Celebrate Happy Birthday Singapore with Golden Moments!

by Starry

Sep 10 2021

Golden Moments is a Singaporean brand that enables its customers to enjoy its products which are whole-heartedly made by the team. You can also find happy birthday Singapore packages in their birthday category.

With Golden Moments, you can make your event worth living. Find incredible happy birthday Singapore products including a wide variety of cakes i.e. Appreciation Bundle, Celebratory bundle, etc. that will make the day exciting and memorable for you.

Celebratory bundle:

This year, celebrate Father’s Day or his birthday with the extremely rich Black Forest Mao Shan Wang and six crystal pieces. Treat your family to this delicious cake from Golden Moments.  

The Black Forest Mao Shan Wang is basically a bundle of silky chocolate mousse cake having layers of dark chocolate sponge cake and dark pure cherry layers. It also has a Golden Moment special Mao Shan Wang Durian Puree.

Rosette Mao Shan Wang cake:

Golden Moments aims to cherish relationships with their extremely delicious cakes. They can provide you with birthday cake ideas and deliver the product to your doorstep.  Hence, you can make your 20th birthday memorable by ordering the Rosette Mao Shan Wang. The luxurious six-inch Rosette cake is very creamy and soft. Layers of rich charcoal buttercream have been added to make it fresh and creamy.  In order to make it different, Golden Moments add a floral earl grey sponge and their premium Mao Shan Wang durian Puree. The floral design of this cake makes it attractive. It is freshly handcrafted with care and love.

Chocolate praline:

This extremely rich chocolate cake is a perfect treat for chocolate lovers! This chocolate cake includes a moist chocolate sponge with hazelnuts dipped in rich chocolate. The chocolate used here is your favorite Nutella-infused buttercream. To make it more mouth-watering, it is topped with premium chocolate dip, and Ferraro Rocher chocolates. You can order this cake for your birthday to treat your family and friends.

Lychee Rose cake:

Lychee Rose cake Singapore is one of their recently introduced cakes. The sponge of the cake is floral rose-scented to make it look appealing. The sponge is made from lychee which is infused in the frosting of buttercream, topped with elegantly piped rich Sakura pink buttercream and edible rose petals. This can be a perfect choice for the ones who do not prefer chocolate cake for their event.

Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake:

it is an amazing fusion of exotic beverages and traditional treat! It consists of snow skin coating velvety paste of lotus and twin circles of lychee martini dipped in white chocolate. It’s an elegant treat to share with your loved ones and a perfect choice to satisfy your sweet tooth. It provides a tropical flavor to your midsummer gatherings.  

This mooncake will let you discover the exquisite flavors. This delicate sweet dish can be the talking point of your dining table. You can recreate, rekindle and repeat golden moments of your life with the Lychee Martini Snowskin Mooncake.

Forever love Golden Durain cake:

Love gives us some reason for celebration. And celebrations require delicious cakes that will provide you sheer happiness. With infinite layers of care and love, every single bite of this delicious cake ensures a sweet pleasure-giving edible piece of happiness and love. Their elegantly prepared Premium Mao Shan Wang chocolate cake is full of rich chocolate fudge. You can order it on your anniversary to make the event worth celebrating. This anniversary cake Singapore is hand-crafted with love and care.

Golden Bonbons fruity series:

This Singaporean product is inspired by traditional French chocolatiers. These Golden bonbons combine Asian influence elements and time-taking techniques incorporating high-quality Asian fruits to its ganache core. Treat your eyes with our delectable bonbons which are available in a variety of colors. They provide a look at the mesmerizing galaxy. When you place it in your mouth you will feel the cracking of perfectly made chocolate shell inside which is a fruit-rich creamy ganache that satisfies your taste buds providing a rush of dopamine. You can use them as birthday gifts for your loved ones or can treat your friends with your Golden bonbons on your birthday. Therefore you can enjoy the happy birthday Singapore event by ordering this product.

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Golden Moments make every single moment of their customers worth living and memorable by providing delicious rich products. You can also find Happy Birthday Singapore ideas from our website that will make the event unforgettable for you.

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