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Jul 21 2021

Massage is one of the best forms of therapy. It makes you feel extremely comfortable. Elegance Beauty does the best job of rejuvenating the face and parts of the body such as nails and hair perfectly. The Elegant face body spa offers hairstyling, nail care, therapeutic massages and multiple kinds of facials to elevate beauty to extreme levels. Today, we have brought another excellent spa service from Elegance Beauty who provides an Elegant face body spa for the people of Singapore.

Elegance Beauty offers high class facial and body spas, along with facial mask services. Moreover, they have other treatments that will make you completely stress-free. They use high-quality supplements like oils, creams, facial balms for facial and body massage. In Fact, they do the best manicure and pedicures. From an Elegant face body spa, you can get a sleek face and other skin of the body.

There are different benefits from facial and body massages—the daily routine fatigue, the tension of work and moreover, to get out of the grid. The best way to relieve yourself is to get a massage from the Elegance face body spa. Once they start their work, you will realize how great it is—every part of the body from face to nails and the whole-body massage. Elegance Beauty is making it possible for you to do the best body facial and massage in Singapore.

About Elegance Beauty

Elegance Beauty is the best service provider to give ultimate comfort to their customers. They have a wide range of professional spas and other employers who work the best for it. Moreover, they are known for their Elegance face body spa. Their service has the best ratings. At Elegance Beauty, they take a holistic approach to treating their clients. Their core belief lies in helping both male and female clients to improve their overall well-being and regain confidence in the beauty and weight loss services.

Services offered at Elegance Beauty

For this self-care brand, the term elegant beauty does not only refer to a person’s external appearance or how others perceive them; instead, it has a more holistic meaning. Elegance Beauty is all about how individuals view themselves and how healthy they are physically, mentally, and spiritually. Keeping that in mind, the brand offers well-rounded and tailored services to nurture every client’s body, mind, and soul.


Achieve your desired figure by booking a treatment at one of the best institutions islandwide, the Elegance Beauty and Slimming Centre. The procedure uses an obesity management machine that works on the principles of high frequency and suction. This method not only helps you get in better shape but also rids your body of harmful substances, improves blood circulation, and boosts immunity.

Therapeutic Massage

Experience the beautiful elegance and countless benefits of treating yourself to an effective massage. No one does full body massages like Elegant Beauty. The procedure speeds up your body’s lymph drainage, which means getting rid of waste products and toxins faster. This world-class massage also gets your energy levels up, making sure that your muscles release all their tension. A session every weekend will make the upcoming week more productive and hassle-free.

Rejuvenating Facials

Your face needs pampering just like your body does. At Elegant Body, your face is treated with all the best tools and products for visible results. One of their most popular procedures is Aqua Therapy, which reverses the damage caused by UV Radiation, pollution, and aging, restoring your skin’s natural radiance. The therapy also counteracts physical and emotional stress so that you can feel like the best version of yourself. The Aqua Therapy is so effective that you will notice a 30% reduction in puffiness and redness right after the first session.

You can go the extra mile and book yourself a facial and a massage for a full body and face spa. Their body and face spa has received fantastic reviews, so you know the ultimate combination will deliver that unmatched elegance and relief.

Scalp Care

These treatments aim to give you the highly coveted healthy and lustrous locks with minimum breakage. Out of all the scalp treatments offered at Elegance Beauty, the Super Silk Rebonding with Nano Keratin is the one most in demand. It is great for taming thick and frizzy hair and for anyone who wants pin straight and silky hair. The best part is that this treatment works on reviving hair that has undergone chemical damage.

On top of treating your face and body with the aesthetic face and body spa, you can now also pamper your hair and scalp. Elegance Beauty offers the best self-care.

Benefits from Face Body Spa

You can get an outrageous benefit from an elegant face body spa. They have a wide range of experience in facial body massage and all other alternatives. The wisdom of getting you out of stress. They have the magic touch to make it possible.  There are more professional spas available from different fields. They know their work. They know how to make every muscle and bone of the body completely relaxed. The following are the benefits that you will get from the face body spa.

