What Candles Are Good For Relaxing?

by Starry

Jul 20 2021

Have you ever heard of aromatherapy? Everyone loves earthy and amazing scents that stimulate the brain to relax the mind and body. If you need a candle that can relieve your stress and relax you all, get yourself a to be a calm candle. If you are looking for natural and easy ways to relax your mind and body, you should get scented candles from to be a calm candle.

To be calm is a store that understood how the world is getting depressed and stressed in the pandemic, so they introduced their to be a calm candle for isolated individuals to feel relaxed and release the unwanted stress.

To Be Calm- Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is a therapy that uses scents for helping the patient to relax and help them with their health. In aromatherapy, different essential oils are used, which have different scents that stimulate different parts of the brain. The To be calm candle is a candle that has essential oils and different tones and notes of scents in them—these candles, when lit, have the aroma all over the room. If you have multiples of candles from to be a calm candle in different rooms, you can have a whole different ambiance and feeling in every room.

The To be calm candle is known to have overpowering scents. They have plenty of solid scents and even blends of very floral and earthy scents, which suppress stress and bring out happy emotions. To be calm, candle scents trigger relaxing feelings and memories, which help the brain relax and feel happy overall.

Benefits of to be the calm candle

The To be calm candle is an amazing mood-elevating gadget that can be used at home anywhere you sit. There are many benefits of these amazing candles; some of these are:

1. They help relieve depression, anxiety, and other stressful effects.

2. It helps relax the body when times get tough

3. It helps cope with loss and pain

4. It gives every room a separate ambiance.

5. The To be calm candle is long-lasting and has powerful scents; these scents linger on even when they are not lit.

6. It is an easy and handier way to get aromatherapy at a very feasible price.

Which places need aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be made an integral part of your life wherever you are. You just need to make sure that the place is calm and sturdy enough to hold a candle without posing a fire hazard.

In bathrooms

If you’re one of those individuals who love taking long baths as a means to dissociate and relax, aromatherapy will be a great addition to this therapeutic respite. You can light a bath and body works aromatherapy candles in your washroom, play some light music and then sit back and relax while the candles burn away your stress and worries away.

In workspace

If your line of work involves stressful tasks, and you have a decent amount of cabin space with proper ventilation and no fire hazard (your work doesn’t revolve around handling flammable substances), there’s no reason otherwise not to include aromatherapy in your work. Not only will it make your line of work less taxing, but the added benefit of working in a stress-free environment also translates into greater productivity and efficiency.

In the doctor’s office

There’s a phenomenon called the “White-coat-effect” or the White coat hypertension. This refers to the rise in blood pressure when a patient visits their physician. And this isn’t something abnormal. Almost all the patients going to the doctor are anxious about their condition, their diagnosis, their prognosis, and the cost of treatment. This makes it an ideal space for the use of aromatherapy since patients need to be calm and feel safe and comfortable in a doctor’s office.

Perhaps the best use of aromatherapy would be in the psychiatrist’s office. Most people landing in a therapist’s office are struggling with debilitating anxiety and depression, and what better mood alleviator than aromatherapy where it’s best needed?

In libraries

The only reason a student prefers to ditch their house for the library is the calm and quiet environment that is optimal for studying and focusing. Aromatherapy in this scenario would help even more; due to its soothing effects on the mind, it will be of great help for students who are anxious enough to not be able to concentrate enough on their studies.

In Massage houses

Spas and massage houses are again the perfect places for aromatherapy; since people visit them for relaxing and rejuvenating themselves, aromatherapy massage can help manifolds in this des-stressing process. As a matter of fact, if you’ve ever been to a spa, a jacuzzi, or a massage house, aromatherapy candles and aromatherapy diffusers are a common and a mutual sight regardless of the venue you choose.

Best aromatherapy brands

There are many aromatherapy companies out there. But the problem is that not all of them are reliable. So, the two best aromatherapy Singapore companies are Aromatherapy Associates Limited and Lynk Artisan. Lynk Artisan is a Singapore-based, all-natural scent company catered to enthusiasts who enjoy aroma-driven mood enhancers to beautify their environments. Lynk Artisan has some of the greatest collections of scented candles, room sprays, Hand sanitizers, essential oils, shower streamers, gift sets, and washroom deodorizers.

The best-selling aromatherapy candles are White Tea Candle, Himalayan Bamboo Candle, White sage + Lavender Candle, Ginger + Lemongrass Candle, White Burch Candle, Paulo Santo + Myrrh Candle, Grapefruit + Mint Candle, and the Rose + Ylang Ylang Candle.

Best candles to avail

Aromatherapy comes in many forms. Such as humidifiers, using extracts in water, or spraying them in the room. Many people use poached spice as aromatherapy. But the most common way is to get scented candles. Such candles can be bought from to be a calm candle. There are many choices for you to choose from, such as:

1. Holiday: Coconut and lime

This scent from to be calm candle is a blend of coconut bongs and lime pina colada. The name represents a holiday candle that enhances the holiday feeling and refreshes happy moments and memories. It is like visiting a beach and sipping cocktails while the sun tans your skin and gives you a warm feeling. This candle helps in reducing your anxiety and the fear of being alone. The best candle one should have in the pandemic.

2. Embrace: Lavender and Neroli

The To be calm candle has plenty of scents. One of the most iconic duos is Lavender and Neroli. It is floral, and neroli has a very earthy scent. Both of these scents help in relaxing the mind and help relieve bodily stress. The lavender scent is always used in aromatherapy when you need the person to focus on one moment. While the bitter orange connects the person to nature. This To be calm candle helps in keeping a person grounded.

3. Journey: White tea and ginger

The journey from reality to the personal bubble allows complete serenity and peace. The Journey candle from to be calm is a beautiful creation that is made from blending the essence of white tea, which is mild and earthy, with ginger, a strong and mentally stimulating scent. A candle that has both these scents will have a very energizing and motivating effect on the brain.

4. Prosperity: White peony and tuberose

A very floral blend of two very intoxicating flowers that is extremely fragrant and sweet. The dual toxicity of these candles is overpowering every hurtful emotion and event. These scents are used for people who cannot channelize their emotions. The To be calm candle uses these scents incorporated in candles to help you avail aromatherapy at your home whenever you feel down.

5. Presence: Sandalwood, Oudh, and cedar

The scent of kings. Very powering and grounding scent. Sandalwood is known to have a very mild and sweet earthy scent, while the scent of the Oudh is strong and sweet. Adding a little piney, earthy scent of cedar. In aromatherapy, this scent is used to overcome overwhelming emotions and feel strong. The To be calm candle Presence is an amazing scent, and it captivates the person in the present moment. Keeping it real and subtle.

6. Just be Lemongrass and crushed lime

A super fresh and amazing scent to have at your home. It has both fruity and earthy notes to it. The To be calm candle Just be used two most amazingly zingy and fresh scents to blend and provide a therapy that will not only energize you but set your mood for good. The freshness of lime and the bitter-sweet scent of the lemongrass has a very positive effect on the mind.

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Stress and depression have become endemic as well. As the world changes, these disorders are increasing. To destress our bodies and mind, aromatherapy has been a very positive step. Taking those initiatives forward and making it a better essential for people to be calm candle are doing a great job.

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