Coolest ways to wear a skort

by Starry

Jan 24 2022

Skort is officially back in style, much like glossy lips, flatforms, and all of our other favourite Y2K fashion fads. It was only a tiny step from the stylish pleated tennis skirts we bought in spring to a skirt/shorts mix, so we’re not shocked. The 2022 style is divided into two categories: sleek and classy, and very athletic! Read on to learn four fashionable ways on incorporating this trend into your summer wardrobes.

Skort meaning:

The skort is a composite word, meaning it was created by combining the sounds and meanings of two separate words. The words skirt and short have been merged in this situation. Skorts were created as feminine-looking sports garments, and they were mostly used by tennis and golf players.

How to wear skorts in style?

  1. Elevate a mini with beige and camel shades

Skorts are usually significantly shorter than skirts since they have shorts built-in. If you’re afraid that the shorter hems will make you seem infantile or like you’re still wearing the same dress from last weekend’s party, stick to warm neutral colours like camel, chocolate brown, or beige. These hues tend to appear costlier than bright colours or delicate flowers, and you may add to the opulence by using textiles like suede, cashmere, or silk.

  1. Silhouettes with a pointed skort

This Zara garment was literally possessed by every wannabe fashionista back in 2013, to the point that it is now inextricably tied to the early days of fashion blogging and the growth of street style. Wearing it now, as much as it was appreciated back then, would make you appear like you’re stuck in the past or on your way to a costume party, neither of which is the feeling we’re trying for. Leave this style behind in favour of a more modern form, such as a pleated or wrap design.

  1. Complete sports inspiration ensemble

Wear your tennis-style skorts with shoes and a Rubgy pullover or a graphic shirt to embrace the athletic feelings. Coco Bassey, a Coterie member, reinvented Wimbledon whites to create a lively, contemporary look that perfectly balances fashion and function.

  1. Pair crisp basics with a pleated style

Pleated skirts and skorts are very popular right now, but they can easily appear as they belong in a prep school uniform. Sleek, elegant accessories and simple necessities are the easiest way to make this style seem grown-up and stylish, rather than like you’re channelling the new cast of Gossip Girl. Simple stud earrings, a chain-strap crossbody, and gold chain necklaces should do the trick with a black crewneck tee and fresh white shoes.

  1. Go for fun prints

Instead of adding additional patterns to the mix, wear your lovely new fun-print skort with upscale essentials like a pair of matching boots, a sleek black T-shirt bodysuit, or a plain white sweatshirt and flat strappy shoes to avoid seeming like you picked it up in the junior’s area. Avoid anything too slouchy or large; a fitting sweater will seem more put-together than one that is sloppy or excessive.

  1. Timeless denim skorts

Add a jean skort to your denim collection this autumn. Lovet, Alexander McQueen, Balenciaga, and Stella McCartney all employed the traditional Americana material in their fall shows, presenting us with various interpretations of the modest denim skort.

  1. Leather skorts (Micro Mini)

Micro minis were featured on the runways of Miu Miu and Versace for Spring and Fall 2021, and the high hemlines are sticking around for the cold weather season. Choose from traditional A-line designs or modern mini-leathers, which all look great with transparent tights and loafers or a mid-calf boot.

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