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by Starry

Nov 29 2021

ORN SG was opened with the sole purpose of providing fashionable and smart, as well as affordable jewelry. Jewelry and other accessories play an equally important part in dressing up. Accessories should be as stylish as the occasion demands it. Sometimes they should be subtle to mark the occasion’s solemnity, and at others, they should be loud enough to match the user’s mood.

Accessories By ORN SG for Every Occasion.

The shop’s curator, who is also the founder, took it upon herself to provide good quality accessories and jewelry items. It is not just the affordable prices that set ORN SG apart from the others; the high quality with which these items are made makes the difference.

Importance Of Accessories and Jewelry While Dressing Up

Accessories and jewelry complete the final look while dressing up. History stands witness to accessories being used through centuries. Different styles of jewelry have been used for different occasions. For instance, a diamond jewelry item marks the solemnity of a relationship. Diamonds are also used for special occasions.

The right piece of accessories worn at the right time can enhance the wearer’s beauty, and this provides great confidence.

Accessories are an important detail when it comes to dressing up. Accessories include small details but complete the overall effect indefinitely. A change of accessories with the same dress can bring out a different appearance. Accessories can include jewelry, bags, shoes, and hair accessories. Now, even masks and mask chains are an important feature for accessories. Bags and shoes have always been an important part of the complete look. The correct jewelry has always played a significant role in the completed look.

Accessories And Jewelry Are Available at ORN SG

ORN SG offers a variety of different items. They even offer clothes and dresses for both formal and informal occasions. They offer dresses and jumpsuits as well as pants and tops. Along with clothes, they offer the following accessories.


Hair has the power to take a look or destroy the look. Hair is the first item that enhances beauty; hence it is extremely important to ensure that your hair looks neat and clean. Hair clips, scrunches, and hairbands are all-important hair accessories. ORN SG has a variety of these at extremely reasonable prices. These hair accessories are decorative and will enhance the beauty apart from keeping the hair in place.


ORN SG has designed various bags that are stylish and practical, and yet affordable. These bags are in both formal and informal styles. There are tote bags, sling bags, and bags for you to choose from.

Mask chains

Now life is just not possible without a mask. You cannot go out without wearing a mask. There are a lot of easily available masks, but the problem is that these masks keep getting lost. ORN SG has designed some beautiful, lightweight mask chains that you can attach to your masks to keep them from getting lost. There are lots of mask chains for you to choose from.


There are various types of earrings.

  • Stud earrings are beautiful small earrings that remain within the ear lobe. Stud earrings generally have one stone embedded with maybe a small intricate detail. Stud earrings are ideal for casual wear and enhance the beauty of casual wear. These are preferred for younger girls.

ORN SG has a wide variety of hoop earrings in big and small sizes. They can be used for a casual and formal outfit, depending upon the design of the hoops.

  • Drop Earrings are the longer version. They drop beyond the ear lobes hence the name, drop earrings. ORN SG has some beautiful designs under this category. They are ideal for evening wear and complete the glamour of any cocktail dress.
  • Ear Cuffs are for those who don’t want their ears pierced but still like to wear ear ornaments. These are adjustable earrings that you can adorn at any time. 


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