JML Products Reviews

by Starry

Nov 15 2021

JML stands for John Mills Limited, a consumer goods firm founded in the United Kingdom that specialises in product advertising using video displays in retail establishments. The firm includes a wide range of items in the cleaning, homeware, health and beauty, cooking, DIY, and gifting areas

JML Singapore has an ever-expanding line of creative products to address common difficulties and make life easier.  Let’s talk about a few JML products in this article.

JML Juicers

Everyone agrees that eating more veggies and fruits is an important component of our daily diet, thus a juicer is a must-have in every home’s kitchen to receive your daily dose of fruits and vegetable vitamins. Look no further, for JML’s product design team has invented a juicer that not only mixes smoothies and protein shakes but also makes the completed product portable for take-away!

The JML Power Blender comes with two Sports Bottles, allowing users to combine and drink from the same 16-ounce bottle.

JML Master Gym

Master Gym is a low-impact multi-exercise equipment that you may install yourself (see installation video below). Legs are exercised in the bottom half, while upper arms, chest, and back are exercised in the top half. Depending on the user’s demands, they can be utilized together or independently. The handle features two knobs, one for adjusting the resistance and the other for selecting the desired height. Master Gym is able to suit the needs of the working class who suffer from muscular pains as a result of working long hours in the office, the elderly who have difficulty moving around freely, or simply those who appreciate convenience.

  • It aids in leg, upper arm, chest, and back exercise.
  • Up to 120kg of weight may be supported.
  • Suitable for working-class people teenagers, and the elderly, especially those who are unable to engage in strenuous activities
  • Arthritis, shoulder aches, back and neck pains, weak knees, and swollen feet are all relieved.
  • Arm, thigh, and back muscles are strengthened.

JML Home Furnishings

Many individuals despise doing housework. Housewives would prefer to go shopping then do all the cleaning if they had the option. What if you had magical gadgets to assist you with your household chores?

Ironing Board Cover with Iron Rest Pad is one of JML’s most popular items, as it will assist in securing your clothing with its distinctive cotton non-slip surface, allowing you to iron with ease. Make washing easy with the Ultimo Casa height-adjustable rack system, which has three detachable bars.

JML Livington Prime Cordless Vacuum

The Livington Prime Cordless Vacuum, which features a flexible telescopic arm that provides for more control when cleaning each corner, is a highly recommended cordless vacuum.

 It can be converted to a shorter handheld vacuum for cleaning vehicle mats, house edges, beds, and a variety of other areas.

It has three attachments: a grout nozzle for tight spaces, a brush for cleaning carpets and linens, and a furniture brush for cleaning upholstery.

After a full charge, the vacuum cleaner may run for up to 20 minutes of continuous use. It’s simple and time-saving to clean out crumbs and dust from its dust collection container.

JML Secrete Beauty

Do you suffer from oily skin that causes acne and other skin issues?

When you perspire during the day and try to wipe it off with a tissue, does your make-up smudge?

 Is it possible that the blotting sheet isn’t working?

The JML Beauty Secret, a revolutionary new natural cleansing tool that helps you have clear, healthy skin swiftly and comfortably, will keep your skin ultra-clean and your make-up looking fantastic all day.

The Beauty Secret is an extremely absorbent and soft stone made entirely of genuine volcanic metamorphic stone. It also cleanses, hydrates, soothes and regenerates your skin, according to scientific evidence. It has also been evaluated in the lab for bacteria removal and oil absorption.

How to Apply

By rubbing the skin with the roller, the volcanic stone’s ion-exchanging activity releases beneficial far-infrared waves, which improve circulation tightness, and skin elasticity.

Its tiny size and lightweight make it easy to carry in your make-up bag. It’s also simple to clean; simply rinse and dry with a towel.

Prominent Features

  • Made from fine nano natural volcanic particles, this face wash eliminates oil and pollutants.
  • At the same time, it massages and cleans the face.
  • It’s little and easy to use. It may be taken with you wherever and at any time.
  • When used, it does not smear make-up.
  • Calcium, potassium, iron, and magnesium, are all present.
  • Unclogs pores, keeps it moisturized, and cleans the skin.
  • Reduces and helps in the prevention pimples and blackheads

JML Blast Vac Pro

With Blast Vac Pro, you can keep your surroundings dust-free and make housework easier. This JML vacuum comes with 13 different attachments and is a lightweight, portable vacuum and blower that can be used for a variety of applications.

 You can blow away dried leaves, sweep crumbs off your counter, dust curtains and textiles, vacuum up trash on the floor, and many other things by swapping out the attachment each time. These various attachments let you to reach all of your home’s tight spaces.

How to Buy JML Products in Singapore?

If you prefer to buy online, go to to place an order during their major deals, where you can acquire household and kitchen supplies for a fraction of their original price. Check out and pay with Atome, take advantage of JML Singapore specials, and pay for your favourite items in three instalments.

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