Family Staycation Singapore

by Starry

Jul 13 2021

Kids love to go on vacation. There are reasons behind it. They were going all the way to school for a whole year. Going back and forth home works tests exams and many more exhausted them. Giving them a relieving vacation is the best way to do it.

On the other hand, the family members like older siblings, parents, and other members take advantage and wait for their summer vacations to go on a trip or something. When the children finally get the summer vacation, they already made plans with their parents. Mostly they want to go on a journey to a foreign or more often to another city. But for some parents, it goes well on expensive trips. Although to make it better here, we have better ideas to stay at your place and make your trip more fun while staying in the homeland. 

The family stayed in Singapore. Singapore is a beautiful country. There is a lot to discover in Singapore. Families living in Singapore don’t have to leave for another country for the trip. In fact, they can have the best family staycation in Singapore. We have brought some great plans and ideas to make your children more amusing about the trip.

Moreover, you can save your money by staying in Singapore. It is way better to explore Singapore. The fantastic beaches with excellent infrastructure. Well, foreigners come here for trips. Why do we leave Singapore if we even live here?

Family staycation is always fun even more than going to a foreign country. Just go to your imagination and think of getting together with all of your family members, making BBQs, and playing games and PArtying going to a beach if your hometown has a park and many more. How much fun it is. It is advised to all parents to unleash their country, hometown, and beauty to their children first. Make It a priority. In that, they will know more about their nation and hometown. 

Top Ideas and plans about family staycation Singapore:

Go to a beach:

If your country or hometown has a fantastic beach, make a trip to a beach. Beach is a lovely place to make a whole day out. Summer is all about the beach. Take some snacks, juices, beach clothes, and other games for the beach for children and go for it. It is almost a priority of the family station. You can relax well, and your children can have as much fun in an open area as they want. Beach is more fun than any other plan. Summertime and the fresh breeze of oceans create a fantastic feeling.

Moreover, you can have everything on the beach. Pack the lunch and stay there until evening. Click photos and videos and wait for the sunset.  

Make a movie plan:

Watching movies on vacation is one of the best things to do. Make a movie plan. Invite all your family members and watch it together. So you can watch it either at the cinema or at your home. Make some popcorn, cold drinks, and juices for children and make a night for it. Watching movies will relieve the children very much. There are thousands of exciting films. You can watch action movies. Children love comedy movies, so that can be a priority. Moreover, you can meet with all your family members and relax with them.

Go shopping:

Shopping is another great way to amuse your children. Going to a good shop will give you a fun experience. Shop for the children for yourself. Most of the parents even wait for the vacations to go shopping. So make yourself comfortable. After shopping, eat a meal with your family. All of this is possible in a family staycation in Singapore. You can buy new toys for your children. Moreover, the idea of taking the children to the park after shopping is fantastic. Including the zoo. The children will be entirely enthusiastic about the zoo.

Go for hiking:

Singapore is full of places where you and your children can hike easily. Going hiking is the best way to see nature and find out more about it. Clean and green nature gives peace of mind. Children love to hike. There are unique places in Singapore. You can start a family vacation in Singapore by hiking. Hiking opens your legs. I mean, there will be a lot of pain when you go back home, but it will be completely worth it. 


When you go on a hike with children, you can go camping there. When you know the palace is entirely safe for camping and close to home, it is a perfect place to camp. Besides that, you can camp in the home backyard as well. Make a camp for your children. Would you please pack a lunch or dinner for them and enjoy yourself with them? You can teach your child how to build a perfect camping tent, plus it is a great time to pass out in the vacations. 

Family Barbecue:

Family barbecue is a perfect way to get together with all the family members. Everyone, especially children, loves barbecue, so make a plan for a barbecue party in your backyard and make fun out of it. This is another best way for a family staycation. 

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Family staycation is far better than going on a trip outside your home country. A Lot of people don’t understand that. Going to a  foreign country will cost you a lot even if you will not have as much fun as you can have while staying at your home. While staying there, you can do all the exciting and fun stuff. As we already described, some of the ideas of the best family staycation in Singapore. So if you like it, then do it this time on your children’s vacations. So nowadays even the foreign countries are not saving due to covid 19 so prefer staycation. It will be the best for you. Give your time to children and keep them amused. This is how you can achieve the perfect family staycation in Singapore. 

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