Is Nudie Jeans Singapore really a transparent clothing brand around the world?

by Starry

Mar 24 2021

Nudie Jeans Singapore believes in the concept that transparency represents an ultimate tool for change, not the end goal.

In general fashion clothing without needed transparency, there’s no possible way to adequately address non-compliances within the supply chains. And it’s the company’s responsibility to respect everyone involved in safe and secure production and lessen the environmental impact.

In 2013, one of the company’s owners revealed that one day, they are undoubtedly going to be the most transparent denim brand around the world. That prediction was reliable to some extent because they are satisfactory on their way to transparency. In December 2020, they took a one step forward by carefully introducing Product-Level Transparency.

What’s The Main Concept of Nudie Jeans Singapore?

Just like in every relationship, Honesty is the key. And with the customer, the brands should share every bit of relevant information about the garments from Nudie Jeans.

How the Denim Jeans Company Is Working To Keep Its Sustainability, Tracked?

The nudie jeans are keeping a track of everything within the supply chain and making enormous improvements which are said to be a never-ending process.

In 2013, nudie jeans was the first brand in the industry to open the door and let you see the production situation. They also examine many of their suppliers every year and are committed to the progress of the social and environmental wellbeing of everyone involved in creating Nudie Jeans products. Working together with the suppliers, forming stronger bonds, makes it possible to distribute data with our customers, therefore, constituting an example of transparency.

All the company’s complex work is paying off, and they are continuously making progress in days. You are capable of witnessing the production of your product from raw material to the finishing stages of manufacturing. For each step, you’ll find additional info, and in some cases, you’ll be able to read audit summaries as well. Isn’t it astonishing to be a part of such a great and transparent nudie jeans Singapore?

Nudie Jeans Singapore Supports Reusable jeans. How?

They have made it possible for more potential customers to acquire their most sustainable product – Reuse jeans. They performed this by launching Re-use Online. They repaired more Nudie Jeans than ever in 2018 and with their Mobile Repair Station they have traveled to new destinations all over the globe to repair our customers’ jeans.

Their vision is to become the most sustainable denim company around the globe.

In 2018, they also replaced their leather patch with a patch made from paper (on all of their denim), marking yet another essential step in sustainability work.They also use the “Keep the Balance” campaign to focus on communication on sustainable development, conveying information about organic cotton, living wages and maintenance and reuse activities.

They believe in communicating by doing and enabling the products to carry the sustainability message. Nudie jeans equally value the opportunity to inform enthusiastic customers by promoting sustainable consumption patterns.

They developed their own sustainable material tool to further clarify how to define sustainable materials. The successful company’s sourcing strategy has helped in tackling future challenges while staying true to Nudie Jeans’ core values, economic development, security, and anti-corruption strategies. Following this direction delivers the company a realistic chance to incorporate sustainability in all aspects of their products in routine operations. Want to shop for Mom Jeans for a change? Read more for details.

Final Thoughts

Being part of an industry with such high use of natural resources, you must acknowledge their role and focus on their efforts on high-risk impact areas, which are cotton growing and wet processing.

Nudie Jeans Singapore is extremely proud of what they have accomplished so far, and by continuing their practical approach to sustainability, they are also taking further steps toward a leading position in the fashion and denim industry.

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