Durian Cake by Golden Moments

by Starry

Aug 25 2021

Durian cake is a delicious cake made up of the top-notch Malaysian fruit durian. Durian is a richly nutritious food and can be rather expensive if you want to buy it. The durian cake is the perfect example of East Meets West. The durian cake is moist and bursting with sweet buttery durian flavor, which makes its taste unique.  

The different types of Durians

To date, there are 30 recognized Durio species, of which at least 12 are edible fruits. The taste and texture of these fruits are highly diverse and versatile. In the following passage, we will go over these in great detail to learn more about them.


This is a big fruit weighing 2 kg or more and one of the common Durian species found in the grocery stores. It is sourced from Johor and has a buttery and mildly sweet taste with a tinge of sourness. It may be olive-green to light yellowish-brown in color and has very sharp, long, and conical thorns spreading out in all directions.

D13 or the Kampung Breed

Sourced from Johor and easily available in the grocery stores and supermarkets, D13, or more commonly, Kampung can easily be distinguished by its distinct orange-hued arils that are prawn-like in appearance. It has a sweet and fragrant flavor profile, making it best suited for beginners who have never had Durians since it’s one of those rare breeds that doesn’t come with a pungent aura.


Tekka is one of the rare species of the Durian fruit and is grown in Pahang. They have a pale-yellow appearance with irregularly shaped seeds. This rare fruit might not come off too palatable for all the individuals, so it takes a real Durian connoisseur to appreciate its intricate layers of bittersweet and floral notes.

D24 Sultan

Also coming from Pahang, D24 is an easily available specie of the Durian fruit, which has a smooth, creamy texture with well-balanced bittersweet notes and a tinge of alcoholic notes, making it perfect for parties since hardly anyone would dislike this crowd’s favorite fruit.

Golden Phoenix

Originating from Johor, the Golden phoenix is a common Durian fruit with a strong green color. This Durian fruit is not suitable for all the audiences, definitely not for the beginners, owing to its sharp and bitter taste and popularity for its pungency and watery and pale texture. As for the Durian lovers who don’t have a sweet tooth, this is a jackpot.


Sourced from Johor, D1 is an easily available Durian fruit which is another great choice for beginners who’ve never had Durians, owing to their sweet, milky, and slightly crunchy flesh.

Mao Shan Wang

Arriving from Pahang, Mao Shan Wang, literally translating to Cat Mountain King, is for the individuals who love to treat their taste buds. It has a rich and custardy texture with a perfect balance of bitter and sweet taste, making it a common Durian to be used in delicacies like pastries, ice cream, and even coffee!

Black Pearl

Also grown in Johor, Black Pearl gets its name from being a rare market article. It’s non-cloyingly sweet, with a slightly bitter yet milky texture, and has small pearl-like seeds and a relatively small exterior husk. Black pearls are also a milder variant of Durian, making them best suited for Durian parties and for beginners.

Black Thorn

Black Thorns are the extremely rare and thus the most expensive variants of Durian fruit (going up to 25 USD/kg!) originating from Penang. They are intensely bitter with orange, custard-like flesh. The target audience for this fruit is the die-hard Durian fans who are looking forward to upping their game.


Also originating from Johor, D17 is fairly bitter, with an even bitter aftertaste not so commonly found in the marketplace. It has soft, smooth, and pale flesh.

Red Prawns

Red Prawns are generally revered as the sweetest species of all. They’re commonly available and originate from Penang. It’s unique and different from the rest of the Durian species due to its bright orange flesh.

Hor Lor

Originating from Penang, Hor Lor species are an uncommon sight in the marketplace. Their erratically long appearance distinguishes Hor Lors. They have a rock ivory-colored flesh and mildly sweet taste. Hor Lors can be ideal Durian fruits for individuals who are more inclined towards the less overwhelming flavors.

Today, we are introducing the durian cake, which is available at Golden Moments in Singapore. The Golden Moments outlet in Singapore is providing durian cakes that are available for delivery too. You can have cake delivery in Singapore so order it now if you want to taste the delicious durian cake.

We often eat the cake on birthdays and at parties, but the durian cake is entirely edible every time. The durian cake is highly enriched with only the durian itself and nothing else. The durian food makes it fantastic to eat. If you are looking for something new, the durian cake is the perfect option for it. Many people don’t even know what durian is.

If you are one of these people, you can taste them now because it tastes fantastic. It is available with Golden Moments. You can order it for delivery, and it will reach your home in time. If you don’t have enough budget for it, then don’t worry atome is here. You can pay for the durian cake in installments as well.

What is Durian

The durian is a portion of food that belongs from a different tree species to the genus Durio. There are more than 30 recognized Durio species around the world. Out of 30, nine of them produce the edible fruit, which we call durian. There are 300 different varieties of durian fruit in Thailand and 100 in Malaysia.

For delivery

The durian cake is available for delivery. You can deliver the durian cake now from the golden moments. If you have cravings for it, then it is better to order it now. You can pay through atome, where you will get the opportunity to pay for the durian cake in installments. The installments will long for three months if you want. And it will be entirely without any fee, so order it now from golden moments.

Bestsellers of Golden Moments

Those with a particular affinity for Durians will have hit the jackpot when they find the holy grail of Durian delicacies in Golden Moments. Golden Moments is best known for its Durian mooncakes, cakes, mochi, and pastries. Golden Moments are the unofficial crown bearers for the undisputed Best Durian Cake Singapore. Golden Moments cakes are so highly popular that you would mostly find empty refrigerators when you visit their store since they run out so quickly!

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You can buy the durian cake right now or order it directly from the golden moments where you will get the delivery on time. You can pay for it through Atome where you will have the best experience of paying on installments. You will be delighted with golden moments and Atome.

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