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by Starry

Nov 02 2021

Masego, a Singaporean spa, is built on a safari theme. You can experience the luxury of a safari haven at Masego. The team welcomes its customers by the sweet sound of gentle hummingbirds so that the customers can relax. The team members involve your senses in spa therapies inspired by nature. 

Are you looking for professional staff who will help you in unwinding yourself? Then Masego spa is the perfect choice for you. The team members of Masego spa have licensed and skilled massage therapists who will help you rejuvenate, relax and restore balance to one’s body. At this center, they make sure that the care of your body is in capable hands. Enjoy the clean and peaceful environment along with the heated tables while providing you with the best services according to your needs. This safari-themed spa also provides a great treatment for your joint issues and will improve joint mobility. 

Facial services: 

Classical facial:                                 

This safari-themed spa provides you amazing services with the classical facial that is the perfect treatment provided quickly. You can witness gradual change as your skin is revitalized with the help of a customized regimen. This regimen includes thorough toning, cleansing, exfoliation, and an effective mask application. 

Natural facelift: 

Lift your face with their efficient anti-aging facial that ensures visible firmness, decreases fine lines, wrinkles, and instant radiance with the help of pulse light therapy. This will stimulate your deep skin layers to enhance collagen production. 

Red ginseng GuaSha facial: 

Applying the basic principles of GuaSha, this 90-minute facial session starts with a full back session. The first step is the basis of the complete treatment as it will remove all blockages along the Meridian line while enhancing the blood flow circulation of your body. We use high-quality Korean red ginseng skincare products, which will provide the required hydration and nutrition to your skin. While using the special facial techniques of Guasha, this natural spa improves the ability of your skin to absorb the skincare products and improve the overall firming and lifting of your skin. 

Empress Jade facial: 

This facial massage is highly known in China for enhancing the customer’s beauty and having therapeutic healing properties. Jadestone is used to enhance the luminosity and beauty of your skin. This facial therapy of natural spa uses chilled jade rollers for massaging and improving micro-circulation. 

Pure earth divine facial: 

Unveil the perfect fair complexion with this irresistible facial of safari-themed spa with the help of essential oils and diamond peel microdermabrasion. You will experience the visible lightening of your skin, and the team members will use different skincare products to enhance the glow of your skin. 

Massage services: 

Jungle fever quick massage: 

This is the perfect option to pamper yourself by relaxing your overworked back, shoulder, and neck muscles as well as the head and scalp. This massage is brief but greatly satisfying that will put every piece of your muscle in a rest and relax state. 

Tropical abyss deep tissue massage: 

Release and unlock your fatigue and tension with the deep tissue massage and enjoy the liberating sense of wellness. Efficient deep tissue kneading targets the tense muscles. This therapy is highly effective for body toning, after-exercise relaxation, and figure sculpting. 

Prenatal massage: 

Masego spa helps pregnant mothers to soothe and relax the tired muscles, particularly in the lower back. These muscles are greatly affected by the added weight of the baby. This therapy will improve the function of your joints and muscles. And it also increases the circulation of your body. 

Postnatal massage: 

This effective massage after cesarean delivery focuses on restoring your body to its previous condition before pregnancy. And also retains the connective tissues and muscles. It plays an important in maintaining the body shape after pregnancy. 

Other services: 

Cloud forest head spa: 

You can reduce your stress and fatigue completely with the immense relaxing head spa. This starts with a nourishing cream scalp massage, followed by a gratifying shoulder and neck massage to release muscle tension. 

Why buy at ATOME? 

The relaxing services provided at this natural spa will not only relax your body but will also help you to unwind. The team also provides efficient facial services that will enhance your glow and detoxify your skin. Masego has collaborated with ATOME. ATOME has a ‘buy now, pay later’ policy which divides the complete payment into three interest-free installments.

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