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by Starry

Nov 10 2021

For centuries, crystals or gems have been believed to carry healing powers. They can even control moods. This is why they are used, in some spas, as a way of relaxation. The science of gems is that these gems give out certain vibrations that resonate within the body, creating positive vibes that help in healing. The colors of the gems are extremely important because it is the spectrum that is supposed to send these waves. For example, the yellow topaz is believed to heal the heart.

About Gemstory

Glen Poh is a stout believer in the power of the gems. Hence, in 2014, he started to use his passion as a business. It started with a pushcart that he placed at one of the local junction malls of Singapore. His passion for crystals and his stories earned him fame and success to put up a shop in another local market in 2015. This became his Boutique shop for crystals, where he started giving free consultations about which crystals should be used and which not. He believes that each crystal has its resonance that affects each individual separately, and each human being reacts differently to it. Hence, he provides his services to his customers to get the right gem for their concerns.

How Crystals Work?

Glen Poh claims himself to be an evangelist, the spreader of the faith for crystals. He creates a relationship between a customer and his client. He gives them the complete history of the gem to feel a connection with the gem, and then he tells them how to use these crystals. This develops a relationship between the owner of the crystal and the crystal itself. It helps in positive healing.

Believers and practitioners say that these crystals and stones let out a frequency that resonates within the body and creates a vibration that helps cure. These also help control different areas of the mind; hence are often used for mood therapies.

Products Available at Gemstory

Gemstory provides several products in the form of jewelry. Each piece has a stone/ gem that is used for a specific reason. Here is a list of the products available at Gemstory.

Aroma Gems: Gemstory is all about gems. They tell us how to incorporate different gems into our lives to create a positive effect. Some stones are to be worn next to the skin, while others need to be smelled. These aroma gems send the essence in fragrances that can be absorbed via breathing to give a positive effect. At gemstory, these crystals are available in different forms that can be used for gems aromatherapy.

Cleansing Kits: If you are a Gems enthusiast, then these kits are definitely for you. They also make awesome gifts for gem other gem enthusiasts.

Crystal Display Décor: For centuries, people have been using crystals as a décor. But if you add the right crystal, it can give an aura of positivity and clear the air. Fluorite has the power of increasing concentration. It repairs the auric field and cleanses and energizes all chakras.

Jewelry Collection: Jewellery is something that all love. Men and women have adorned crystals as jewelry for centuries. Gem lovers have had their favorite gems embedded in their jewels for luck and safety. Gemstory has made several pieces of jewelry with its gems. Here is a summary of these.

  • Bracelets: Different gems are used in the charming styling of a bracelet. This gives the required wavelength for various purposes like balancing, protection, strength, courage, healing, and energy.
  • Earrings: It is believed that we can even ward off the evil eye if we have the right gem with us. This is why many people keep the eye stone with them or as décor in their homes and offices. At Gemstory, you can find these gem charms in the shape of earrings.
  • Pendants: you can always use the gem you want as a pendant. Gemstory makes beautiful pendant necklaces.
  • Stacking bracelets: Every Gem has a different story, and they can be used as jewelry to ward off all negativity.

Mineral Collection

Different minerals work the same way as gems and crystals. Gemstory as full information on them.

7-Chakra Stones: Different stones work well with the chakras. At Gemstory, you will find a complete variety of these chakras.

Raw and Tumbled Crystals: beautiful raw and tumbled crystals are a collector’s dream. You can get what you like from here.

Stone Chips: If you can’t afford the complete gem, Gemstory sells them in small affordable packs in the form of stone chips.

Orgone Pyramids: Symbolic of the chakra system, these beautiful pyramids encapsulate the rainbow. The powerful combination of the metals and the precious gems in the orgonite creates a healing effect. You can place them in your home or office to spread positivity as well.


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It empowers you to buy what you deem fit for yourself, and this is the motto of Gemstory as well. Gemstory has tried to incorporate the gems in our daily life due to its infinite powers. Together, ATOME and Gemstory strive to improve our lifestyle through the immense powers of these precious gems and minerals. True escape lies in the elements of the earth only.

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