes resembling hair strands. It gives the effect of a realistic hairline. This natural-looking effect creates the appearance of volume.
  • Lip Embroidery: you can use this if you are not happy with your lip color. Are they too dark or too pale? Or maybe you are tired of dry lips. At the clinic, they use the color of your choice and introduce the pigments onto your lips. It also brings more volume and emphasizes the cupid bow to give a more sensual look. The shape and symmetry of your lips are also perfected.
  • Eyeliner Embroidery: Eyeliner highlights the shape of your eye and is one of the basic makeups. However, it is tricky. Save your time by using our Eyeliner Embroidery. Using organic pigment color, the shape of the eye is highlighted.
  • Eyebrow Embroidery: 6D eyebrows are created using the Microblading Technique. It gives the effect of powdered brows. Another technique is used to give the brows a natural hairy appearance.

Koreans are well known for their flawless and picture-perfect beauty. Lee Na Young Singapore has hired a specialized Korean staff who is well-versed and trained in all of the above techniques. Along with that, Korean products have been used. Most of these are made of natural herbs and minerals.

This clinic takes care of your beauty, and we take care of your financial worries. You just have to pay one-third of the payment using ATOME. The rest you can pay later. Relax and enjoy your beauty.

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