Celebrating Women this International Women’s Day with Atome

by Aastha

Mar 09 2021

This year, International Women’s Day welcomes all women with the theme of choosing to challenge. We face challenges every day, and by choosing to face them without giving up, we grow into strong, empowered women. This week, Atome wants to give a shout-out to some of the incredible bosses we’ve met in our journey so far. Their brands have been built through the grit and grind of some awe-inspiring women.

Check out our interview with these bosses, and read on to find out more about them and their brands.

WeBarre, co-founded by Anabel and Linda

WeBarre has one-of-a-kind barre methods, allowing their customers to have the best of ballet techniques, pilates, and strength training. They invent energetic, dynamic workouts that ensure no muscle is left behind. With a vast range of instructors, WeBarre’s workout method is designed to keep you fit and happy. With a range of classes available to fit your specific needs, fitness has never been easier. 

WeBarre: Co-Founders Linda (left) and Anabel (right)
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The co-Founding team of Anabel and Linda pioneered the concept of barre in Singapore after realizing they had a passion for it. By traveling all over the world to figure out the best fitness method, these tenacious women stopped at nothing to realize their dream of making fitness accessible to Singaporeans. Know more about WeBarre.

Pink Parlour, founded by Wendi Chan

Established since 2005, Pink Parlour has become a renowned brand for premium, luxurious waxing services. The brand has been on a roll to empower women. They encourage all women to take control of their appearance and the confidence they exude. Dedicating themselves to offering the best beauty treatments, Pink Parlour has gained a big and large following of clients. Providing waxing services for both women and men, Pink Parlour brings professional techniques and procedures to stay at the top of the industry standard.

Pink Parlour: Founder Wendi Chang
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Wendi Chan entered the skincare scene with a fresh, bold idea back in 2005. At a time when beauty salons were thought to be zen and relaxing, Wendi opened up a funky, groovy and party-themed beauty salon that has expanded exponentially in Singapore. Having worked hard for more than a decade, Pink Parlour is now known as an award-winning waxing salon. Even though the business lost a lot of money when it first started, Wendi didn’t give up. Instead, she innovated ways to keep her business going, and transformed Pink Parlour into the go-to waxing salon that it is today. 

TheVelvetDolls, founded by Yina Goh

TheVelvetDolls has become a significant brand with a vast online presence with their offerings of quality clothes at affordable prices. The brand’s belief in providing style, quality, and fits has aided them in creating a unique collection that can’t be easily replicated. TheVelvetDolls’ offer a signature appeal with their vibrant colours and statement prints, providing their customers with an experience they can’t find elsewhere. 

TheVelvetDolls: Founder Yina Goh
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The process of starting and maintaining TheVelvetDolls was no easy feat, but letting go of her dream was not an option for Yina Goh. Yina left her corporate job to start this online boutique, which has now become an acclaimed Singaporean fashion store. With an aim to cater to women of all sizes, Yina founded TheVelvetDolls at the mere age of 23. Managing every part of the business herself at first, Yina worked hard to build the brand into what it is today. 

Mikayla, founded by Looi Man Man

Mikayla is the embodiment of feminine grace. The fashion brand dresses ladies for all occasions — from informal outings to formal events. Their pastel palette of clothing fits right in any wardrobe, sprucing up your style with ease and comfort. Mikayla presents a unique style of fashion wear that keeps their customers coming back for more. 

Mikayla: Founder Looi Man Man
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Man Man started Mikayla from scratch in 2017, vigorously working to not only offer beautiful garments, but also membership services and garment care to her customers. The clothing label is close to its fifth anniversary because of the new business verticals that Man Man is unafraid to take up. Her inventive ideas and eye for fashion has kept the clothing brand growing. 

This International Women’s Day, join Atome in celebrating these women and the growth they’ve faced through hardships and challenges. Support their brands now and pay later in three easy payments with Atome. Download our app now. 

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