Five Ways to De-stress Your Back and Feet Muscles

by Starry

May 31 2021

Nearing the end of a tedious day, many will look forward to any form of relaxation. Whether yours is catching up on your favorite TV show or taking an indefinitely soothing bath, these five ning foot & back spa massages are guaranteed to work wonders in easing up your tensed muscles and shed the dregs of any given day. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if you made yourself your favorite tea and sat back to read what we have to say?

Warming Your Feet

A nice and mellow warmup is absolutely essential to kickstart your ning foot & back spa massage. Situate both your hands on either side of your foot and in slow motion, gently stretch the right side of your foot ahead while simultaneously moving the other side back. Repeat the same by pressing on the left side of your foot backward and dragging the right side forward. Do this a couple of times on both sides, and make sure to engage your ankle and toes in the process. Your foot gets a relaxing treat with this warmup routine and becomes ready to follow the next massage steps.

Rub Your Sole

This particular massage is meant to soothe the soles of your feet and uplift your soul. First, using one hand, grab your foot from above. Using the fingers of your other hand, massage the center of your soul. Continue massaging to and fro along your sole. This helps get rid of any irritating muscle cramps or pains. If you want a professional touch, make sure to check out ning foot & back spa.

Curls and Bends

Curling your toes helps to sustain the suppleness of your feet. Hold your heel in one hand and bend your toes backward and forward using your other hand. Perform the same action on your other foot and make sure you gradually increase the pressure.

Stand at Ease

A good stretch not only eases your feet but also expands them to their original size. To achieve this, grab either side of your foot and stretch it outwards. Do this on your other side, allowing your foot to elongate nicely. In fact, if you are looking to boost your ning foot & back spa massaging experience, look no further! Because Atome brings you the best selection of the most organic and vibrant essential oils. These will not only help relax your foot muscles but also calm your senses! Shop now to find your favorite new essential oils and much more.

Magic Touch

This is the cherry on top. Are you ready? Grab the uppermost part of your foot while holding the backside of your heel in the other hand. Using a squeezing motion, continuously contract and release the back of your heel to practice your ning foot & back spa massage.

Now, let’s take a look at five back massages to instantly reduce back pain:

The Tennis Ball Pillow

No matter how absurd the name may sound to you, bear with us still because this works like a charm! Take two tennis balls and place them inside a sock. Make sure they are tied firmly. Lie down completely straight on the floor and put the ‘tennis ball pillow’ under your neck.

Bending your legs by leveling your feet on the floor, slowly lift up your hips, and maintain your balance using your feet and the tennis ball pillow. Move forward and backward slowly to release any pressure on your bladder area. This will ease your back from any pain or discomfort. Stop your ning foot & back spa massage at any point when you feel like you are getting tired.

Rolling Tennis Ball

Level yourself against the wall, leaving some space between your feet a little more than your normal shoulder size. Take posture as if sitting on a chair. Tilt ahead with the tennis ball sock precisely in the middle of your two shoulder blades. Straighten yourself slightly and gradually by moving the sock up your back. The rolling action of the tennis balls between your shoulders will ease aches on your spine and lower lumbar during the ning foot & back spa massage.

Lying Foot Work to Ease Back Pain

Sit upright and grab your foot. Hold your right foot in both your hands and locate the bone that connects your big toe and your second toe. Put your thumb there and apply pressure on it. Don’t forget to breathe in and breathe out while continuously kneading with pressure for sixty seconds. Gradually lessen the pressure and lightly massage the area meant for ning foot & back spa. Follow the same steps on your other foot.

Resting Foot Work to Ease Back Pain

Start off by rinsing your feet under cold water. After drying your foot, make yourself comfortable on a chair. Put your legs one over the other and grab hold of your right foot in your left hand. In small circular movements, drag your hand backward and forward to ease up any tense muscles.

Now, use your thumb to glide up and down from the bottom to the top of your foot; make sure to focus more on the center of your foot as you do this. Repeat this kneading ning foot & back spa technique a couple of times to completely loosen any muscle pain or discomfort.

Lying Hand Work to Ease Back Pain

Last but certainly not least, lie flat on the floor, leaving your hands and feet completely relaxed and loose. Grab ahold of your right hand using your left hand. The area between your index finger and thumb is known as the ‘pain relief’ point; place your left thumb on this joint and apply gentle pressure. If you feel a slight pinching or aching sensation, you are on the right track! Knead with pressure on this area for ten seconds and let go for five. Do this ning foot & back spa rubdown a couple of times before repeating the same steps on your left hand.


No, body massage is in no way something superficial; it is one of the most refreshing personal care practices for relaxing yourself into a feeling of revival. These ten tips and tricks are sure to boost your stamina and comfort, whether you choose to perform them on yourself or on someone else with due care. The secret lies in developing a rewarding routine of acupressure and reflexology-oriented ning foot & back spa techniques not only for massaging the body but also calming the mind.

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