The Best Follicle Salon and Eyebrow Embroidery Place in Town

by Starry

Sep 09 2021

Eyebrows are the way to the heart. Or maybe that was about eyes. But this still stands for your brows. You may not be unaware but many people make assumptions about your personality based on your facial features and eyebrows. A person with arched eyebrows is considered to be clever and quick-witted. On the other hand, people perceive straight eyebrows to be a sign of innocence and purity.

In contrast, unkempt and patchy eyebrows are a turn-off for most people. If this is one of your biggest fears, you may want to try eyebrow embroidery.

Highbrow is your best option in the town. Highbrow is a follicle salon for eyebrow embroidery. Their services include spa treatment, eyelash extensions, manicure pedicure, and of course eyebrow embroidery.

 It is unlikely that you find a better place with professionals offering these services at such a reasonable cost in Singapore.

What is eyebrow embroidery?

For someone who feels like their eyebrows are not thick enough, eyebrow embroidery is a life-saver. For those of us unaware of this marvelous service, I am here to break it all down for you.

So, what exactly is eyebrow embroidery, you might be wondering. It is a technique of filling your brows. In its procedure, it is quite similar to normal tattooing. But it is used only for your brows and is way less painful.

 For those of us with commitment issues, you might be pleased to hear that this kind of tattooing is not exactly permanent. Get it done by a professional and you will no longer have to worry about filling your eyebrows as soon as you wake up

Eyebrow Embroidery and its Multiple Perks

Now that you know what eyebrow embroidery is, you might be curious if it is the one for you. Trust us when we say this technique has the tendency of solving all your self-esteem-related issues that your eyebrows may have caused. For your facility, we have listed some of the numerous perks of this service.

 Here are five benefits of eyebrow embroidery:

  1. With eyebrow embroidery, you will get a perfectly natural look. You will no longer feel the need to spend money on eyebrow products. It alone will make you save loads of money.
  2. It does not only benefit one age group or gender. Eyebrow embroidery for men is also popular. In short, anyone who wants to do it should get it done freely. There is no need to worry about gender norms. Society norms should not stop you from looking your best self.
  3.  If you compare the procedure of tattooing and eyebrow embroidery, you will notice that the latter is comparatively less painful. Professionals also typically use many pain-numbing creams while doing this course of action.
  4. You do not have to worry about the time. You can even get it done during your lunch break, given the preparation is already finished. It takes only a few hours for the preparation. On the other hand, the entire brow tattooing process will only take half an hour or at most 45 minutes.
  5. The process is not permanent, but it is semi-permanent. Meaning it will last as long as the trend lasts. After you have it done, you will forget about other eyebrow products for at least a couple of years.

Eyebrow Embroidery vs Microblading

When you first hear the word ‘eyebrow embroidery’, it is very likely that you would assume that it is just a different name for the infamous microblading. But are those the same techniques? Let’s go on a deep inspection of eyebrow embroidery vs microblading.

Both techniques have many similarities. Such as they both are temporary and semi-permanent procedures.  But they are not two different names for the same procedure.

In microblading, professionals use fine needles to implant color to the area. In contrast, the technique of eyebrow embroidery is similar to that of tattooing. The addition of pigment will give the eyebrows a feathery or misty effect.

Hairline Embroidery Singapore

Just like brow embroidery, hairline embroidery is also a much-done procedure. Hair fall is a typical problem many of us are familiar with.

There can be many different culprits behind your shedding hair. These causes include but are not limited to pregnancy, stress, mental health problems, and the use of wrong and damaging hair care products.

 Furthermore, based on the length of this loss and its causes, you may face different consequences. Many people face changes in their hairline and sometimes even patchiness and baldness.

If hair loss is also troubling you or, perhaps, you want to correct your hairline, you may want to try hairline embroidery. Many salons such as Highbrow offer hairline embroidery in Singapore.

A great hairline has the power of enhancing your face shape and adding to your natural beauty. Lack of hair signifies old age. Therefore, hairline embroidery will also make you look a few years younger.

Eyebrow Threading Tampines

Do you feel that your eyebrows are looking bushy? Or maybe they need some proper care and threading. Are you tired of searching for good eyebrow care salons in your town? Highbrow make your best option.

Highbrow is the best salon for eyebrow threading in Tampines. It is also home to professional and skilled staff. It makes them the leading hair and eyebrow care place in Tampines.

Their professional team will analyze your facial structure and make suggestions on what may suit you. They also provide attentive and personalized services.

Their brow treatments are long-lasting. They try their best to provide a natural look. That’s why they pay keen attention to the details.

Highbrow is the name for professionals. This salon is well-equipped with all the latest devices. In addition, their services are the best in the world. It makes them the best follicle salon for eyebrow embroidery in Singapore. Highbrow has partnered with ATOME to make its services more accessible. Try their services today and pay through ATOME.

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