Adorable cake toppers & where to shop for them!

by Starry

Feb 18 2022

Birthdays and anniversaries are times when you can make someone feel special. However big or small, these celebrations serve as a gentle reminder of the amazing time we have had with the people who love us. So the next time you see a special date approaching, go the extra mile and make your loved one feel special with a small celebration.

How can we forget that any celebration is incomplete with a beautiful cake! We love cake toppers because it adds personality to a plain and boring cake. Whether you are planning an Elsa-themed birthday party or a bachelorette party for your best friend, the right accessories can add life to the festivities.

You can choose one that has a romantic vibe for your wedding or anniversary cake or opt for something quirky and fun for your friend’s birthday cake. You can even order custom cake toppers to match your personal style!

Cake toppers at ZEE & ELLE cake shop

If you are looking for cake toppers in Singapore, ZEE & ELLE shop has you covered. They have an exciting variety of toppers and buntings in various designs, colors, and finishes. Whether you are searching for a happy birthday cake topper or a wedding cake topper, you will find something for every occasion.

You can visit ZEE & ELLE’s official website to view their complete collections of cake toppers and buntings.

Let’s explore some of the cake toppers that you can find at ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop.

“Happy Birthday” Cake Topper (Gold)

This beautifully handcrafted acrylic gold cake topper looks royal and luxurious. The topper is impeccably finished and will complement any cake design.

“Happy Birthday” Bunting

There is an old-school charm in buntings that we cannot get over. You can add this handcrafted happy birthday bunting on your cake to relive a simpler time of summer and band camps.

Wooden “Happy Birthday” Cake Toppers

If you prefer something rustic, this wooden cake topper can be the perfect choice for you. Since wood represents an element of nature, it can be an ideal addition to ZEE & ELLE’s cakes that are inspired by the beauty of our surroundings.

Wooden “One” Cake Topper

This cake topper can be used on several occasions. You can use it on a birthday cake for someone who has turned 1 or use it on an anniversary cake to signify, “You are the one.” This simple wooden design allows you to be creative with its meaning.

Minimalistic Fondant Crown

ZEE & ELLE believe in keeping things minimal and simple, and it is that simplicity that brings true joy. We love this crown cake topper that can be used to make the ‘king’ or ‘queen’ in your life happy. Let’s not forget the little ‘prince’ and ‘princess’ who would appreciate this small gesture immensely.

Minimalistic Fondant Birds

These adorable fondant birds in baby pink look aesthetically pleasing and would make a great cake topper for someone who is free-spirited and a dreamer.

ZEE & ELLE’s Online Cake Shop

No matter the occasion, we know the perfect place to find everything you need to plan a beautiful event! ZEE & ELLE is your one-stop-shop for all your party needs. You can shop from their handcrafted cake designs that are mouth-watering and stunning, all at the same time.

ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop knows how much fun last-minute celebrations can be. While planning a party at the last moment can be spontaneous and exciting, finding a perfect cake at the last moment can be a real challenge. But with ZEE & ELLE, all your spur-of-the-moment plans can be a success with their same-day cake delivery!

But the fun doesn’t end there. You can find a variety of delectable products at ZEE & ELLE, including classic and mini cakes, customized cakes, sweets, and dessert boxes. You can also order your favorite cake in a bundle with flowers, plush toys, or sweets. Let’s not forget, cake toppers and buntings! ZEE & ELLE bring you all the accessories you could need for a cake party, including candles, greeting cards, cake stands, decorations, and jelly cats.

The next time you plan a party for someone you love, make your celebrations wholesome with ZEE & ELLE’s online cake shop!

ZEE & ELLE cake shop and Atome

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How to pay for cake toppers at ZEE & ELLE using Atome

  1. Choose Atome at the time you check out from ZEE & ELLE’s online store.
  2. Enter your credentials and proceed to check out.
  3. Pay one part of your total bill, and the other two can be paid in the following months.


Life deserves to be celebrated and with ZEE & ELLE’s cake shop, celebrating life was never this easy. The next time you plan a party, head over to their website and shop for beautiful cakes using Atome. With Atome’s easy payment plans, you can have one less thing to worry about!

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