Buy Watches with Payment Plans without Spending Right Away

by Starry

Mar 23 2021


If you are someone who loves watches and cannot resist upgrading your watch collection regularly, then you are on the right page! Yes, today we will be discussing how you can add that new launch to your collection without burdening your wallet! The need of the hour is to buy watches with payment plans as you don’t wanna lose a month’s salary on a single watch. Nowadays, watches come with so many innovative features that soon they might end up replacing smartphones. In fact, some features like the tracking of heartbeat, calories, and blood oxygen level, are not present, even in some high-end smartphones. 

Not to mention the sleep app(to monitor your sleeping time), ECG app, and other such applications are also exclusive to watches. You probably would have gotten an idea about why these expensive watches are in demand right now. Given how we are living in a pandemic-affected world, where health has become the most important aspect of our lives, these watches could become a steady companion. 

Watches as a status symbol- 

Watches have long been emblematic of wealth and prosperity in our society. The pricier a watch, the higher is the economic strata of the person wearing it. Even today, many assume that someone who is wearing a costly watch surely belongs to the upper-echelons of society. Brands like Rolex, Tissot, Armani have distinguished themselves as brands that make watches only for the rich. Buying these exclusive watches is a dream for many. But don’t worry, your dream to set yourself apart can be brought to life with H2hub and its savvy solution. You don’t have to spend a big chunk of your hard-earned money, as you can buy watches with payment plans, without paying any interest. 

Ultra Expensive Pricing- 

The features that are making our life so easy comes with a price. If you want to be the owner of some of the most expensive watches in Singapore, then you have to shell out a ton of money from your pocket. You have to pay at least $500 to buy a watch that comes anywhere near the top-of-the-line upscale brands we are discussing here. Given the ultra-expensive prices, many people prefer to buy watches with payment plans, and it works out pretty well for them. So, if you also want to buy expensive and classic watches in Singapore, then H2hub is the option you should go with. 

Atome, the best site to buy watches with payment plans

  • Innovative and Convenient payment options- When people think of paying online they want the payment options to be convenient and H2hub has a stress-free solution for it. If you have decided to own the watch of your dreams, then you should surely buy watches with payment plans, because they come with options such as “Buy First Pay later”. These payment plans are, essentially, an EMI option that simplifies the payment for the customers in Singapore. You just have to pay the required amount in 3 easy installments with 0% interest. Isn’t it incredibly budget-friendly?
  • Attractive Discounts- Maybe the prices are high for you but H2hub has taken care of that problem already by giving you exciting discounts. The offers include Free shipping for the US and Singapore, a whopping 38% discount given storewide, and many more attractive discounts. Hence, making it easier for you to buy watches with payment plans. Now with Atome, you are very close to wearing the watch you always wanted.
  • Steps to buying watches with payment plans- Very easy steps that you can follow to subscribe with the payment plan, 
  1. Select Atome as your payment method. 
  2. Enter login information if you have an Atome account. 
  3. If you are new to Atome then you will be asked to add information to make an account. 
  4. Pay 1/3rd of the payment and the rest you can pay 30 days apart. 

Note- Atome does not charge any interest or any hidden service fees. If you do not pay on time, your account will be suspended until the outstanding amount is paid. An administration cost of $20 is charged to re-activate your account.

Easily track your monthly shopping expenses and payment notifications through Atome’s mobile app. For more information, please refer to the Terms of Service.

  • Safe and secure getaway- To buy watches with payment plans it is necessary to get a payment option that is secured and safe. At H2hub, you are assured to receive your product, and therefore, you can use H2hub without any doubts or concerns. With the presence of strong payment infrastructure, you would be able to buy your favorite watch with ease. Get ready to make your colleagues go jealous. 
  • Online as well as offline markets- To ease your pain a little, the company has offered its services in both digitals as well as physical markets. That’s how you have access to both online and offline shops all the time. 


The prices of watches have skyrocketed recently. However, given the aforementioned details, you no longer have to be apprehensive about buying watches with payment plans via Atome. You don’t only get an easy payment option but also you get unmatched quality. H2hub understands the value of your hard-earned money, which is why H2hub is offering the “buy now pay later” scheme which will help watch lovers buy the watch of their dreams.

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