How to Add Sparkle to Your Look – A Guide By [in]trigue

by Starry

Jun 04 2021

Adding glam to your outfit can happen in seconds with only the right accessory on your hands, fingers, neck, or ears. Are you looking to glam up and shine like a diamond? Then what are you waiting for? The new update [in]trigue has a new variety of conceptual jewellery for you to try. It’s about time to create your own story.

Conceptual jewellery is a piece of art that has a story of its own. Every curve, every jewel in the piece of specific conceptual jewelry, has a background history and its own story of origin to tell. It is beautiful to wear something that has a story to tell.

Subtle to glamour

Wearing conceptual jewellery has many ways. The best way is to be able to go from an office look to a glamorous evening look. For example, you can look into the Dew trio earrings- Rhodium; it is a fact of your hair. When your hair is tied up with these earrings, it is a work or an office look; your professional look is made more elegant but with your hair down with a little blow-dry. You can go from a day look to an evening look in seconds.

You can also get the druzy line studs at [in]trigue as their conceptual jewellery collection. With studs, a ring is a must. It is known that women like their hands with rings or nail paints on them as it adds bling to them. You can get yourself a dewdrop ring to wear for a beautiful collection and add a little more sparkle to your look; another beautiful ring is the dewdrop trio-rhodium ring for adding sparkle to your attire; your regular look.

[In]trigue collection

Intrigue is a conceptual jewellery store that has been established to tell stories of every piece they won. It has a variety of jewelry for everyone to wear. These collections are not just pieces of jewelry; though they are beautiful and intricate, every item has a background to portray and a story that could be made yours.

At this store, you can find the following conceptual jewellery in their collection;

1. Shop

a. Earrings

b. Rings

c. Necklace

d. Bracelets/ Bangles

e. Engravables

f. Gifts

The shop characterizes each piece very sophisticated and elegantly. They have something for everyone, an idea, and a story to tell.

2. Collection

a. Knots

b. The preconceptions

c. The courage fund

d. Heart

e. Rose

f. Reminisce

g. Voyage

h. Pharaoh

i. Sparkle

j. Pleats

k. Dewdrops

l. Euclidean poetry

m. Linear

n. Gaea’s Trove

Intrigue stores have outdone themselves with the series of and types of conceptual jewellery in their harbor.

How can Atome help

Atome being an app that brings all the top brands to your screens. It is a Singaporean app that has an amazing motto “buy now and pay later.” The atome app serves as a platform for all fashion, health, travel, etc., on your screen. Now that Atome has collaborated with [in]trigue for its conceptual jewelry, you can buy it in a split second without losing a thought to the pennies you may lose because you can easily pay off with three easy installments you have purchased your desired product.

This means that now you can buy all your favorite selected items and pay for them when you can. Therefore, the feasible payment policy is the best characteristic of this app besides being a user-friendly and easily approachable app.

Stunning day looks

As the era modernizes, it is seen that a natural look is always applauded for. This means minimal makeup, nude lip color, and a matte dressing. This helps in bringing out the true personality of a person. Still, in addition to the attire making it a little more elegant, you can always add a small piece of conceptual jewellery to your look, which could be an earpiece, a ring, and even a necklace.

The good thing about conceptual jewellery is that they are not very glittery or sparkly. Still, they are so intricate and elegant that they add a zing to your personality and overall look. They are all in subtle and matte colors with a raw-looking metal on them. Because it is the story that matters, the finesse is in the sharp curves and edges on these pieces. Wearing one such piece of jewelry would be seen from miles ago as they are made to be very eye catchy.

If you are interested in bangles or bracelets, you can look into the [in]trigue collection of conceptual jewellery to wear. The thing about bracelets and bangles is that you cannot always wear them because most of the day’s attire is long sleeves and mostly coats. You can add it to your evening collection when you want to add more bling to your look. Bracelets and big bagels are a way to go. Also, a big talisman necklace or a pendant can always look good with a bangle,

Stunning evening looks

Evening looks are always more prominent, more sparkling, and even more glittery. It is simply explained why because, in the day, all the impurities and purities are easily visible through natural light. While at night, the background is dark, and so is the natural light, which means vision becomes limited.

For evening attire, you need something more to have an eye-catching look. Such as a piece of bigger conceptual jewellery that can be seen in a black dress. Or hoops or big stone earrings that can be flashed around with your hair open. Or a big bangle that matches your necklace and adds a little more bling to the entire look.

If you want to turn your day look into an evening look with a little more makeup on your lips, your eyelids, and the addition of conceptual jewellery is the way to go about it. That being said, you do not only need a special occasion to glam up and look pretty; you can add beautiful pieces to the already look you have on. No one said you could not have an extraordinary look on you while you work because it does not only give you an elegant look rather the confidence to go through the day no matter how tough. 


Having jewelry is a part of being a woman. But with conceptual jewelry, you can change the perspective of the eyes that are on you. Each piece can tell a story, and it portrays the raw parts of you. It also shows how you embrace your rough and curved edges. These pieces aim to add glam to your daily look.

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