Choosing the Right Ring for Yours Truly

by Starry

Aug 12 2021

Are you looking for an engagement ring? Do you have an occasion to celebrate? Is your anniversary coming up? Or are you looking for a good old-fashioned wedding band? You can find a pair of beautiful couple rings on Tiara.

Tiara is famous for their amazing quality rings, which are beautiful and guaranteed to be scratch-resistant because they are made of tungsten carbide.

Tungsten Carbide

The metal tungsten carbide is known to be scratch-resistant. When measured on the Mohs scale, it has a hardness rating of 8-9. When compared to 18k gold, it is a stronger and harder metal. In other words, rings made in tungsten carbide is 5 times stronger and harder than a ring made in 18k gold. Rings made of tungsten carbide are everlasting and can be beautifully designed in whatever design you want it.

Beauty of Tiara

Rings made of tungsten carbide possess many beautiful characteristics. In today’s world, it is more practical, which is why many people are choosing tungsten carbide as their choice of metal for their couple rings. The choice is based on plenty of reasons such as;

1. A couple of rings made of tungsten carbide will never lose their shape and never bend.

2. These rings will be scratch resistant and will never have small scratches that gold and silver get over time. However, tungsten carbide has more resistance.

3. These rings will never lose their shine and polish.

4. This metal is a hypoallergenic metal, which means that no matter what allergies you have, this metal will not aggravate them. Many people are afflicted with allergies to metals such as silver, copper, and even iron.

Order it now

You can order the rings through Atome, an online app that collaborates with all the best brands on the market. It was launched in 2019 and had been getting much popularity in Malaysia, Indonesia, and Singapore.

You Can buy anything through the app from the collaborating brands that range from fashion, home care, personal care, gifts, accessories, travel, rentals, etc., and pay back later across 3 months.

Now that Atome has collaborated with Tiara, you can order your tungsten carbide ring in just a click. According to their payment policy, you can pay back in three easy installments making the purchase very easy on the pocket.

The ease of use

Tungsten carbide couple ring was discovered as a more cost-efficient metal. It can be assessed that tungsten carbide metal is a popular metal in dentistry; it is used for burs. The hardness and importance of this metal are well known. A couple of rings made with tungsten carbide can be;

1. Worn in the shower as it does not rust and does not scratch.

2. You can work in the kitchen with it and not be worried about the ring getting acid attacked by fruit and vegetable juices.

3. No element or thing can react with this metal making this couple ring easy to use and worn forever. It is a forever ring in the true sense.

4. You can have it colored into gold and blue depending on the type of plating you want.

Suppose your mind is fluttering and trying to understand why a couple of rings made of tungsten carbide are so cheap compared to metals like gold and silver. That is because the labor required is minimum; the harvest of this metal is very easy and does not require much work. The cutting and precision of this metal require less fullness and accuracy.

Tiara’s collection

The online store Tiara is known to have the best bands and rings as a couple of rings. You can find plenty of rings designed in the store.

There are categorized as

1. Men

2. Women

3. Couples

This couple ring store uses tungsten carbide as its metal of craft and has the best premium quality metal used. You can search for a beautiful ring in plenty of designs and colors. Under the heading of couple rings, you will find subcategories;

1. Wedding tungsten ring

2. Wedding band

3. Couple bracelets

4. Couple necklace

1. Wedding bands

Suppose you are looking for a couple of rings for the occasion of weddings. You might want to scroll in the section of wedding bands under the category of the couple. You will find beautiful collections of male and female bands that can be gifted or worn at the ceremony. You can have a look at;

a. Lovers ring

b. Adoration

c. Buttermilk

d. One heart

e. You complete me

f. Two together

g. Forever in love

There are many other rings on the page; every couple ring is unique in its design and philosophy. You can choose these rings depending on the feelings you have in your heart and what you want this ring to represent.

2. Tungsten bands

If you are looking for a couple of rings to express your love, this selection is the best one for you. They are beautiful and have a meaning hidden away in every ring. These tungsten carbide rings are made in different colors such as gold, silver, black, and even blue. So everyone can have something they like. You may want to check out their collection of;

1. Fink

2. Infinite

3. Flynt

4. Blush

5. Caliber

6. Cell

7. Opulent

In the same collection, you can find yourself a separate subcategory of

a. Wedding tungsten

b. Silver tungsten

c. Black tungsten

d. Gold and rose gold tungsten


Rings are an expression of love and bong. There will come many occasions for you to exchange rings with your better half. One of these occasions is your wedding day or even engagement. For these occasions, Tiara has the best couple ring for you to buy and enjoy.

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