Have a Fun Shoot at Salt and Light Archery

by Starry

Nov 19 2021

These days, a number of people in Singapore have started to take an interest in archery and are looking to learn some of the archery skills. Although archery is a unique and incredible sport, learning it can add some extra benefits to you. It is undoubtedly a safe and fun activity for the entire family and is helpful in improving physical strength and improves mental toughness. There are a number of archery clubs in Singapore where you can have an excellent instructor to learn the proper archery skills, but Salt and Light Archery stands out from the competition because of their professionalism and passion for making you learn this great sport. With Salt and Light Archery, you can have a joy of archery without being exposed to the sun because of the indoor and semi-open venues.

Salt and Light Archery Review

This is a one-stop solution for archery enthusiasts that belong to any age group or level. There is a wide range of services offered by the Salt and Light Archery which includes their famous beginner course, recreation, youth classes, many private events, as well as their archery shop Singapore.

In this Salt and Light Archery Review, we focus on the statement in the tagline of the Salt and Light Archery is that it is ‘More than just shooting arrows,’ which means that besides teaching archery, it helps to shape your values, characters and make your build friendships in the long run. Therefore, you can be pretty sure that you will not only have technical shooting skills but also a perfect environment guided by professional and supportive staff.

Main features of Salt and Light Archery

  • Besides having semi-open and indoor archery venues, Salt and Light Archery has a broad archery field to offer you a guaranteed whole experience where you will learn some great techniques and enjoy your time.
  • They have a piece of complete equipment as well as protective gear that can be provided to you on rent which is available in their archery shop Singapore.
  • They have professional coaches that offer you on-site teaching as well as give you proper guidance, which includes standing, holding the bow, and aiming.
  • It is suitable for all levels and offers its services to all ages, from children to the elderly.

Salt and Light Archery Price

The Salt and Light Archery price is affordable, and this is their main draw as it starts from $5 per hour or $25 per day so that the archers are able to unleash their inner Hawkeye. Those who don’t have equipment can rent a set, which consists of a bow, a protector, an armed guard, arrows as well as a quiver starting at $10 per day.

Their one-hour fun shoot, which costs around $35 per session, is also superb, as you will be introduced to the basics of the sports as a trained instructor will guide you with everything. Those who would love to try something new should be going with this particular package in order to have a quick and comprehensive overview of what is needed to be known in order to get started.

Although there are some great experience programs, Salt and Light Archery also offers some professional archery courses. Your coach will be teaching you hands-on and will be making you a sharpshooter in just a single day. Parents have the option of bringing their children, while any other people who are interested to know more about the course can visit their official website to check the details.

How to book at Salt and Light Archery

Usually, their ranges are open for the regular archers and the walk-in, which means that they can visit any time. However, it is always advised to have Salt and Light Archery booking in advance by visiting their official website or the Facebook page.

Use Atome to enjoy Salt and Light Archery

It doesn’t matter whether you have been inspired by The Hunger Games or you would like to try out a new sport, Salt and Light Archery will give you the best archery experience. You need to understand that this is a relatively affordable range so that you can give this sport a shot, and there are a number of courses for the adults as well as children that will prove that archery is not about just shooting arrows; it is also helpful in shaping our values and characters in the coming future. Salt and Light Archery has partnered with Atome to provide their users with 3 easy, interest-free payments.

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