What’s Your Signature Fragrance?

by jiatongma

Sep 20 2022

Everyone has a taste in fragrances that can be exclusive to them or mutually appreciated by the rest as well. Harum Sg will help you navigate through the trivia of perfumes in Singapore so that you reach a conclusive and educated verdict about choosing one for yourself!

Why do people like to wear perfume? What is the role of fragrances?

Harum SG knows that a good perfume has the capacity to sweep a person off their feet. This is why Harum SG has a top-tier name in the league of manufacturing perfumes in Singapore, especially perfumes for men. But do you know that perfumes go beyond the pleasant aromatic sensation and have many benefits for us? This is why we are drawn to fragrant smells.

Keeps your body odor at bay

Starting from the bare minimum benefits of fragrances, fragrances keep you fresh and make you appear clean and tidy, even if you aren’t! This way, you’re able to stay at the top of your game and always on the go. Not smelling good isn’t as bad as smelling pungently. Unfortunately, some people sweat so profusely that no matter how many times they shower, they smell putridly repugnant. This goes a long way in compromising a person’s personality. On the contrary, a pleasantly smelling person emanates a different aura that positively influences your work life.

Wearing good perfume is a mood enhancer

Perfumes are not just for the sake of leaving a good impression on others but serve an important role for the wearer as well. Exposure to a good, fragrant smell releases endorphins that alleviate your mood and make you feel happy and content. A good perfume does wonders in boosting confidence as well.

Perfumes make a person much more attractive

You can wear the freshest clothes, you can wear the most expensive shoes or the watch, but nothing impresses more than an irresistible fragrance emanating out of you. As a matter of fact, of all the senses of smell implicated in finding someone attractive, the sense of smell plays the strongest and the most vital role.

Perfumes can act as an aphrodisiac

Some perfumes can act as an aphrodisiac, especially if they contain pheromones. So, if you’ve got eyes on someone special, try something subtle but promising instead of making futile endeavors; wear very good perfume and stick to that perfume. Olfactory memory is extremely strong (the reason why we immediately feel nostalgic when we smell something from our childhood days), and you can use this to your benefit; People may associate you with a particular scent and think of you when you smell good all the time.

Aromatherapy is a medical wonder therapy under the pipeline

Good fragrances’ therapeutic benefits are another compelling reason to smell good. Citrus fruits, certain winter spices, and floral perfumes can help soothe the mind and give you a lasting feeling of tranquility and serenity. Smelling good makes you feel over the moon, helping you curtail stress and anxiety. Moreover, good smells can help with insomnia and abates certain types of headaches, and certain smells like lemongrass and lavender are even being studied for their antiepileptic properties!

What are the fragrance types?

There are five different categories and classes of perfumes.

Parfum or Perfume

These are the purest of all. They contain the highest concentration of perfume extract (the essential oils that are responsible for the fragrance), with as much as 20-30% of essential oils within the fragrance blend. They’re much oilier and heavier than the rest of the five types. And since they are the most concentrated of all, it is intuitive that they last the longest. Contrary to their high concentration, they’re the recommended choice for people with sensitive skin since they contain the least percentage by mass of alcohol – the caustic substances that are vitriolic for the skin.


In terms of concentration, after the trailblazers (parfums/perfumes), they are the runners-up in the category containing 15 to 20% essential oil concentrates. Since it has a slightly lower concentration than its rivals in this category, they contain greater contents of adulterants – i.e., water and alcohol. They can last anywhere between 6-8 hours, and regardless of the relatively higher alcohol content than parfums, they’re still within the safer limits of alcohol concentration to be used by people with sensitive skin.


EAU DE TOILETTE contains 5-15% of the essential oil concentrate. This is a lighter formula that is typically used in spray bottles. And even though much more affordable than EAU DE PARFUM, they last a staggering 2-4 hours! And the reason for dissipating relatively more quickly than the EAU DE PARFUM and Parfums is the low concentrations of the essential oils submerged in a greater percentage of alcohol.


These run a famous and misleading misnomer of being considered perfume for men exclusively, while quite the contrary is true; there are EAU DE COLOGNE perfumes for women as well. They have a lesser percentage of the essential oil concentrate (2-4%). These come in large bottles because we might need to reapply 2-hourly.


Of all the five classes, these are the most mediocre ones, containing the highest percentage of adulterants and, complimentarily, the least concentration of fragrant essential oils. Eu Fraiche is named after the main active ingredient within these scents; water. This lasts for an hour at best and is used as a last resort to freshen up casually.

How to choose your own perfume? Does Harum SG give any suggestions?

There is no hard and fast rule in choosing perfumes. If you’re a budding enthusiast with little to no prior experience, you can use the internet to your advantage and search for popular perfumes within that price range. Then you need to try each of the perfumes and shortlist the ones you liked the most. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a Parfum or an EAU FRAICHE; the heart wants what the heart wants, and you may even buy something irrespective of its cheap price tag.

You must have all the perfumes tested on a tester stick. Don’t make an impulsive decision. Annotate those tester sticks with the perfume that has been sprayed on them, and then keep them all in a separate pocket in your purse, jacket, or any other compartment that keeps these sticks separate. Then after a couple of hours, smell the stick and then determine which one clicks the best with you.

What is Harum Sg? How to get it with Atome?

Harum SG houses the best perfumes for men and the best perfumes for women. Harum SG values the environment the most; it is vegan, cruelty-free, and travel-friendly. Harum Sg doesn’t conduct testing on animals, doesn’t use animal products/ ingredients, and ensures that their suppliers also comply. The fragrances are packaged in compact glass bottles, making them a class apart making them convenient for traveling as they can be easily tucked away in any small compartment.

Harum SG has earned the reputation for producing the best perfumes for men of all the perfumes in Singapore because it has one of the longest-lasting perfumes in Singapore, lasting for up to 8 hours on a single application. Note that longevity is subject to activity, temperatures, and the degree of perspiration.

Harum SG and Atome

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