Here’s How to Score a Date This Valentine’s Day

by jiatongma

Mar 06 2023

Valentine’s Day means that love is in the air, and even people who’ve been single the entire year want to find their special someone and have a romantic day out. And, of course, there are chocolates, one Valentine’s staple nobody wants to miss out on.

While you can definitely treat yourself, you might want to get to know someone new and see where it takes you. Not everyone knows how to approach people since it’s not something in their comfort zone.

But you’ll never get there if you don’t try, so we’ve compiled a few ways to help you score a date this Valentine’s Day.

Rehearse Conversations Beforehand

People often go on first dates around this time of the year, but it doesn’t go further than wishing each other a Happy Valentine’s Day. But carrying a conversation is more work than that; you need to be able to keep things smooth and connect with your partner.

Dating isn’t a science, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t a few tried and tested tricks. Rehearsing your conversation beforehand is a great way to make sure there aren’t any awkward silences where it’s just you, your date, and the scraping of utensils.

Before going out, you can think of a few topics you’d like to discuss and try to find common interests. And it’s even more important for a second or third date after you’ve exhausted all the common topics.

See if you’re comfortable conversing; rehearsing helps because it makes you nervous since you’re not panicking over what you’ll say next.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone

Everyone wants to stay in their own bubble without ever having to step out of their comfort zone, but the truth is that life doesn’t work that way. If you’re an introvert, your friend circle is probably limited, and you have a set routine.

If you’re serious about wanting to date, you’ll need to do things you might not initially be comfortable with. You can start a new sport, try getting into a new hobby, or even make a positive change to your looks. A makeover is a great way to feel confident.

Once you start feeling better about yourself, you’ll naturally be more confident when approaching new people. Singapore has a lot of great dating spots, and you can explore them with your friends before you meet your special someone.

The trick to finding a good partner is being open to trying new things because someone won’t just fall into your lap.

Explore New Places to Meet People

If your friend circle stays the same, and your routine includes your workplace, home, and just a few favorite restaurants, it’s obvious that you won’t be able to meet someone you’d like to date. Obviously, you’d already be with them if you liked someone around you.

Try not to be too consistent with what you do. Try out different restaurants with your friends, try something daring like skydiving or bungee jumping, and just don’t hesitate to visit new places in general.

The more people you meet, the more likely you are to meet someone you’d want to date. Sometimes, you might have an instant connection with someone because of common interests.

Other times, it might take a while to develop a mutual understanding. Who knows, you might end up with someone completely unexpected. And next time, you’ll celebrate with your special person instead of asking when Valentine’s Day is.

Ask Friends to Introduce You

You have to consider that your friends have other people they know, and they could introduce you to someone. This has a lot of benefits; your friends know your personality well.

They know what you like and dislike, and who knows? There might be someone in their circle similar to you. Once you let your friends know you’re open to dating and meeting new people, they’ll be on the lookout for someone who goes well with you.

It might be a coworker or even a relative. Since you met with a common acquaintance, you’ll have a solid base to start on. And since you already know at least a few things you have in common, it’s easier to start a conversation.

There are a lot of date ideas in Singapore you can try, and trying new things together is always a great way to keep the relationship fresh and have fun.

Try Online Dating

There’s a reason there’s a new dating website or app popping up all the time: it works. People tend to hesitate to use technology to meet new people, but it works just like your friends might.

You’re listing your interests and hobbies, and finding people with similar mindsets and personalities is much easier.

You could even go on a website that matches you to people based on what you’re looking for in an ideal partner. These often arrange group dates, so you can also interact with others.

This creates a relaxed atmosphere, and you can start things slowly.

Of course, you should remember to be safe and inform someone where you’re going if you’re meeting someone alone for the first time.

But other than that, you can focus on having a great time and enjoying your Valentine’s Day dinner.

Waterfall Lounge – For a Picturesque Date

A restaurant with a relaxed ambiance that creates a comfortable atmosphere is perfect for any day out, but it’s especially suitable for a first date where you’re just getting to know each other.

Waterfall Lounge is a product of Furama Riverfront, and it’s perfect for nature lovers. The restaurant has amazing food and doubles as a café with great coffee, but that’s not the best part.

What sets it apart is obvious from its name, it’s located in front of a 20 ft. waterfall in the middle of a natural forest reserve. It’s the perfect site to relax with a great book and coffee and doubles as a great date spot.

While takeout’s available, the charm of the lounge lies in enjoying the sound of the water paired with savory snacks on a clear day.

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Waterfall Lounge is Atome’s partner merchant

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