Everything You Need To Know About Installment Payments

by Starry

Feb 24 2021

The financial definition of Installment payment is; A series of payments a buyer chooses instead of a lump sum to compensate the seller. However, installment plans, not always but includes the interest to satisfy the seller for accepting the risk that a customer can not make the payment timely. Installment credit has several benefits for the seller as well as the owner is making an expensive service available to customers in an integrated amount.

In simple words, installment refers to a customer paying a reasonable amount over a specified period of time.

What Are the Types of Installment Payments?

Installment sales: It is a negotiating process of payment between a seller and a buyer. For instance, purchasing a car on monthly installments represents a type of installment sales between the car purchaser and car dealership.

Installment loan: It typically refers to a direct loan from a bank and paying back in installments. The payments which include the interest are considered loans.

What Are the Types of Installment Loans

Auto loans

These are the loans, repaid over the course of 12 to 96 months however ranges can be different. Auto loans of longer durations often facilitates with lower monthly payments and promote higher interest rates for the seller. More extended durations frequently end up paying more than the initial amount of the services.


It is a type of installment loan to purchase a house. The average time for the mortgages endures 15 to 30 years. Some of the mortgages allow the fixed interest rates to overcome the pressure of liabilities.

Personal loans

It is the type of loan you typically use for a considerable variety of practical purposes like consolidating any local tax or considerable debt or promptly paying the medical bills. The average time of a personal loan is between 12 to 96 months. They traditionally have higher interest rates than any other form of loans this might be because it doesn’t involve any collateral expense like your car or house.

Installment debt: It refers to paying a tax to someone you borrowed the money or in simple words any debt that is repaid in installments with the tax.

Key Advantages of Installments You Should Know

Installment payment is a mutual relationship.

Some evident benefits for the business

  • Regulate the cash flow.
  • Bring in more money.
  • Allow financial flexibility to the customers.
  • A source of passive income

Some economic benefits for the customers

  • Lower the financial pressure
  • Keeping a financial balance of income and expenses
  • Low monthly installments
  • Expanding the financial budget
  • Allow smart spending

How to Record the Track of Your Monthly Payments?

If you have issues regarding the track of your monthly payments you can manage it using various installment software or installment websites. With the aid of such software and websites, you can record the payments in two ways.

Partial payment on a single invoice and recurring invoice for each installment.

Considerable Risks in Payments

  • The business remains the name of risk. If there are benefits, there are some kind of risks as well.
  • Being a buyer, you are not always certain about your future financial state.
  • This corona pandemic has greatly threatened employment all over the world. Any medical expense can be generated which can hinder your installment payments.
  • Being a dealer, you have to rely on your consumer and trust his monthly payment plan over the discussed plan. Therefore, it is always important to discuss every dimension of the agreement clearly.

The Fundamental Importance of Carefully Discussing the Payment Terms

Payment terms represent the conditions surrounding the business typically explained by the seller to the buyer. These terms provide explicit details about the expected payment options. It is a must to discuss the terms and economic conditions before finalizing the mutual agreement.

As a buyer, you should inevitably establish commitments you can stick to. Otherwise, you can have issues with the seller in the future. Always talk about:

  • Payment expected each month
  • Any discount to be offered within the agreement
  • The method of buyer’s payment
  • Any particular consideration according to the service

Is It Better to Pay in Installments?

Businesses frequently offer to split the payments for large purchases unusually because it accompanies them more customers.

Economic fact: It really is a business financial psychology that if the economic pain of promptly buying appears to be less, more people will buy it.

Final Thoughts

As we all know, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused financial trouble worldwide and there has been a profound decline in the world’s dependent economies, businesses are evolving their installment payment methods as it is a mutual agreement between the two parties over a single and beneficial interest for both in alternative ways.

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