Most elegant ways to wear Mom Jeans in 2022

by Starry

Jan 21 2022

Which mom jeans are the best in 2022? It’s no surprise that jeans have remained one of the most popular styles of bottom wear for decades due to their versatility in design and unmatched comfort.

Jeans are now available in a variety of styles, sizes, lengths, cuts, colours, and designs to suit any taste and fashion style, making them simple to combine with other clothing and include in ensembles.

If you are a jeans lover as well and confused between which one to pick, mom jeans or boyfriend jeans! What’s the difference between both of them, and what are the different ways to style them? This post covers it all!

Let’s begin!

Mom Jeans – An Overview

Due to their unusual cut, mom jeans are regarded to be the least desired of all the jeans types available.

In the 1970s, mom jeans were fashionable among stay-at-home moms and housewives. Because of their broad hips and crotch cut, as well as their high waist, they were quite comfortable to wear.

They were a favourite of women going about their day running errands and wanted to wear something utilitarian over anything glamorous or eye-catching because the design was also rather modest.

Mom jeans became fashionable among younger women in the 1980s, and you may see them on ladies in their early 20s as well as those who are older wearing them about town.

Best Features of Mom Jeans

Mom jeans are high-waist jeans, straight-cut legs, occasionally an elasticized waist, and wide-cut hips and crotch in terms of design and cut.

Mom jeans have a loose fit on the thighs and hips, making the back look flatter and drawing attention away from the lower body’s contour.

Mom jeans fit well on most bodies since they tend to curve the hips while providing a very comfortable fit without the tightness of other types of jeans for people who are heavier on the thighs.

From the 1900s to 2022, mom jeans outfits have always been on top of the fashion chart. Hence, if you are looking for some charismatic trends to wear mom jeans this year, here are a few to follow:

Loose-fitting denim mom jeans

We love the idea of pairing cropped mom jeans with a flirty top and vampy heels, and yes, kitten heels are totally acceptable if sky-high stilettos aren’t your thing.

Loose-fitting denim has a tendency to feel super casual, and a little masculine, mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are pretty closely related after all, which is why we love the idea of pairing cropped mom jeans with a flirty top and vampy heels tucking your top in, regardless of design, keeps you from getting buried in all that fabric and gives the illusion of a smaller waist.

Oversized top with mom jeans

Remember how we mentioned you should tuck your top into your mom jeans at all times? There are, however, certain exceptions to this rule. Take, for example, a warm tunic sweater that falls just below your hips. Mom jeans with a slightly more fitting leg will go best with this ensemble.

 Adding a pair of patterned pointy-toe shoes to your ensemble, whether heels or flats, guarantees that you seem polished and elegant rather than frumpy.

Edgy black mom jeans

With black mom jeans, you can create a fashionable, edgy casual appearance. A pair of black mom jeans may be sleek, slimming, and for a stunning ensemble as a good medium between refined and rebellious.

For a dramatic style, pair it with a similar black leather jacket and studded accessories. Style your comfy jeans with a basic white t-shirt and matching shoes to tone them down. There are a plethora of black mom jeans ensembles to try out, making them a wardrobe staple for any lady.

Ripped mom jeans

A pair of ripped mom jeans can be worn by any lady to create an edgy and stylish look. This design is both comfy and cool, making it ideal for a daytime outfit.

Wear an equally distressed top, such as your favourite vintage band shirt to round off your look. Wear fishnets or lace tights underneath your torn jeans and a matching blacktop for a layered effect.

You’ll want to keep your stylish cut-up jeans at home for more formal situations, such as a dinner date or the office since they’re perfect for a brunch date or a casual excursion with friends. Wear them with a slick jacket, a patterned shirt, and ankle boots to dress them up.

Revive 1900s fashion with mom jeans outfits

If you prefer ’90s style, there’s no better way to update your wardrobe than with a pair of ’90s-inspired mom jeans. Mom jeans from the 1990s provide the greatest vintage vibe and adaptability that denim has to offer. For the ultimate rock appearance, pair your jeans with a long, checkered flannel shirt and a solid or lacy bandeau.

You’re ready to go with a choker, combat boots, and a crossbody purse! But you don’t have to dress in black or studs to live out your ’90s nostalgic fantasies. Consider wearing a shirt with colour-blocked designs, a geometric pattern, or contrasting colours to dress up. Finish the ensemble with a bright purse and a pair of flamboyant kitten heels or big sneakers.

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