Helps in comfort

Massages and facials are a great way to seek comfort. Due to the fast-moving world, most working-class people do not have enough time for themselves. Give yourself time and consult with an Elegant face body spa. They will provide you with ultimate relief. The procedure will take time but it is worth it. You will get rid of all the stress and fatigue of your work and bring maximum comfort. Get relief from stress is like preventing you from contracting diseases. In fact, stress is a disease. Due to stress, people face physical problems in their bodies.

Facial benefits

It is a known fact that facial supplements make the skin brighter and smoother. It clears all the dirt and impurities from the face. Once a week, skin facials are essential. The face body spa knows how to do facials. They have the techniques of doing the best facial with all their requirements. Elegance Beauty provides spa service with the best professional facial services. There are more great benefits that you will get from facials.

Anti-aging wrinkles

The facial of the face gives many benefits. It can improve the skin’s overall appearance—the special supplements in the facial massage help prevent wrinkles. There are many other treatments for treating wrinkles, like laser treatment and other medicines and supplements. But the truth is drugs don’t work on it. This fact is because there is no cure for skin disease in medicines. It can only prevent it from spreading. By facial, you have a chance to get rid of it completely.

Bright and smooth face

Every day, pollutants and dirt make a face completely sticky. We often wash our face with different supplements, but it doesn’t clean it from the base. The only way to do it is to do facials. Facials officially clean the face from its core. By facial, you can get the brightest look. Facials create a smooth layer that lasts for a very long time. Facials are probably one of the best ways of increasing your beauty and making your face healthier.

Acne reduction

Stimulating the skin by rubbing can help promote blood circulation and reduce the appearance of acne. Some studies that provide evidence of acne in the development of acne are limited. Some people swear by having an olive oil massage to treat acne. The results vary, so if it’s something you’re interested in trying, try it in a small area before massaging your entire face. Don’t get too angry on your way. Avoid any sharp movements or exfoliants, especially in sensitive areas

How to book an appointment

The appointment process at Elegance Beauty is rather straightforward.

  1. Visit their website.
  2. Select the Contact Us tab in the top right corner.
  3. Fill in the fields with the required information.
  4. Click on Submit.
  5. Their team will contact you to set the date and time of your visit.
  6. You can also call them for more information.

Elegance Beauty near you

The establishment has two branches in Singapore, and you can head to the one closest to you to avail yourself of fabulous treatments.

  • 10 Anson Road # 02-25/26 International Plaza, S079903

[email protected]

+65 6221 8058

  • 111 Somerset Road # 02-51/52/53, S238164

[email protected]

+65 6235 6701

+65 6235 6702

Why choose Elegance Beauty?

The institution has made a name for itself by offering trustworthy and effective treatments to every client. External elegance and beauty aren’t their sole focus; rather, they provide well-rounded services to help people feel better in every way possible.

Highly Skilled Staff

When stepping into the spa, you have nothing to worry about as you will be met with a professional yet relaxing environment. Moreover, the personnel and staff members have undergone rigorous training to be perfect at what they do. So, if a bad experience from your past is holding you back, Elegance Beauty will definitely change your mind.

Herbal and Natural

All the tools, products, and procedures at Elegance Beauty are authentic and completely sound. The ingredients are packed with beneficial components entirely free of side effects. The spa curates top-of-the-line treatments for its clientele.


The treatments are worth every penny, and you will realize that after witnessing visible results. That will follow your first visit. Whether you book the massage, facial, or scalp treatment, you will be glad about your decision. Trust Elegance Beauty to deliver on its promise of a holistic experience.

Elegance Beauty x Atome

The unmatched procedures and treatments aren’t the only great thing about choosing Elegance Beauty; the brand is also a partner of Atome’s.

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How to pay with Atome?

The app can be conveniently used to pay for online and in-store purchases. When at Elegance Beauty, follow these steps to pay for your treatments.

  1. Open the Atome application and scan the QR code at the payment counter.
  2. Enter the total amount billed.
  3. Apply the available discount voucher, if any.
  4. Review the payment schedule.
  5. Make the first payment and enjoy your treatment!
  6. The following payments are automatically charged to the credit or debit card linked to your Atome account.


Your face and body need an Elegant face and body spa. They know their work perfectly. Every workload has the opportunity to produce detrimental impact to the body. As such, massages and facials are essential for overall health. Consult with Beauty Elegance now for the best relaxing and pampering services now.

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